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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 16 Recap

Caiwei was held down by her servants, and Ma Fufang said that the child in Caiwei’s belly was not from the second master, and then he planned to give her medicine to drink. Cuiping hurriedly interceded with the two wives and asked them to save the fifth wife. Bihe was pushed away when he stepped forward to stop him. Mei Xiang and Gui Qin rushed to stop him, but Ma Fufang insisted on doing that. The second master ran over and overthrew the medicine to the ground, then stepped forward to hug the crying Plucking Wei. Gan Sheng warned Ma Fufang that even if the child was not his own, she would not be allowed to harm the child. Caiwei cried and said that he still refused to believe in herself, while the second master said how she made herself believe? Tongjin ordered no one to harm her child.

Ma Fufang complained that it was Meixiang and Guiqin that two sluts broke her own good. Ma Fufang praised Qiu Lin for doing a good job. Qiu Lin asked her father to stop embarrassing her family’s business. At the same time, she praised his wife for such a clever method, which really convinced herself that she would never be against her again. Ma Fufang confessed that she didn’t know what to do when she saw the uncle pretend to be.

Ma Fufang told Jinglan that he thought the uncle would deny it, but he did not expect him to cooperate in that way. Now Caiwei is not as pampered as before, it is much easier to deal with her and the child. Jing Lan wondered, why did the uncle confess something he had never done before, and was not afraid of the crime of adultery? Ma Fufang guessed: First, he wanted to save Plucking from the old lady. Second, break the axe and sink the boat. Mother went to see Gan Feng, worried that his reputation for filthy brothers and sisters would spread, so he wouldn’t be a good person in the future? At the same time speaking, we must pluck Shentang. Qian Feng threatened his mother, if she didn’t let Caiwei and the child, then she would not live anymore.

Degui angrily asked what was going on with Bihe? Why did you confess that you wanted to lie to Cuiping that day? Are you setting up wife Wu? Bihe told him not to talk nonsense, and said that the uncle himself admitted. Degui asked who she was? Is it the wife or the uncle’s person? Then he guessed that Bihe was his wife, so he asked her why she did this? Bihe said that what would happen if his wife asked herself to do something she did not do. Then she shook Degui’s hand and said that she would treat him well.

Mei Xiang and Gui Qin went to enlighten Cai Wei and learned that she had caught the cold. Gui Qin advised her not to do anything else, and to live well for the child in her belly, Cai Wei gulped down the soup. Someone in the house discussed the concubine’s right and wrong and was ordered by Cui’s mother to hit the board. Guiqin went to the Rose House and learned about Caiwei’s current situation from Cuiping, so he ordered someone to bring the charcoal from him, and then told Cuiping that he could find himself if he needed anything in the future. Caiwei lay very haggard, Gui Qin persuaded her to eat a little bit for the baby in her belly, Caiwei gave Guiqin the prescription for the diet for her aunt.

Degui persuaded the second master to eat something, but he scolded him out. Gan Feng knelt down and begged his mother that he wanted to marry Caiwei as his wife. Mother angrily stepped forward and slapped him, and Gan Feng said that if she hadn’t plucked Wei Wei, she would rather not be the head of the family. The old lady said that when Caiwei gave birth to a child, she would arrange a house for her outside, and he wanted to marry Caiwei as his wife unless he died.

Caiwei fell ill on the bed, and Cuiping was sad to take care of her. Caiwei woke up barefoot and ran out to search for Gansheng, and fell to the ground accidentally. Bihe said that Erye was not in the house at all, and had been in the pharmaceutical factory for the past two days. Uncle Liu told Aunt Wu that his wife had ordered the people in the Rose Garden not to go out. Cuiping knelt down for Uncle Liu and gave him the silver, which happened to be seen by Ma Fufang.

Plucking asked Ma Fufang why she didn’t let herself go out? What are you afraid of? Ma Fufang slapped Cai Wei to the ground, and said that even if he killed her now, the second master would not care. The uncle ran to stop him and found that Cai Wei was very hot. Cuiping cried and said that Aunt Wu had a fever for several days and no one hired a good doctor for her. Qian Feng told Caiwei to endure, and he wouldn’t let her suffer any more. Caiwei told him angrily that her current suffering was due to him.

Qian Feng accused Ma Fufang. All of this was set by her. Now Caiwei has become like this. What else does she want? Ma Fufang said he had no right to blame himself because he was an accessory. Gan Feng said that he would take Caiwei away soon, but Ma Fufang said that she would not go with him. Gan Feng warned her that if something happened to Plucking, he would not let her go.

Gan Sheng went to Guiqin’s place, and he asked Guiqin to make some supplements to Caiwei to send over, and at the same time told her not to tell Caiwei about it. Doctor Ma diagnosed and treated Cai Wei. Cai Wei looked much better, and Mei Xiang and Gui Qin went to visit. Caiwei decided that she must raise her body and give birth to a child. The more others don’t want to make her life better, the more she must give birth to this child. Bihe accidentally learned that the supplements the fifth wife was eating were sent by the second master, so he hurriedly reported to his wife. At the same time, she said that Aunt Wu was suspicious of herself, and now besides eating things made by Cuiping, she eats what Guiqin delivers. Ma Fufang couldn’t help but think of some tactics again.

Caiwei walked and chatted with Guiqin. She said that she dreamed of what the baby would look like after birth… The fourth wife went back to the room and saw her there. Ma Fufang took out her pocket watch, and Gui Qin asked her, why is her younger brother’s pocket watch here? Ma Fufang threatened Guiqin with Ping’er’s safety and asked her to send the supplements she sent to Caiwei tomorrow. Gui Qin said that she would never harm Cai Wei’s child. Ma Fufang gave her two days. If she didn’t get the news of Cai Wei’s abortion, she would get the news of her brother’s accidental death. Don’t even think about telling the news.

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