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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 10 Recap

Ma Fufang beat Bihe angrily, accusing her of trapping herself in this state, and then ordered Jinglan to send her to the Qianlanyuan. Bihe knelt down and begged for mercy. Jinglan felt that Wu Yitai was back, leaving Bihe behind. It worked, Ma Fufang decided to keep her. Under Qian Sheng’s design, Li Nan, who had colluded with Ninghai, was successfully captured. Bi He returned to Cai Wei’s place. Degui saw Bi He stepped forward and took her hand to show his heart. Bi He said that he was finally favored by Wu Yitai, so he must repay her well.

Ma Fufang overheard Gan Sheng’s conversation with Degui, and couldn’t help being very angry when he learned that he was favoring plucking. Gan Sheng hurried to Caiwei’s place, and the two were gentle. Gan Sheng told her why he would marry Ma Fufang. Later, because Fufang was infertile, he would marry other women one after another. However, he only loved her from beginning to end. At the same time, he promised Caiwei that he would never again. Marry other women.

Ma Fufang told her mother that the second master was focused on Caiwei. Mrs. Matthew proposed eight words: do what you like, love black and black. Qiulin deliberately tripped Caiwei, and later filed a complaint in front of Ma Fufang. Ma Fufang accused Qiulin of causing trouble and framing others, so she was punished to copy the scriptures. Seeing Ma Fufang doing this to Plucking Wei, Er Ye felt very pleased. Caiwei buried what Qian Feng had given herself, and then she cried and said goodbye to Qian Feng. At this time, the ragged Dry Feng came back and fainted on the ground when he saw Cai Wei.

The old lady looked at Qian Feng and was very sad, wondering what crime he had suffered outside in the past five years? Gan Feng woke up and hugged his mother, and Gan Sheng asked him what happened in the past few years? Gan Feng said that they had encountered bandits, and Fugui exchanged clothes with him in order to save himself and saved himself from death, while Fugui was burned alive. Later, the group sold their current people to human traffickers and worked hard in Vietnam until they escaped from Vietnam six months ago.

Gan Feng asked about Cai Wei. Ma Fufang mentioned that after five years, many things have changed. Now Cai Wei is the fifth concubine of the second master. Caiwei sat there in a daze. At this moment, a scene of herself and Gan Feng appeared in her mind. The old lady announced to everyone that she would respect the uncle like the second master in the future. The old lady was sad there, because Gan Feng should enjoy the best of Bai’s family, but he has become like this now. Mother Cui said that everything can be started from scratch.

The old lady ordered to re-furnish the Fenglin Courtyard, buy more servants, and find the best tailor on the street to make new clothes for the uncle. Ma Fufang complained that what his biological son did was different, and what he did was too obvious. The old lady warned Cai Wei that if she knew she was entangled with Qian Feng, she would never let her go. Caiwei and Qian Feng accidentally met, so she asked Qian Feng to go to Feiyuan to talk.

Gan Feng showed her a handkerchief and said that he had been with him for the past five years. Caiwei broke away from his hand and said that she had put down everything about him, and now she only had Gan Sheng in her heart. If he was good for himself, he would stop looking for himself and start his life again. Jing Lan stood there overhearing Caiwei’s conversation with Cuiping, and then went back to report Ma Fufang. Gan Sheng took his eldest brother to visit the pharmaceutical factory. At this time, he heard people discussing the affairs between Caiwei and the second master of the uncle. Gan Sheng made an excuse to leave and stayed in Degui to show him.

During the meal, Caiwei deliberately ate shrimp in order to get everyone off the table, and then she developed a rash. Qian Sheng stepped forward and cared, Caiwei told him that since the day he accepted him, she had put down Qian Feng, and now he is the one he likes, and the person who wants to live with him until he grows old is him. Qian Sheng is excited about this. She hugged.

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