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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 14 Recap

Gan Feng asked Caiwei, did she remember their promise? If it weren’t for her, she would have died in Vietnam a long time ago. She supported herself, but after seeing her, she was already married and married to her younger brother. How could she accept this fact? Caiwei said that she has not forgotten everything, but she is already married to Gan Sheng, what else can she do? What would become if I entangled myself with him again? And what I can do now is to let go of everything in the past, which is good for everyone. At the same time, she said that Gan Sheng was very good to herself.

She didn’t want to hold on to the past and would not let go. She just wanted to cherish everything now. There is still a long way to go. He will definitely find his own. Gan Feng asks her if she loves Gan Sheng? Caiwei confirmed that Qian Feng said that she had really changed her heart. Caiwei allowed her to hate and blame herself, but he asked him not to embarrass herself. Gan Feng shouted, she should be his wife. At this time the guys came to look for them, Cai Wei yelled that they were there.

Seeing Mrs. Wu’s return, Cuiping was very excited. Caiwei said that Cuiping had done the right thing. If the second master did not go in time, they would be in trouble. Qiulin couldn’t help feeling proud when she learned that Caiwei and the uncle rolled down the mountain together, and that the second master’s people rescued them back. Caiwei explained to Qian Sheng that Qian Sheng accused her of trusting her elder brother more than herself, and they were able to investigate the affairs of Uncle Zhong. It seems that they must have a lot of connections in secret. Caiwei explained again. At this time, Ma Fufang took the sisters. Come and check. Qiulin deliberately talked about how the younger sister rolled down the mountain with the uncle?

The old lady ran to see Gan Feng. She asked Gan Sheng, how could his concubine stay with Gan Feng in the middle of the night? It’s best to be fine, if there is something wrong, she will not forgive her. Gan Feng said that there was no reason to pluck this matter, and there was a reason why the two of them were there. The old lady accused Cai Wei of bewildering Qian Feng with fancy words. Gan Sheng explained that she had been scorned by her mother. At the same time, the old lady said that a watery woman like her should no longer stay at Bai’s house.

The old lady ordered Caiwei to be taken out of the Bai’s house, and no longer allowed to enter the Bai’s house from now on. Qian Sheng rushed over to stop him, and said that there was another inside story. Seeing the old lady’s resolute attitude, Gui Qin knelt down to intercede, Qian Sheng asked her mother to think twice about how to face the gossip outside. Mother accused Qian Sheng of not putting herself in the eye, so the angry ordered her to send Caiwei back to the Huang’s house, telling everyone that she did not obey the woman’s way and was driven out of the Bai’s house by herself. Caiwei fainted with excitement, Qian Sheng picked her up and left to find the doctor.

The doctor said that the fifth wife was two months pregnant. Gan Sheng knelt down and asked her mother to see that Caiwei had the blood of the Bai family, not to drive her out, and the old lady left angrily. Because Caiwei was pregnant, it was difficult for Ma Fufang to accept it. Qiulin went back to the house and smashed things around. Mei Xiang went back to the room and took out Dong’er’s clothes to check. She told the maid that Caiwei was still her good sister. Gan Sheng stood by Caiwei and took good care of her. Caiwei asked if he really believed in himself? Gan Sheng admitted that she was wrong and said that they would not mention the matter again and let her give birth to the baby in peace.

Caiwei told Cuiping that the second master didn’t blame herself, but chose to forget. Cuiping said that the uncle seemed to be hurt very badly, but Caiwei said that it was not time to go by this time. Her past in Qianfeng was always a thorn in Qian Sheng’s heart, so what can be avoided is to avoid it. Gan Feng asked Gan Sheng, did my mother feel embarrassed?

Gan Sheng said that Caiwei was almost driven out by her mother, but luckily she is now pregnant. Gan Feng congratulated him, and Gan Sheng accused his eldest brother of not telling Cai Wei about Huang Guan’s affairs. The best protection for Cai Wei now is to keep a distance from her. Qian Feng accused Qian Sheng of guilty conscience because he was not sure whether he could replace himself in Cai Wei’s heart.

Guiqin sent Cai Wei some children’s clothes, Mei Xiangzhi walked down and reminded Cai Wei that the Bai family has a big family, but there are few offspring. Either they can’t get pregnant, they have an accidental miscarriage, or they are born with a premature death. There are so many unexpected things, so can she understand what she means? Cai Wei said that after experiencing so many things, how could she not understand? Although I will not fight for anything, but I will not let others hurt my child. At the same time, Mei Xiang reminded Cai Wei that some close matters should be given to Cuiping.

Mei Xiang said to the maid that Bihe is the wife of his wife, but it is also the flaw of the wife, and one day she will make her fall into trouble. Degui was ordered by the second master to send the silk quilt, fruit and silver silk charcoal to Caiwei. Knowing that only he had it, Caiwei only accepted the quilt and ordered Degui to distribute the other things to the others. sisters.

Cai Wei went to greet the old lady, and Ma Fufang ordered Qiulin to give up her seat to Cai Wei, because she was the warmest place, but Cai Wei refused. Ma Fufang deliberately talked about the second master giving the plucking silk quilt. Qiulin was not happy to hear it. Meixiang deliberately talked about the second master giving good things to everyone. Ma Fufang stared at Meixiang. Qiulin complained there, wondering if Plucking’s child could be born? Mei Xiang reminded Qiulin, what good would it do for her to lose the child in Caiwei’s belly? On the contrary, it is cheaper for others.

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