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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 12 Recap

Gan Sheng went to Caiwei’s place and picked her up. Bihe reported to Ma Fufang about Plucking, and at the same time, she proposed an idea: Calculate the elapsed time of the uncle and lead Plucking to the river. When she falls into the water, the uncle will definitely go to rescue her, and then there will be some news. …Ma Fufang said that as long as she did well, she would have many rewards. Bihe suggested that Caihe go to the pond to stroll around. The three happily fed the fish there. Caiwei stepped on the loose stone and fell into the water. After hearing the sound of help, the uncle rushed to rescue her. Ma Fufang ordered Jinglan to find someone to inform the second master that he should not miss such a good show.

Cuiping helped Caiwei change clothes, and Qian Feng waited anxiously outside. Bihe talked to Caiwei about the grandfather’s launching to save her, and at the same time that the grandfather would secretly follow her behind and watch her. Gan Sheng hurried over and fed her the medicine personally, while Gan Feng left in embarrassment. Gan Sheng walked in the yard, and the maids were talking about Caiwei and the uncle. After Gan Sheng left, Ma Fufang ordered the maids to go down and said that the more the rumors, the better.

Cui’s mother rushed into Caiwei’s room and took away Caiwei and Cuiping. The old lady accused Caiwei of seduce Qian Feng. Now such a big scandal is caused by her. Cuiping stepped forward to intercede, and when Cui’s mother was about to step up to her mouth, Choi Wei stopped protecting Cuiping. Knowing that the old lady had taken away Plucking’s master and servant, Ma Fufang triumphantly said that they succeeded. Both the uncle and the second master were not there, and Mei Xiang was very worried about this. Gui Qin asked her sister to quickly think of a way. Mei Xiang thought of a way, but Gui Qin was aggrieved.

Gui Qin rushed in to stop the old lady from playing Plucking. The old lady accused them of opposing herself for Plucking, so she was angry and ordered someone to lash her with a whip. At this time, someone came to report that the warehouse was on fire. The old lady complained that Caiwei was a broom star, and Cui’s mother suggested a marriage to the uncle Zhang Luo. Guiqin told Caiwei that if it weren’t for Meixiang’s fire, the old lady wouldn’t let it go. Meixiang told her not to mention it again. Mei Xiang wondered, there were so many people in the yard, why did the uncle save Plucking? And why did the uncle happen to be nearby? Gan Sheng hurried back to check Caiwei’s injury, and then went to talk to her mother, and Caiwei stopped.

Gan Sheng told his mother that this matter was indeed wrong to Cai Wei, and he said that if Cai Wei did something wrong in the future, he should go and punish her. The eldest brother apologized to Gan Sheng, because that incident caused so many gossips. Gan Sheng said that his mother had promised not to pursue the matter, and he also thanked his elder brother for saving Plucking. If you go back in time, if you know that your eldest brother will come back, you will love plucking again and won’t take it away, but he also said that if he really cares about plucking, he should let go of the past as soon as possible. Everyone is good.

Gan Sheng announced to everyone that from today onwards Brother will become the second master of the pharmaceutical factory. Knowing that the pharmaceutical factory couldn’t afford Boss Qin, Qian Feng suggested that he would do it for himself. Gongzi Qin asked Gan Feng for a deed for Peony. Gan Feng said that if he promised one thing, he could not pay for it. Qian Feng won the boss of the drug dealer Qin, and Guan Shi praised him for being too powerful. Qian Feng told Qian Sheng that he had given Gongzi Qin a gift that he could not refuse, so Gongzi Qin signed a contract to him without telling Boss Qin. Qian Sheng couldn’t help being a little worried when he learned that Boss Qin did not know this. Gan Sheng told Caiwei that although Gongzi Qin’s contract had been won, he was worried that boss Qin would be angry.

Ma Guoan approached Huang Guanshixingshi to question him because he did not hire a person recommended by him as the transport captain. Ma Guoan told Ning Hai that Guanshi Huang had repeatedly bumped into himself, so he had to show him a little bit more. The boss of Qin asked Gansheng to meet. He accused Bai Gansheng of being a treacherous villain, because now his son was clamoring to admit that rampant woman into the door, and he made his house restless for his own sake. Gan Sheng explained that this was not his original intention, and then returned the contract to Boss Qin, and said that he would solve all the trouble that caused him. Gan Sheng told Caiwei that he had successfully settled the Qin family’s affairs, but because of a blessing in disguise this time, boss Qin did not pursue it, but continued to do business with them. Caiwei asked if the uncle knew about this? Gan Sheng said that he did not intend to tell him about it, and Boss Qin agreed not to mention it.

Caiwei came home and learned that Dad was sick, so she personally stared at Dad and drank the medicine. Lao Jin went back and reported to Er Ye that someone had used their transport team to smuggle opium. Gan Sheng asked him to go home and say that he was sick, and at the same time confessed that the incident could not disturb anyone. Qian Sheng ordered Guan Shi Huang to be called over, Qian Feng stopped him, and guessed that there must be an insider in the transportation team, and Guan Shi Huang was concealed this time. Gan Sheng said that he might know who extended his black hand to the transportation team.

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