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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 19 Recap

The old lady told Mei Xiang that Bihe was a two-sided swordsman. If she was placed on the opposite side of Ma Fufang and attacked his shield with her spear, the consequences would be quite expectable. Mei Xiang praised the old lady for her cleverness, and the old lady asked Mei Xiang to find out Ma Fufang’s account in the Bai family in recent years. Caiwei said to Cui Ping that she was going to die, because she had nothing to miss, but she couldn’t worry about her.

Cuiping cried like a tearful person, and Cai Wei confessed to her that she would leave her private self to redeem her and let her and her mother leave the Bai family. Mother Zhang rushed to hold Caiweixiang’s hand and was very sad. She told Caiwei that the master was killed by someone, not by bandits. Jing Lan told his wife that Doctor Ma said that Madam Wu had lost consciousness. It was the matter of the past two days. Ma Fufang sighed, just solved one after another, the good drama is really endless.

Mother Zhang said that the master left when he received a letter, but the letter disappeared when she came back. Plucking asks who wrote the letter? Mother Zhang said that the letter was stuffed through a crack in the door, so she didn’t know who killed the master. If she left like this, who would avenge the master. Hong Xiu took off her hat and told Caiwei that the fourth wife was killed by his wife. Zhang said that Hong Xiu had escaped to their home, and their family was having a funeral recently, and his wife had not noticed her at all. Hongxiu told Caiwei that the fourth sister was pregnant when she died, and Caiwei became unconscious again.

The doctor injected medicine into Caiwei, and Gan Sheng stepped forward and asked what happened to Caiwei? The doctor said that she is now in a very serious condition, if she can survive these three days, it will be fine. Gan Sheng wanted to go in and stop Qian Feng. Mei Xiang promised to send someone to serve the plucking. Ma Fufang became hostile to Mei Xiang. Qiulin said to Mei Xiang that people should recognize the momentum and don’t use chicken feathers as an arrow.

Ma Fufang stepped forward and accused Mei Xiang and asked her to discuss her next decision with herself. Qiulin accused Meixiang of seeing Bihe’s favor, so she opened a small kitchen for her. Bihe walked over to tell everyone that the third aunt had wronged her sister Meixiang too much, because it was the second master who ordered the small kitchen for herself, and she deliberately told everyone Show off, saying that the second master was eating in her courtyard tonight, so he hurried back to cook.

Qiulin persuaded her wife to treat Bihe well, when she was favored by Plucking… Ma Fufang accused Qiulin of falling out of favor because she used her mouth more and her brain less. Ma Fufang ordered Jing Landuo to pay attention to the Bibo courtyard. Jing Lan said that the people there were arranged by the old lady to go in. Ma Fufang asked her whether the old lady had a copper wall and an iron wall. The old lady asked Mei Xiang, and she heard that Bihe was very pleased with the second master recently. It would be a good thing if she could give birth to the eldest son of the Bai family. Mei Xiang was stunned. Gan Sheng went to Bihe’s place, saw the table full of vegetables, couldn’t help thinking of Caiwei, so he made an excuse to leave.

Mei Xiang held Cai Wei’s hand and told her to hold on. Cai Wei said in her dream that she must live. When Wu Yitai woke up, Cuiping was very excited because she had been in a coma for eight days. Mei Xiang persuaded Cai Wei to stop crying. Cai Wei said that she had managed to escape from the dead and would definitely live well, because her life was not just her own. Qian Feng asked her mother to pick up Cai Wei, but Qian Sheng said that he didn’t agree with him. Qian Feng accused Qian Sheng. If she really loves Cai Wei, she should be let go. Gan Sheng stood up and quarreled with the older brother, old lady. Angrily threw the cup, then accused the two of them.

Caiwei wakes up and asks Cuiping to open the doors and windows, so that she can prevent others from eavesdropping. At the same time, she warns Cuiping that only the two of them can trust each other in this house, including the second wife, because they can live in this house. It is not easy to be a person who has been safe and sound for so long. Ma Fufang warned Bihe, and Bihe threatened her that if anyone wanted to let her die, she would definitely let her die.

Cui’s mother went to find Caiwei and said that the old lady came to her. Caiwei told Cui Ping that after they were going out, she asked her to go to the uncle secretly, because she just noticed the pitying eyes of Cui’s mother and she guessed that the old lady was going to deal with herself. Seeing Caiwei, the old lady asked why she was so thin? As if a gust of wind was about to blow away. After that, she talked about the idea that Gan Feng wanted to take her out to be an outside room, and asked her how she thought about it. Mother Cui remembered that the old lady confessed that if Caiwei agreed, she would knock her out as soon as she fell the cup, and then threw her into the well in the backyard.

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