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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 51 Recap

Daoxuan asked Xiaofan where he got this thing. Xiaofan remembered his promise to Puzhi and lied that the Blood Devouring Orb was discovered when he was playing in the back mountains with his senior sister Tian Linger when he was young. It and Bishuitan The black clubs fought against each other and finally fused together. But Daoxuan pointed out Xiao Fan’s flaws. He knew that the Blood Devouring Bead had been carried by Xiao Fan before then.

Xiao Fan was silent. Master Tian was not easy to hate iron and steel, and he insisted on Xiao Fan to tell the truth. , Pukong advised him to discuss things slowly and not get angry. Daoxuan said that the people of Fenxianggu accused Xiaofan of handing the Xuanhuojian to the daughter of the ghost king, and asked Xiaofan to explain the matter.

Standing aside, Lu Xueqi stepped forward and told Daoxuan’s head that there was nothing wrong with it. Zhang Xiaofan had already returned Xuanhuojian to Li Xun when he was in Xiaochi Town. It was Li Xun and the horse thief who had colluded with the horse thief and killed the innocent.

Baguio took away Xuanhuojian. Xueqi said that she had seen Zhang Xiaofan fight to death with the remnants of the Demon Cult. She was willing to guarantee Xiaofan’s innocence with her life. She believed that Xiao Fan did not collude with the Demon Cult and was definitely not the Demon Cult. Spy.

Tian Linger and Song Daren also stepped forward at this time, expressing their willingness to guarantee Zhang Xiaofan’s innocence with their lives. Cang Song scolded everyone and told them to retreat. At this time, Lin Jingyu, who was trapped in the cave by Cang Song, broke the barrier with his own magic power and came to the hall. He expressed his willingness to guarantee Zhang Xiaofan’s innocence with his life, and his voice resounded in the empty hall.

Zhang Xiaofan was extremely surprised when he saw his brother Jingyu, who was born and died with him, but Cang Song was extremely surprised when he saw Lin Jingyu. He knew that his secret could not be kept.

Lin Jingyu handed the box found in Cangsong’s room to Daoxuan. He told Daoxuan that the spies of the Demon Sect did exist, but they were not Xiaofan. Back then, Master Puzhi was attacked, and those who attacked were used to raise up Seven-tailed centipede in this box.

Daoxuan was shocked when he heard this. Lin Jingyu said that the matter was true and that he could summon the witness Wang Ershu. Back then, the whole village of Caomiao Village was massacred. Apart from Xiaofan and Jingyu, Wang Ershu was the only survivor in Caomiao Village. The second uncle Wang was not sober, he was trembling, thinking of ghosts in his mouth, and panicked.

Daoxuan asked his disciples to take Second Uncle Wang down and take care of him. Pu Kong stepped forward and told the truth about the incident, saying that the massacre of Caomiao Village was done by his disciple Pu Zhi, and Zhang Xiaofan’s Tianyin technique was also taught to him by Pu Zhi. Jingyu was shocked when he learned the truth and shouted for revenge. Zhang Xiaofan, who was standing by his side, supported him and tried to comfort him.

Tian Buyi asked Xiaofan if Puzhi asked him to conceal the truth. Xiaofan answered truthfully, saying that he had never understood that who took the opportunity to attack Master Puzhi, and that person used the Excalibur Royal Thunder Technique, and then he had it. Shuiyue, Xueqi and others were shocked by the disaster of the village, because the truth was about to come out.

Cang Song knew that he had been exposed. He took the opportunity to put the poison of the seven-tailed centipede on Daoxuan. Daoxuan felt that he was poisoned and hurriedly clicked his acupuncture point. Cang Song behind him pretended to be concerned and walked forward. Daoxuan took out his dagger and stabbed Daoxuan in the waist without any precaution. Suizyue Tian Buyi and the others hurried forward to protect Daoxuan’s safety. Daoxuan used his skills to force out the dagger, but was seriously injured.

Cang Song lost to everyone, fell under the great highness, bluntly saying that he was secretly calculating Dao Xuan. He said that he had been unfair for ten thousand swords for more than a hundred years. Back then, the demon cult invaded the situation, and it was ten thousand swords to turn the tide and fight. He tried his best to protect everyone, and taught everyone his cultivation base so that everyone could improve his skills, but Daoxuan took the position of the head from his senior brother Wan Jian.

Dao Xuan wanted Cang Song to come forward, and he had to fight him, and use his strength to show that he was capable of occupying the position of head. Cang Song said that he knew that his skill was not as good as Dao Xuan, but there were always people in this world. Can deal with him.

As soon as the voice fell, and the alarm bell sounded, Qingyun disciples walked up to the main hall and told everyone that the Demon Cult and others had attacked aggressively and Cang Song fled. It is not easy for Tian to understand that Cangsong has always been responsible for Qingyun’s defense. At this time, Qingyun’s barrier should have been breached. And Xiao Yicai heard the words, and was also ready to cooperate with the inside and outside of the Demon Cult.

Outside the blue sky, the ghost king asked Baguio and You Ji to take back the sword of Zhu Xian. In the blue clouds, Lu Xueqi, the head of the Ten Thousand Poison Sect, Qin Wuyan and others resisted. Shuiyue and others helped Daoxuan heal his injuries, but the seven-tailed centipede was a highly poisonous thing, and Shuiyue and others were also invaded by poisonous gas. To sit on Tongtian Peak, he handed the Blood Devouring Orb to Xiao Fan and asked Xiao Fan to guard Qingyun.

Xiao Fan was ordered to fight against everyone in the Blood Refining Hall. Even though Xiao Fan’s mana had improved, he was outnumbered, and the crisis was at a critical juncture. Master rushed to ask him to go back with Jing Yu, and he must hold onto the Zhuxian Sword.

At the entrance of Qingyun, Jin Ping’er led the people of the Acacia Sect to meet Jingyu who was waiting outside. Jingyu said that he was enemies and not friends with her, but she wanted to let her three tricks in Yudu’s friendship, Jin Ping Hearing the words, Er Huan led the people to turn around and leave. She didn’t want to draw a sword with the one she loved.

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