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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 13 Recap

Gan Sheng said that the government now has a strict ban on smoking. If the ghost is not eliminated, he is worried that the Bai family will be in danger. Gan Feng said he will investigate the matter clearly. There, Cuiping talked about the kindness of the second master to the fifth wife, and Bihe said to herself, if she had such a blessing. In the night, Bi He was thinking, if he became the second master’s woman, who would dare to bully him. Caiwei developed the wound medicine there, and Gan Sheng walked over and asked where is Cuiping? Cai Wei said that Cuiping puppet felt the wind chill, so she rested in her room. While Gan Sheng was taking a bath there, Bihe gave him the changed clothes, and then he walked into the inner room nervously and massaged Gan Sheng with his hands. When Gan Sheng was intoxicated, when he learned that Bihe was massaging herself, he couldn’t help berating her out angrily.

Degui stood in front of Bihe and took her away. Gan Sheng asked Caiwei, when did Bihe stay with her to serve? Degui accused Bihe of going in and out all night to get the second master’s attention, and she distracted herself to seduce the second master. Bihe admitted that Degui scolded her for shame. Bi He cried and talked about her destiny since childhood. Degui persuaded her to confess her fate, but Bihe said that she would never admit her fate. This kind of life was enough for herself. Then she asked Degui to help if she really liked herself. I, when I live the life I want, I will repay her well. Degui persuaded her to give up her heart, because the second master had already promised the fifth concubine that she would never take a concubine anymore.

Gan Feng went to Huang Guan’s office to search for things, Caiwei walked over and asked what had happened to him? Did something happen to Dad? Gan Feng told her that the matter was not as serious as she thought, and then took her to another place to secretly talk about opium. Caiwei believes that Dad will not do things that are sorry for the Bai family. Gan Feng said that if the government knows about this, the Bai family will be in trouble. Caiwei will go to Qian Sheng, Qian Feng will stop him, and promised to find out the matter. .

The two of Qian Feng planned to ask Cai Wei to get the list of the horse team deployment from Guan Shi Huang, so that they could make a plan to catch the horse team and find out who the horse team was bought. Caiwei wrote down the names on the list and gave them to Qian Feng. After that, she asked Qian Feng, why didn’t she tell Gan Sheng? Gan Feng said that more is worse than less, as long as this matter is over, there is no need for them to meet like this again.

Bihe secretly followed Caiwei at night and found that she was having a private meeting with the uncle in the waste garden, so he hurriedly reported the matter to Ma Fufang. The second concubine’s maid told her second concubine Mei Xiang that Bi He was the one arranged by her for Caiwei, and Mei Xiang guessed that Bi He would show her feet soon. The maid also mentioned that Caiwei was having a private meeting with the uncle in Feiyuan. Meixiang became nervous when she heard it. She said that they should ignore this matter and just ignore it. Caiwei and Cuiping went to the pharmaceutical factory again, because Caiwei thought Uncle Zhong was a little suspicious. Seeing Uncle Zhong went out, Cai Wei and the two secretly chased him out. Cai Wei ordered Cui Ping to go back and notify the uncle, and she continued to follow along, leaving a mark along the way.

Caiwei followed Uncle Zhong to the forest, and Qian Feng and Cuiping followed the signs to the forest. Ma Guoan knocked Cai Wei to the ground with a crutches. Zhong Shu handed over the horse team roster to Ma Guoan. Ma Guoan asked him to find a place to avoid him because his identity had been exposed. Ning Hai found Gan Feng coming, so he hid secretly, claiming that Qian Feng would knock him to the ground when he was not paying attention. Ma Guoan ordered Ning Hai to throw the corpses of the two people down the mountain, while Cuiping found the handkerchief of the fifth wife in the woods. When the two of Qian Feng were rolled down the mountain, they were fortunately stopped by a stone. Caiwei woke up to wake up Qian Feng and asked him what happened?

Cuiping ran back to Bai’s house and talked to the second master that the uncle and the fifth aunt had an accident. Qian Feng held Caiwei excitedly and kissed her forcibly. At this time, Qian Sheng led someone to find the two.

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