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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 17 Recap

The maid said that the second master ordered the fourth wife to send the supplements, and Cai Wei happily drank the supplements. The maid told Madam No. 4 that the pigeon soup had been sent to Madam No. 5, and she had eaten all of it. Gui Qin lay there crying. Cai Wei’s stomach aches at night, and Cuiping came over to find a pool of blood on the bed, and Cai Wei could not help but faint. The doctor said, Wu Yi was too small to give birth, she was originally weak, I am afraid it will be difficult to survive this barrier. Mei Xiang wondered, how could such a good-looking one have a small yield? Cuiping knelt down for Doctor Ma and begged him to save the fifth wife. Doctor Ma said he would do his best.

Gui Qin knelt on the ground and wept bitterly, slapped herself constantly and cursed that she was not human. The old lady said that leaving the child is also a scourge, and now that the child is gone, it makes Gan Feng give up. Gan Feng hurried to see Caiwei, Cuiping stopped him, and pushed him outside the door, and then confessed to Bihe not to let the uncle come in. Thinking of what Ma Fufang had said, Bi He was thinking to herself. Cai Wei was heartbroken when she learned that the child was gone, and Bihola Cuiping went out. She said that the fifth wife must be the second master now, so she instigated Cuiping to invite the second master back. When Cuiping left, Bihe deliberately opened the door to zoom in. The second master hurried home when he learned of Plucking’s situation.

Caiwei regarded Gan Feng as Gan Sheng, and then lay on him and said, “I don’t blame him, the child is also his. Believe it or not?” When Gan Sheng came home, he just saw the two holding each other and heard the conversation between them, so he pushed the screen to the ground angrily, and then stepped forward to call them a pair of sluts. Bihe hid in the dark and watched the good show secretly, Cai Wei fainted with sadness. Bi He acted in front of Cuiping and slapped himself, saying that the uncle rushed in by himself.

Ma Fufang was triumphant there and said that Plucking was no longer a threat to him. Mei Xiang went to visit Cai Wei, and Cuiping told her that Aunt Wu was really wronged. Caiwei woke up and wondered, why did the child say nothing and disappear? Cuiping said that it might be because of her fetal gas before. Bihe deliberately reminded her, would she have eaten something bad? Caiwei remembered the tonic that Hongxiu had sent that day. She yelled that Qian Sheng was so cruel, that was his child.

Gui Qin was ill in bed, she asked the maid about the situation of Cai Wei, and then ran over to see Cai Wei barefoot. Caiwei asked about her mother’s condition as soon as she saw her. Guiqin said that she would have a child, and Caiwei asked her what happened? And in this family, she is the only one who cares about herself the most. If she has anything to do, she doesn’t want to live. Gui Qin knelt down and said that he was sorry for her. No matter what she did, she would make up for it. Bihe saw Guiqin leave and hurriedly reported the matter to his wife.

Ma Fufang prevented Gui Qin from leaving. Gui Qin took the pocket watch to expose all this to the second master, and accused Ma Fufang of being so ruthless. He couldn’t help but want to get rid of the child of Plucking, and he wanted the life of Plucking. Gui Qin’s head hit the sharp corner of the bed, and he immediately lay on the ground with blood flowing, and the pocket watch fell on the ground. Seeing Guiqin’s death, Ma Fufang couldn’t help being stunned. The maid just saw this incident, and Ma Fufang blamed her for the incident.

Gan Sheng has been drinking boring wine there, asking Caiwei why she betrayed herself? She was pregnant with her elder brother’s child. In the dream, Gui Qin said goodbye to Cai Wei, and Dad also said goodbye to himself. Ma Fufang told Gan Sheng that Guiqin was dead, and Degui ran to tell Erye that Guanshi Huang’s body was found in the back mountain and he died with five knives in his body. Gan Sheng went to visit Gui Qin and looked at the dead Gui Qin. Gan Sheng was very sad. He admitted to Gui Qin that he would take good care of her family. Ma Fufang knelt down and blamed herself, saying that she did not take good care of the house, Qian Sheng stepped forward and pulled her up so that she must make good compensation to Guiqin’s family, bury Guiqin well, and finally confess Guiqin and Huang Guan’s affairs Do not tell Caiwei about the matter.

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