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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 18 Recap

The maid told his wife that Red Sleeve seemed to have found something. The lady-in-law at the door was unfavorable and she ran away. Ma Fufang ordered her to go and inform her that she wanted to search Red Sleeve. The old lady accused Ma Fufang, how did she discipline the family? She also said that it was impossible to manage the inner house with her strength alone, so she recommended Mei Xiang and Fu Fang to manage the house together. Ma Fufang complained that if she wanted to divide her power, it also depended on whether Mei Xiang had this ability. Cui’s mother praised the old lady. This time she suppressed her and she didn’t have to confess to the Ma family. It was really clever. The old lady said that she wanted to punish her, something that was easy, I am afraid that even Gan Sheng didn’t know it, but Mei Xiang was the person who arranged for him by herself.

Cuiping was very sad, because the fourth aunt and the master had both left. This let the fifth aunt know how to live. Bihe suggested not to tell Aunt Wu about this. At this time, she suddenly remembered what she had told her: that Caiwei was ill and killed her. Caiwei woke up and asked why Hong Xiu and Si Yima didn’t come? Bihe wept deliberately sadly, and Cuiping panicked that the fourth aunt was too cold. Caiwei felt that there was something wrong between the two, so she followed, and when she heard about Dad and Gui Qin, she couldn’t help crying, and then vomited blood. Caiwei lay on the bed, as if seeing everyone coming to talk to herself, Cuiping persuaded Aunt Wu to wake up too much and not to leave herself alone, Caiwei kept asking why Qian Sheng treated herself this way.

Bihe reported to his wife that he had told the fifth concubine about Huang Guanshi and the fourth concubine according to her wishes. Even Doctor Ma said that she could not escape this time, and Ma Fufang rewarded her with a bag of money. . Bi He told Degui the ins and outs of the matter and asked him to help himself. Degui said this was what she deserved. Since she chose this path, she should know the consequences. Bihe cried and cried, asking him whether he had the heart to see him fall there? Degui asked her how to help her? Under Bihe’s threat, Degui had to agree to help her.

Gan Sheng kicked so drunk and drunk, Bihe went forward wearing a plucking look, Degui opened the door for her and accused her of taking great pains, but everyone in the yard was taken away by himself, and the rest is up to you. Hers. Bihe thanked Degui, and Degui said that he only wanted her safety. Bi He flirted with the drunk Qian Sheng, and then they hugged him and lay on the bed and kissed him, but Bi He pushed him away while Qian Sheng’s mouth kept calling Cai Wei’s name. Bi He thought, this was his only chance, so he couldn’t miss it, so he stepped forward to untie Qian Sheng and his clothes. At this moment Degui sat outside crying.

Gan Sheng woke up and found Bi He lying beside him, could not help asking why she was here? Bihe found a reason to lie to him. Gan Sheng accused Degui of letting people in casually? Degui said that he didn’t dare to stop it because of his wife. At this moment, Bi He thought in his heart that Er Ye would definitely give himself a name. Gan Sheng told Bihe that he would not accept her and would give her a sum of money to redeem her. Bi He interceded, and Gan Sheng said that he knew exactly what kind of person she was and what purpose she had, so he ordered Degui to send Bi He out of the Bai family.

Degui felt that this might not be a good thing, but Bi He said that his wife would not let him go. Maybe it would be a dead end after this door. Ma Fufang just heard their conversation and learned that Bi He had a relationship with Er Ye , So he stepped forward angrily and knocked her to the ground. Ma Fufang ordered people to continue the fight, until he called to stop, Mei Xiang helped the old lady to stop. Cai Wei does not eat or drink, and Cuiping is very worried for her.

Cui’s mother told the old lady that after inspection, it was found that Bihe was indeed not a daughter. The old lady asked the second master to accept Bihe as the sixth wife. Ma Fufang said that she was the wife in charge. This matter would definitely be discussed with the second master. The wife stopped and insisted on asking the second master Nabihe to be a concubine, and Bihe was there to die and live. Qiulin was very angry because of Bihe’s affairs, and the maid gave her an idea, what would happen if Mrs. Wu knew about it? Qiulin went to Caiwei’s place proudly, poured ginseng soup into her mouth, and then told her that the second master left Bihe for the night last night. She was really well trained. Caiwei didn’t believe what she said. Qiulin said that Bihe now lives in Biboyuan, she is a veritable master, don’t you want to see her?

Jing Lan reported to his wife that Qiao Hong offered advice to her third concubine. Now she has rushed into the Rose Garden and told her fifth concubine about Bihe. Ma Fufang said that now only plucking can stop Bihe. Caiwei sat there and shivered constantly. Cuiping told him not to listen to the nonsense of the third aunt. Caiwei rushed out to check. She just met Qian Sheng, and she angrily asked Qian Sheng whether his Nabihe thing was true. of? Bihe came over and deliberately showed affection in front of Cai Wei, Cai Wei was heartbroken, Gan Sheng deliberately showed affection to Bihe in front of her, Cai Wei yelled, why can he always trust anyone, just can’t believe himself ?

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