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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 50 Recap

Zhang Xiaofan believes that the spies in Qingyunmen must be in a high position, and lamented that the big event was not good, and he was about to leave immediately. Puhong tried to stop Xiaofan. After all, he would face the trial of the three factions when he returned. He suggested that he revise a book and explain the situation to Master. That’s right, Xiaofan said that the master raised him. Now the spies may harm Master at any time, so he must rush back. Puhong no longer stops. All the disciples of Tianyin Pavilion kneel in front of the tent. Thank Zhang Xiaofan. Zhang Xiaofan responded. , Hurried back to Qingyun.

Tian Buyi and Wan Jianyi sat together to discuss the spy. Tian Buyi talked about what happened in Liubo Mountain. He felt very strange. He thought that Shuiyue would not be a spy of Demon Cult. Wan Jianyi thought that Cangsong would not be either. It may be a spy, after all, when he almost made a big mistake back then, only Tian Buyi and Cang Song stood up to speak for themselves. Tian Buyi also recalled the events of that year. He told Wan Jianyi that what he feared most now was the repetition of the tragedy of the year.

The spy lurking in Qingyun-the black-clothed masked man went to see the ghost king. The ghost king said that after he unifies the two factions of the righteous demons, he will definitely give him money, but the black-clothed masked man said that he helped the ghost king so much. It’s not that I want anything in return from the ghost king.

The ghost king was surprised because the black-clothed masked man had the opportunity to leave Qingyun incognito and return to the refining hall, but he did not do so. Instead, he stayed in Qingyun secretly to help the ghost kingzong. The ghost king said that he thought the reason might be related to That person is related.

In the middle of the night, Jingyu sneaked into Cangsong’s room. He remembered Hetian’s difficult conversation. When Puzhi came to Qingyun for a visit, only Shuiyue and Cangsong were present, so only two knew Puzhi’s whereabouts. . Lin Jingyu’s instincts have been telling himself that Master Cang Song is probably a spy, but he doesn’t want to believe that he casts spells on the magic weapon on Cang Song’s table and saw the totem of the blood refining hall, Lin Jingyu was stunned. The black-clothed masked man suddenly appeared and knocked out Jingyu. Then he took off his mask. It turned out that this mysterious black-clothed masked man was Cang Song.

Cang Song transmitted mana to Lin Jingyu. After Lin Jingyu woke up, Cang Song admitted to Lin Jingyu that he was a spy. Lin Jingyu could not accept the fact, and asked Master why he did this. Cang Song led him When he arrived at the Magic Moon Cave, in front of Zhuxianjian, Cang Song told Lin Jingyu his story. He was originally an ordinary disciple of the blood refining hall. In order to steal Zhuxianjian and sneak into Qingyun, he was in the battle between the right and the evil spirits. ,

The Demon Cult was damaged, and the Blood Refining Hall was in a state of failure. He could have used his position as the first seat to get rid of the remnants of the Blood Refining Hall, so no one in the world would know his true identity. He and Daoxuan’s master Tian Chengzi invited out the Zhuxian Sword, their minds changed drastically, and began to punish the disciples in the sect. All the disciples had to imprison Tianchengzi, but Tian Chengzi’s magical power was profound, and the imprisonment was of no avail.

Dabujun killed Tianchengzi, and afterwards, in order to fight for the position of the master, Dao Xuan killed the senior with the crime of master killing. Daoxuan’s behavior made Cang Song shameless. Lin Jingyu told Master that this could not be the reason for his betrayal of Qingyun. Jingyu asked the whereabouts of the senior brother back then. He guessed that the senior was Wan Jianyi, so he tried to persuade the master. ,

I hope that Master can turn his head back, but Cang Song said that the Ghost King Zong has mastered all the informants in the Blood Refining Hall, and he can only take orders from the Ghost King. Cang Song told Jingyu that he had put a centipede on him back then, but the person who slaughtered Caomiao Village was not himself, but the Puzhi of Tianyin Pavilion.

Jingyu was in pain, the hatred of his family being killed, his trust in Master, and the collapse of his faith almost knocked down Jingyu, but he still firmly stated to Master that he would not betray Qingyun. Cang Matsumoto wanted to get rid of Jingyu, but he was still cruel after thinking about mentoring and apprenticeship. He wanted Jingyu to stay here all night and think carefully.

Baguio learned from You Ji that all the demon sects had gathered, and that the battle between the demon and the demon was imminent, she became more worried about Zhang Xiaofan’s safety.

The head of the Wandu Sect came to the Ghost King Sect and had an interview with the Ghost King. Although the two factions did not agree with each other, they still felt that they had cooperated to deal with Qingyun together.

Zhang Xiaofan returned to Qingyun and the trial of the three factions began. Daoxuan promised to the people in Fenxiang Valley and Tianyin Pavilion that Qingyun would never favor Zhang Xiaofan. Daoxuan asked Zhang Xiaofan. This time in Liubo Mountain, someone accused Zhang Xiaofan of saving everyone with the Tianyin technique. Zhang Xiaofan admitted that the Tianyin technique he used this time was indeed the secret of Tianyin Pavilion.

Daoxuan then interrogated and asked Zhang Xiaofan to tell the origin of his magic weapon. Zhang Xiaofan spoke bluntly and frankly that this was the blood-devouring bead of the black-hearted old man of the demons.

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