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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 2 Recap

There are good Panax notoginseng on the street, and the price is half the price in the drugstore. Caiwei stepped forward to check and found that they were selling fake medicines, and explained to everyone the difference between Panax notoginseng and this kind of turmeric. Onlookers Listening to this, the seller of fake medicines was clamoring to lose money, and the seller of fake medicines let Caiwei wait, and then hurriedly packed up and left. Cuiping worried that those people would be unfavorable to the young lady. Caiwei said that she had been selling medicines since she was young.

If she ignored the harmful things of selling fake medicines because she was afraid of the consequences, she would definitely look down on herself. Cuiping said that the young lady is indeed the master’s daughter, and they are all the same. Caiwei knew that she wanted to say that their father and daughter were both very hard-working and didn’t know how to work around.

Meixiang prepared soothing tea for Gan Sheng and kept him here for dinner. Gan Sheng agreed. At this time, the maid came to report, and the third wife was a little uncomfortable. Meixiang persuaded the second master to see Qiulin. Chunxiao complained that this was the day the second master came here, and the third aunt came here cheeky to call people, no wonder she wrestled and got angry, Meixiang stopped her from speaking, and told her the misfortune came out of her mouth.

Ma Fufang saw Cai Wei picking flowers, because it was the uncle’s death day in a few days, and she also accidentally learned that Cai Wei would always go secretly after the old lady left, and she was jealous of worshiping the uncle, so she ordered the maid to do it secretly. Issues. Ma Fufang’s maid chatted with her mother and deliberately hinted that Cai Wei alone would not worship the uncle to the two selling fake medicines, and Mei Xiang saw all this.

After the old lady and others were afraid to worship the uncle and leave, Caiwei secretly came out to tell the truth in front of Qian Feng’s grave. On the way back, at Mei Xiang’s gesture, Chunxiao told Erye that Eryi’s stomach hurts. Ma Fufang sent a maid to check, but Chun Xiao deliberately blocked it. Mei Xiang told Gan Sheng to save Caiwei, she was in danger. The two selling fake medicines stepped forward, Cuiping pushed them away desperately to let the lady run quickly, Cai Wei picked up the wooden stick on the ground and knocked them to the ground, and then the two ran away in a hurry, but at this time a few horses The man surrounded the two of Caiwei, but despite this, Caiwei still took a stick and gave the man a blow.

The man put Cai Wei on the horse. At this time, Qian Sheng rushed over and rescued Cai Wei from the horse. The man wanted to catch Gan Sheng. When he saw the man took out the gun, Cai Wei stepped forward to stop him. His gun fired into the sky, Cai Wei fell into the water, and Gan Sheng jumped down without hesitation.

The old lady was very unbelievable when he learned that the second master had an accident. Degui told the old lady that the second master jumped off the cliff together to save Plucking. The old lady became even more angry at Caiwei, accusing her of harming her son again. At night, the Bai family’s guy kept looking for the second master with the torch. The old lady told Mama Cui that Gan Sheng was the son of a maid married to her. Since his mother died when he was six years old, she has been raising him since then. Now Qian Feng is dead. If there is another accident in Gan Sheng, What can I do?

The third wife kept crying there, she didn’t want to be a widow when she was young. Guiqin prayed to the Bodhisattva that as long as the second master could return, he would be willing to live for ten years. Ma Fufang blamed himself, it was because of himself that caused Erye to be like this. The maid told the second wife that this matter was very strange, and Ma Fufang guessed that it was related to Meixiang. Caiwei sat there shivering, and Gan Sheng asked her to hold on for a while, believing that someone would come to rescue them soon.

The second wife rushed to question Mei Xiang, what did she say to the second master? If she doesn’t say anything, she will be punished for murdering the owner. Gan Sheng hugged Plucking, who was hot all over his body, and couldn’t help but think of what happened when he was a child. Mei Xiang told Ma Fufang that she encountered something unclean during the worship, so she was uncomfortable. Now that she wants to come to Erye, she must be afraid of plucking weeds and hitting evil spirits, so she will go back to save her. Ma Fufang temporarily let go of Mei Xiang, and the maid asked the second wife, can you believe what the third wife said? Ma Fufang said that since she dared to take a poisonous oath, she should not lie.

Mei Xiang said that there was only one person in Qian Sheng’s heart, and the second master was a responsible person. As long as they kept their duties in this life, the second master would treat them well. Knowing that the second master has not yet come back, Meixiang guessed that the second master and Caiwei would have something good. The maid said about the second master but fell off the cliff. Meixiang told her to shut up and said that the second master would be fine. .

At dawn, Caiwei was anxious to leave, but she had a leg injury. Caiwei asked him to leave as soon as they were lonely and widow, they would provoke gossip. Gan Sheng said she was afraid of anything, and married her. That’s it. Caiwei said how she could marry her ex-husband’s younger brother, and how she would face Qian Feng when the time comes. Gan Sheng shook her hand and said that he had long wanted to tell her his heart. When he saw her eldest brother with her, he could only hide his thoughts in his stomach, but now how can he let her bear all this alone? Caiwei broke away from his hand and said that she was very grateful for his heart, but she always had dry maple in her heart.

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