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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 15 Recap

Ma Fufang complained to her mother, why did Caiwei become pregnant less than a year after she entered the house? Why doesn’t Plucking own any of them? Everyone was watching the dragon dance performance, and then they paid a New Year greeting to the old lady, who gave out red envelopes one by one. Caiwei gave incense to the ancestors and ancestors, she silently made a vow, asking them to protect the child in her stomach from the safe birth, and bless her to grow old with Gan Sheng. When watching the big show, Qian Sheng motioned to Pluck Wei to go out, and Qian Feng accidentally saw it. Gan Sheng held her hand and questioned her, the plum blossoms in the back garden are blooming, do you want to check it out? Caiwei happily agreed, and Bihe stood there very unhappy. The two of Qian Sheng admired the plum blossoms, and Qian Feng and Bi He hid there to watch in secret.

Guiqin took her mother and younger brother to see Caiwei. Guiqin’s mother thanked Caiwei because she always took care of Guiqin. Seeing her aunt’s complexion, Cai Wei stepped forward and cared about her. When she learned that she had a heart problem, Cai Wei suggested that after fifteen, she would find a doctor to show her, and then study a diet therapy method. Caiwei gave the pocket watch to Guiqin’s younger brother Ping’er, and said that her younger brother was her own. Steward Huang asked Erye, why didn’t he tell himself that someone used the horse carriage to smuggle opium? Gan Sheng said that he was stunned by the grass, and now there are no clues. Guanshi Huang promised that he would pick out the inner ghost in the shortest time. Gan Sheng said that he himself would sign the future delivery orders, in case something happened and it would not affect him, Guanshi Huang refused. Guanshi Huang asked the second master to take care of Plucking Wei, and Gan Sheng promised to treat her well in this life.

Caiwei dreamed that everyone said that their children were evil stars and couldn’t help but wake up from the dream. She woke up and cried holding Gan Sheng, and Gan Sheng held her to comfort her. Bihe handed the letter on the table to the fifth wife. Caiwei was happy after reading the letter, because Gan Sheng asked herself to watch the moon. Cuiping was puzzled, and the second master usually called Degui to come and inform. Bi He said it was a sentimental mood. After Bi He left, Plucking ordered Ping Cui to ask Degui. Degui told Cuiping that the second master must go to the fifth wife tonight. At night, Bihe brought some hot soup to his wife to warm her body. When they went to the garden, they found that the second master hadn’t come yet. During the rest, Caiwei felt dizzy, and Bihe pretended to be dizzy and fainted. The screen was dizzy and fainted. After confirming that everyone fainted, Bihe and Jinglan met.

Gan Sheng went to Ma Fufang and asked her to go for a walk. In the garden, they saw someone inside, and Qian Sheng rushed over to check. Bi He kept leading Qian Sheng to a house. His wife deliberately woke Bi He, and Bi He knelt down and asked his wife to spare his second master, and Qian Sheng entered In the room, I saw Qian Feng and Caiwei lying naked on the bed. Caiwei woke up and saw that she was sleeping with Qian Feng and couldn’t help but yell, and Qian Sheng pulled Qian Feng out of bed and beat him up. Caiwei explained to Qian Sheng, but Qian Sheng told her to get out. At this moment, Qian Feng remembered how he fainted after receiving Caiwei’s letter yesterday and coming to the waste garden.

Cuiping knelt down and told Gan Sheng that he had written to ask his wife to go to Wangyue Pavilion. Gan Sheng shouted when did he write to her? At this time Caiwei understood that someone set up a situation to frame herself. Ma Fufang ordered Jinglan to take Cuiping to the Rose House for a search to see if there was that letter? Caiwei asked Gan Sheng to believe in herself, and she had never done anything to sorry him. Jing Lan came back to report that they did not find the letter. Ma Fufang accused Caiwei of having a private meeting with the uncle. Cuiping talked about asking Degui where he was going at night. In order to protect Bihe, Degui lied in front of him. Jing Lan talked to the second master. Some time ago, she heard from the third concubine’s maid, Qiaohong, that the fifth concubine had a private meeting with the uncle in Feiyuan. Qiulin proves that she has indeed seen Cai Wei and the uncle private meeting, and Ma Fufang stepped forward to add fuel to the fire.

Degui checked the Fenglin Courtyard and found the letter on the uncle’s bed. Although Caiwei explained that this was not written by herself, Gan Sheng didn’t believe her at all. Caiwei asked Gan Feng to speak quickly because he was also framed. The old lady rushed over and ordered the plucking to be taken out and beaten to death. Gan Sheng wanted to stop, the old lady threatened him. Qian Feng stepped forward and knelt down for his mother and said that Caiwei did not seduce herself, she was willing, and that the child in Caiwei’s belly is her own, her grandson. Caiwei asked Gan Feng what nonsense? Gan Feng said that when things had developed to this point, they really couldn’t keep it secret. He didn’t want to live such a sneaky life. Caiwei pushed him away and asked why he treated herself like this? Qian Sheng told them to shut up and accused them of shamelessly.

Caiwei asks Qian Sheng to believe in herself, but is pushed to the ground by Qian Sheng and accuses Caiwei of betraying herself. Thinking of all that happened, Qian Sheng sat angrily and annoyed. Ma Fufang ordered people to watch the door, and then entered Plucking’s room. Caiwei doesn’t eat or drink, because the second master doesn’t believe in herself, and she doesn’t recognize the child either. Ma Fufang came over to accuse Cai Wei, and Cai Wei accused her of doing all this. Ma Fufang said that her story was well made, but no one believed her. Caiwei said that in the entire backyard, she was most worried about giving birth to her eldest son, which threatened her status. At the same time, she asked Ma Fufang, how much thought did she spend planning this strategy?

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