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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 54 Recap

Xueqi and Jingyu acted in accordance with the plan negotiated with Xiaofan Shushu, and secretly placed the magic weapon of the Ten Thousand Poison Door in the room of the disciple of the Changshengtang, which caused a dispute between the two factions. The poison god and Yuyangzi arrived. People were arguing with their respective sects, and had to go to the ghost king to discuss an explanation. Yuyangzi said that this might be because You Ji was bullied by the poison god and deliberately did it. There was a gap in the demon sect.

The poison god no longer believed in the ghost king, and rushed to Qingyun with the disciple of the Wandu Sect. Qin Wuyan tried to persuade the master, because with the current situation, Qingyun was already ready to attack Qingyun, but the poison god and Wandun Sect would not be willing. Believe him, think that he usually has close contacts with the ghost king, and the poison god wants Qin Wuyan to drive back to the ghost king’s sect to monitor the ghost king’s movements.

Together, Xueqi and Jingyu poured magic power into the magic weapon and detonated the gunpowder buried in the tunnel.

On the street, Baguio was in a daze. She heard the ringing of her acacia bell and called Xiaofan loudly. Xiao Fan approached and told Baguio that he was coming this time to kill someone from the Demon Cult. Baguio said that he knew that, let Xiao Fan do it. Xiao Fan said that he had said that when the two met again , Zheng Mo wanted to meet each other, and now what he had said came true, Xiao Fan walked forward, hugged Baguio, and said four words in her ear: There will be no time in the future, and then turned and left.

Qin Wuyan, who is no longer trusted by the teacher, was frustrated and walked alone on the mountain, and met Shushu head-on. Qin Wuyan said that now that the two have met, he is no longer the defense officer of Yudu City, and Zeng Shushu is no longer the lord of Yudu City. Up. Shushu said that when he came here, he wanted to ask him a word, along the way, does he really have a clear conscience? His grandfather once valued trusting him and asked him to display his ambitions, but he didn’t understand why Qin Wuyan would abandon his grandfather Trust to go to Wandumen.

Qin Wuyan told Shushu that some people were born on the sun, and some people were born in the dark. They were destined to walk in the dark for a lifetime. This was his fate. Shushu asked Qin Wuyan if he would look back if he forgave him. Qin Wuyan didn’t believe in the book, and drew out the sword. The two fought. Xiaofan Xueqi and Jingyu rushed to rescue him in time. Qin Wuyan was seriously injured.

Qinglong, who had always regarded Qin Wuyan as his younger brother, arrived and told Zhang Xiaofan that he had to do his own thing to defeat Qin Wuyan At one level, Zhang Xiaofan said that it was okay without fear. Just as the four of Xiaofan wanted to do something, the ghost king appeared and said that he had underestimated Zhang Xiaofan’s wisdom, and wanted them to rush back to Qingyun, perhaps in time to see the destruction of Qingyun with their own eyes. Xueqi realized that Qingyun was in trouble, and the four of them hurriedly left.

Qingyun, Wandumen attacked Qingyun. Uncle Zeng often led the people to resist and drove away the people from Wandumen. Shushu came and hurriedly asked his father and the men in the middle brother to take the anti-drug pill, and his father felt relieved that Zeng Shushu had grown up.

Shuiyue asked Xueqi to leave. Xueqi and her senior sister Wenmin said that they would swear to defend Qingyun. Shuiyue was pleased to ask Xueqi, Wenmin and all the apprentices to join him in a decisive battle with the demon cult.

Yuyangzi also brought many disciples into Qingyun, Zhou Yin attacked into the ancestral hall, Wan Jianyi used the Dragon Slashing Sword to expel everyone, and then he told Jingyu about the king of Cangsong and gave the Dragon Slashing Sword to Jingyu , Let him but this grudge.

The poison god and Song Daren Qi Haotian Linger and the others fought, Zhang Xiaofan arrived in time and tried his best to fight the poison god. God was exhausted and ran away.

Xiaofan woke up and saw his mother guarding him. Su Ru asked Xiaofan if he had gone down the mountain. Xiaofan was silent. Su Ru asked what happened to Baguio. Xiaofan was surprised. Su Ru said that there was nothing right or wrong about feelings. , I believe in Xiaofan.

Xiao Fan got up and walked around in the yard. He heard the conversation between Senior Sister Tian Ling’er and Qi Hao. Qi Hao thanked Xiao Fan for saving himself this time. Tian Ling’er saw Xiao Fan come out and told him enthusiastically, waiting for this defeat. Mojiao, Qi Hao and himself are getting married.

The King of Ghosts led Baguio, You Ji and Qinglong to Qingyun, ready to fight to the death, Baguio and Xiaofan had to stand opposite each other.

When the ghost king attacked Xiao Fan, Baguio stood in front of Xiao Fan, was seriously injured and died unfortunately.

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