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The War Of Beauties (2013) 爱情悠悠药草香

The War Of Beauties (2013)
Other Title: 爱情悠悠药草香, Ai Qing You You Yao Cao Xiang

Genres: drama, Historical, Romance, Family
Jeffrey Chiang
Cheng Ting Yu
BTV, Anhui TV
Release Date: 
Aug 15, 2013 – Sep 1, 2013
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  • Lou Yi Xiao as Huang Cai Wei (dubbed by Ji Guan Lin)
  • Jessica Hsuan as Ma Fu Fang
  • Han Dong as Bai Qiang Sheng (dubbed by Zhang Jie)
  • Qian Yong Chen as Bai Qian Feng
  • Xia Tai Feng (夏台凤) as Mrs. Bai
  • Kenneth Tsang as Ma Guo An
  • Ni Hong Jie as Mei Xiang
  • Jin Ming (金铭) as Gui Qin
  • Tong Xiao Yan (仝晓燕) as Qiu Lin
  • Zhu Yu Shuo as child Qiu Lin
  • Sun Ya (孙雅) as Bi He
  • Jackie Lui as Qiu Lao Qi
  • Zhao Duo Na (赵多娜) as Cui Ping
  • Jia Ni as Mrs. Ma

Huang Cai Wei was engaged to Bai Qian Feng when he went missing on a business trip and presumed dead. She was then forced to marry his brother Bai Qian Sheng. His obvious favoritism of her incited jealousy in his other wives, especially his primary wife Ma Fu Fang. Huang managed to outmaneuver many of the women’s ploy using her wits. But when her fiance returned home alive, she was placed in precarious situation where she couldn’t free herself from.

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