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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 11 Recap

The old lady introduced her eldest son, Gan Feng, to everyone. When she learned that the second master was coming, everyone came forward to greet everyone. The old lady was very angry about this. Qian Feng persuaded his mother that Qian Sheng had taken care of the pharmaceutical factory very well, and he was qualified to sit in this position.

The old lady complained that Gan Sheng occupied his position, and this position originally belonged to him, so she must do everything possible to regain this position. The old lady and the two brothers Gan Feng ate together. She deliberately mentioned that the master wanted to pass on the position of the house to Gan Feng. Gan Sheng mentioned to Caiwei that the eldest brother is the eldest son and grandson, and the position of the family was originally his. Now it is the most suitable for him to take the initiative to propose. Caiwei supports him in making any decisions.

Ma Fufang asked the second master if he took the initiative to give up his position as the head of the house? As long as he doesn’t take the initiative to propose, the Ma family will definitely support him… Gan Sheng said that the head of the house was originally the eldest brother’s, and all of this was reasonable. Ma Fufang was very excited when he heard that, and accused Caiwei of Qian Feng. Why didn’t he go back together? All this is because Plucking feels guilty. Gan Sheng yelled at her. Ma Fufang ran back to her natal family and talked about Gan Sheng’s resignation. Ma Guoan and his wife were very angry because his plan was finished.

During the meeting, the old lady announced that Qian Sheng was willing to give up his position to Qian Feng. When Gan Sheng admitted that this was his intention, and when he handed over the key land deed and ledger to his eldest brother, Ma Guoan rushed to stop him. Ma Guoan took out his position as a shareholder of the pharmaceutical factory to stop him, and the guys also came to support Qian Sheng. The old lady was so angry that she threw the cup there. Qian Feng accused her of discussing the matter with herself first. The old lady guessed whether this matter was done by Qiansheng and the workers together? Gan Feng didn’t think it would do this, and Gan Sheng just heard this when he was standing outside the house.

Ma Fufang said to herself that it was impossible for the old lady to bypass her father and choose the head of the house. Gan Sheng drank boring wine there, because he and his eldest brother were different in the mother’s heart. Although my mother treats herself differently from her eldest brother, how can I forget my mother’s deep nurturing grace for herself? Some things can’t be changed through hard work, the difference is different. Caiwei persuaded him that, in that case, why not let go, and his efforts were not in vain, so he embraced everything now.

Gan Sheng said that it would be bad for the pharmaceutical factory and him if he desperately gave up the position of head of the house to his eldest brother, so he asked him to work in the pharmaceutical factory first to prove his strength. The old lady asked Gan Sheng to get acquainted with the work of the pharmaceutical factory as soon as possible, and to take the pharmaceutical factory back as soon as possible. Kan Niang kept coughing, and Gan Feng reluctantly agreed to her.

Caiwei said there, she wanted to eat Vietnamese mung bean cake. Bihe accidentally found the uncle standing there. The next day the kitchen sent Caiwei mung bean cakes from Vietnam. At this time, Bihe found his uncle standing at the door.

Ma Fufang complained that what is good about Caiwei could make the Bai brothers obsessed with him. At this moment, she suddenly saw Gan Feng, so she turned to Jing Lan, if she asked the uncle to work harder, then Huang Caiwei would definitely be unable to control it. Ma Fufang catches up with the uncle to mention Plucking Wei, and asks him to meet in Feiyuan at night. At night, Ma Fufang questioned the uncle, why did she pick Wei to marry the second master? The uncle said that Caiwei thought she was dead, so she married Gan Sheng. Ma Fufang talked about that Caiwei died in love for him, and was later rescued.

Caiwei vowed not to marry forever, and Caiwei was not willing to marry the second master. Later, she said that the second master wanted to marry Caiwei because of fame. Wei, and Huang Guanjia forced Cai Wei to marry the second master. Gan Feng asked why she had to tell herself all this? Later, he pointed out that she was afraid that Plucking might affect her status, so she did so, but at the same time he warned Ma Fufang that no matter what idea she was playing, she was not allowed to hurt Plucking.

When Caiwei was planting cattail and Bletilla striata in the medicine shop, Gan Feng walked over and Cuiping took Bihe away. Bihe deliberately revealed to Erye that Caiwei had met with Qianfeng. Caiwei told Qianfeng to follow him. He is a thing of the past, now he only has Gan Sheng in his heart. Gan Sheng stood there and watched all this quietly. He warned Bihe that today’s things must not be heard from the second person. While Gan Sheng was writing there, Caiwei walked over and told him that she had met with Gan Feng today, and she had already told him her dreams, and Gan Sheng stepped forward and hugged her.

Qiulin talked about how Caiwei was favored in front of Meixiang. Instead of rejecting Caiwei with her, Qiulin taunted Qiulin. The angry Qiulin slapped her when she saw Bihe approaching. Take her out.

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