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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 53 Recap

In the middle of the night, You Ji talked with Baguio. You Ji asked Baguio to look at the wound on her shoulder, and let Baguio remember that there is no way for her and Zhang Xiaofan to have results, just like today Wan Jianyi Still cruelly cut and hurt myself. Baguio sighed. She must be filled with sadness and helplessness in her heart when she hurt her loved one by herself.

Baguio told You Ji that although she was hurt, Wan Jianyi’s heart hurts even more. You Ji persuaded Baguio to stop going to Qingyun tomorrow because there will be a fierce battle tomorrow. Baguio said that he did not understand why his father and the people of the Ghost King Sect had to desperately report the hatred a hundred years ago, why Zhang Xiaofan could let go of the hatred in his heart, but everyone could not. You Ji had no choice but to tell Baguio that her father was for the entire Ghost King Sect.

Ghost King and Mr. Ghost discuss tomorrow’s actions, and Mr. Ghost, who has always been mysterious, told Ghost King that tomorrow, he only needs to capture Tongtian Peak, and he will find a way to take away the Zhuxian Sword.

Zeng Shushu knew that there was a secret road leading to the Ghost King Zong, Jingyu and Xiaofan sneaked into it overnight, and Shushu and Xueqi stayed on the ground to coordinate their actions.

The head of Wandumen and Yuyangzi of Changshengtang sat together and discussed. They thought that the ghost king was just using them. Today, countless disciples were killed and injured in their door, but You Ji suffered only a little bit of injury, and Baguio even more. They were unscathed. They thought that the ghost king was taking advantage of them. Yuyangzi suggested that when they attack Qingyun tonight, the two factions should hide behind and just take advantage of the fishermen’s profit.

Even though Shuiyue Zeng Shu often lost his skills to help Daoxuan heal his wounds, the seven-tailed centipede poison in Daoxuan’s body could not be completely eliminated. Zeng Shuchang suggested that Jingyu Xiaofan and others should leave Qingyun, so as to preserve the incense for Qingyun. Tian Buyi said that these children would never leave Qingyun, and he found that Jingyu Xiaofan Shushu and Xueqi had disappeared. He suspected that these people had gone down the mountain and attacked the enemy camp overnight.

Jingyu and Xiaofan in the secret path were discovered by the people of Changshengtang, and they took Jingyu to meet the ghost king and Yuyangzi. Yuyangzi said that Lin Jingyu and himself had an antagonism, and he wanted to drag Lin Jingyu outside. In the execution, the ghost king said that he was useful to stay in Lin Jingyu, and then ordered Yuyangzi to chase away his guests, which made Yuyangzi doubt the ghost king’s motives again.

After the two left, the ghost king asked Lin Jingyu who had injected orc blood into his body. Lin Jingyu was frankly his master. He told the ghost king without fear, even if Cangsong appeared in the blue cloud gate. Kind of traitor, but Qingyun still will not perish. The ghost king asked Lin Jingyu to give an account of Zhang Xiaofan’s whereabouts, but Lin Jingyu was tight-lipped and refused to reveal a word.

Zhang Xiaofan went back to meet with Zeng Shushu, told Shushu what he had discovered, and discussed with him what to do next. It turned out that Xiaofan had placed extremely lethal explosives in the plank road, but they believed that this was not the best time to detonate the explosives. Xiaofan said that he heard the conversation between Yuyangzi and the head of Wandumen on the plank road last night, and felt that there was a gap between the various factions of the demon sect, so they could use the divorce scheme.

Jingyu was tied up and imprisoned. Jin Ping’er came to see him and told him that the ghost king would let himself take his life. Jingyu was not afraid and said that he would not blame her. He saved her because she was benevolent. Jin Ping’er said something quite offensive, and moved his hand.

The Poison God, the head of the Ten Thousand Poison Sect, sneaked into You Ji’s room. The Poison God who was not right in his mind had been coveting You Ji’s beauty. When he was about to move, You Ji beat him up.

At this time, Qin Wuyan walked to Baguio, who was in a daze in the yard, and told her that he would resolve Zhang Xiaofan with his own hands tomorrow. Baguio had a dispute with him. At this time, Qin Wuyan’s younger brother arrived and told him that Master and You Ji would fight Up. The ghost king and Qin Wuyan hurried to stop You Ji and the poison god.

Zhang Xiaofan came to the room where Jingyu was detained, but found that there was no one. He wanted to rush out to find Jingyu. Mr. Gui suddenly appeared, blocking Xiaofan’s path. In fact, Jin Ping’er took away Lin Jingyu and sent him to the mountain. Mr. Ghost and Zhang Xiaofan hit the mountain until they met Jingyu and Jin Ping’er. Unexpectedly, Mr. Ghost spared Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu, and left with Jin Ping’er.

Xiao Fan arranged for everyone to split up. Xueqi stopped Xiao Fan and asked if he was going to see Baguio. Xiao Fan said that this was a break between himself and Baguio.

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