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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 52 Recap

The Demon Cult invaded, and Wan Jianyi, who was burdened with the responsibility of guarding the Patriarch’s ancestral hall and Zhuxian Sword, was still sweeping the ground. Cang Song came, Wan Jianyi said that he would let him go for the sake of his past friendship, and Cang Song cried. With a cry of senior brother, he fought Wan Jian, after all, his goal was Zhu Xianjian.

You Ji arrived, and she asked Wan Jianyi if she would give him another chance if he would like to go with her. Wan Jianyi said that he had heard the story of Baguio and Xiaofan from Jingyu. Baguio asked Xiaofan to leave with her and travel the world, but Xiaofan told Baguio that Qingyun is his home, and he and Xiaofan Similarly, since Qingyun took him in, he took Qingyun as his home. You Ji told Wan Jian that he had forgotten.

At the other end of the rivers and lakes, there was a person who kept the flowers blooming year after year, just to keep the promise that he would come back. Wan Jian said sorry to You Ji, You Ji Understood, started to make moves, Wan Jianyi also had to make moves to defend.

Cang Song took the opportunity to enter the ancestral hall and met Jing Yu, who was waiting here. Jing Yu told Master Zhu Xian Sword was not here. In his own heart, Qing Yun would never perish. Cang Song drew out the sword and said that he wanted to see Jing Yu. What is the current skill, Jingyu said sorry to the master, the master and the disciple drew their swords and faced each other. After a few strokes, the two put their swords on each other’s neck almost simultaneously.

In the ancestral hall of the Patriarch, Zhang Xiaofan stood in front of the Huanyue Cave. He heard the familiar footsteps and the sound of Hehuan bells, and knew that Baguio was coming. Xiao Fan was helpless and sighed that you were finally here. In fact, Baguio’s heart was also full of helplessness and sadness. From the childhood memories, to the acquaintance and love of each other step by step when they grow up, those pasts are looked back in their minds.

Xiaofan told Baguio that he liked her and that he cared about her more than life, but he couldn’t go with her. Baguio cried, and she asked Xiaofan loudly what he saw in the Full Moon Well. Xiao Fan remembered the scene he had seen in the Full Moon Well. Baguio sacrificed his life to help him withstand the attack. He shook his head in pain and told Baguio that whether he can be with her now is no longer important. , As long as she lives happily. Baguio burst into tears.

She said that she and Xiaofan have not been happy until now, so she hopes Xiaofan can take herself away, leave these disputes, and live her own life. Xiao Fan’s silence let Baguio know the answer. She put away her tears and used her magic power. Xiao Fan called Baguio. After all, he didn’t want to fight Baguio, but Baguio didn’t stop her movements. Where can only be used for defense. Suddenly, Baguio sensed that You Ji was in danger, and hurried to support her.

You Ji told Wan Jianyi that she must take him away today anyway. After that, You Ji increased her mana. Wan Jian accidentally wounded You Ji when she shot. At this time, Cang Song was injured in the fight with Jing Yu. After all, Wan Jian handed over his lifelong true biography to Jingyu, and Jingyu’s skill greatly increased. Cang Song fell aside, feeling that You Ji was injured, and rushed to take You Ji away.

At this moment, on the Tongtian Peak and on the Hongqiao Bridge, the Qinglong and Shuiyue are facing each other. The ghost king suddenly arrived. Shuiyue is exhausted. Fortunately, Tian is not easy to come. Tian is not easy to act decisively. He blows up Hongqiao and leaves with Shuiyue. People lost and ordered their withdrawal.

In the hall, Shangguance, Pukong and others used their own cultivation bases to help Daoxuan’s wounds, and Tian Buyi expressed gratitude to the two factions. Since the demons had retreated, Qingyun’s threat was temporarily eliminated, and Shangguance, Pukong and others also left.

In the middle of the night, the first seats were still in retreat to help Daoxuan’s wounds. Xiao Fan’s thoughts were confused, and he came to Caomiao Village and encountered Shushu on the road. Then, Xueqi and Jingyu also came to the village. For a while, Yu couldn’t get out of the hatred of being slaughtered in Caomiao Village. Xiao Fan told him about his mental journey after he learned the truth and persuaded him to let go of his hatred.

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