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The War Of Beauties 爱情悠悠药草香 Episode 1 Recap

In the big family of the old society, the bad habit of polygamy and multiple concubines has existed for a long time. Under this ugly system, whether it is a wife or a concubine, it is possible at any time to become a victim of a back home fight, no matter it is What a pure and kind-hearted woman, in order to survive in the family, she will gradually twist and transform, but there is one exception. She suffers from injustice, slander and humiliation, but she always adheres to her conscience, looks for true love, and uses her own way to do this Survive in the system and begin to resist the fate of injustice.

The aunts in each house greeted the old ladies, and the maid brought the chicken soup stewed by Caiwei. Mama Cui accused the maid and dared to bring everything she invited to the old lady. The old lady was not angry, but let the maid share it with everyone. The old lady asked the second wife, she had been married to the Bai family for five years, is there anything happening now?

The third maid deliberately vomited in front of everyone. The maid talked about the third maid’s recent sourness, and she didn’t touch her favorite food very much… I learned that the third maid’s menstrual affairs had been delayed for a few days, the old lady. Guessed that she must be happy, so Mama Cui quickly found a doctor to treat her.

The third wife didn’t get off the sedan chair when she saw the second wife. She deliberately showed off to the second wife, saying that the doctor allowed herself to rest. After all, heirs are the most important thing, and the old lady and the second master are very fond of the children in their stomachs. Give yourself a pulse… The second wife accused her, since the baby in her belly is not safe, why go out to hang out? Before leaving, the third wife deliberately showed off to the second wife, saying that the doctor said she might be carrying a boy.

The maid beside the third concubine was tied to the second wife, and the second wife accused her of not being optimistic about the third concubine, and even allowed her to become pregnant. Under the confession of the second wife, the maid sneaked into the third wife’s room at night and secretly changed her shoes. After eating the fake medicine sold by the Bai family for the patient, he almost died, so the patient’s family went to the Bai’s family to make trouble.

The Bai family’s buddy fought with the patient’s family. The second master of the Bai family stopped him. He not only asked the doctor to see the patient, but also Promise to the patient’s family that if the Bai family really sells counterfeit medicines, they will definitely be responsible. The three drug sellers refused to admit that they had sold fake drugs. The second master used white vinegar to find out the culprit, and then punished him according to regulations.

Caiwei congratulates Gan Sheng, because he is going to be a father again. Caiwei asked him how the old lady was doing? Gan Sheng said that my mother has always complained about her because of her eldest brother. It is rare that she still cares about her so much. There was something on Caiwei’s head, and Qian Sheng stepped forward to help her remove it. Cuiping said that he smelled an unusual smell, because Erye’s eyes were different when he saw Miss Plucking. Degui said that Erye was happiest only with Caiwei, and at the same time urged him to have a lover with Caiwei and his family, Gan Sheng refused.

Boss Ma and Steward Huang were discussing the issue of inferior Sanqi. They argued because of this. Gan Sheng said that Boss Ma must be kept in the dark, and he believed he would handle it properly. Ma Fufang walked over to her father Ma and said hello, and her father asked her to take good care of her husband. Boss Ma was walking on the road and talking to himself. He said that the old guy was going to be right with him everywhere, he would definitely let him know how great. Ma Fufang wanted to protect the media for Plucking Wei, and Han Sheng said that this was a matter for the Huang family and they should not interfere. The third wife’s shoes fell off, and she fell to the ground and immediately bleeds. The maid secretly replaced her shoes, and then reported the good thing to the second wife.

The maid reported to the fourth concubine that the third concubine had too much fetal gas, and she said she was killing her. The old lady told mother Cui that she had drugged the second wife’s meals, which made her not pregnant for five years. Who made Gan Sheng not her own son? As long as the second wife could not give birth to the eldest son, she would only Can rely on oneself. Cui’s mother said that the third wife’s child was okay…

The old lady was angrily prevented her from speaking, and said that in this Bai family’s house, there was room for shrewdness and stupidity. The second wife pretended to be in front of the third concubine. When she was about to punish her ingeniously, the second master came to stop her. Meixiang saw the flaws in the shoes, and the maid lied that the third aunt was too clean, so she wiped the dirt off her shoes every time she came back. The second wife told the maid beside her that Qinghong could not stay.

The old lady drank the tranquilizing tea and felt the effect was good. Knowing that the tea was made by Caiwei, she couldn’t help but ordered her to call Caiwei. When Caiwei stepped forward to answer, the old lady poured the tea on her face angrily , The accusation was all because of her that made Han Feng anger and leave home with him, killing him to death. Gan Sheng chased Cai Wei out, while the second wife Ma Fufang and others watched secretly there. Mei Xiang talked about Er Ye’s love for Cai Wei.

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