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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 48 Recap

Jin Ping’er and Qin Wuyan rushed to Qingyun. A masked man in black met them. The masked man was carrying a poisonous thing-seven-tailed centipede. He told them that he would take them to the back mountain tonight. , But whether the Zhuxian Sword can be taken away depends on the good fortune of the two.

Qin Wuyan warned Jin Ping’er not to lose sight of her sweetheart Lin Jingyu. Jin Ping’er retorted and asked Qin Wuyan why he took away Baguio’s Albizia Bell. Qin Wuyan said that as long as it made Zhang Xiaofan unhappy, he would try it.

In the middle of the night, Qin Wuyan and Jin Ping’er sneaked into the back mountain. Lin Jingyu and Zhang Xiaofan fought with them. Tian Buyi had already arranged manpower to protect the place. Zhang Xiaofan was stunned when he heard the ringing of the Hehuan bell. Qin Wuyan and Jin Ping’er took the opportunity to escape, Tian Buyi He ordered Lin Jingyu to stay and Wan Jianyi to protect Zhu Xianjian, and asked Xiao Fan and himself to chase Qin Wuyan and the others. Tian Buyi and Zhang Xiaofan came to the back mountain. The masked man and Zhang Xiaofan were not easy to fight.

Tian was not easy to get injured. Qin Wuyan took the opportunity to provoke Zhang Xiaofan’s relationship with his master, saying that Zhang Xiaofan had deliberately let him go after hearing Baguio’s acacia ringtone. Tian Buyi told Qin Wuyan that he believed Zhang Xiaofan would not betray Qingyun, but when Qin Wuyan, Jin Ping’er and the masked man left, Tian Buyi slapped Zhang Xiaofan angrily and ordered him to kneel in the bamboo forest to reflect.

In front of the head of Taoxuan, Cang Song once again framed Zhang Xiaofan and accused Zhang Xiaofan of deliberately letting Qin Wuyan and others go. Tian Buyi tried to prove Zhang Xiaofan’s innocence. Xiao Yicai suddenly came to the hall and told the head Xueqi to find out the news. With a large-scale attack on Qingyun, Tian Buyi told Daoxuan not to punish Zhang Xiaofan on the grounds that the enemy was present and needed to be together externally.

After Tian was not easy to leave, Cang Song again slandered Daoxuan, saying that he could invite Tianyin and Fenxiang factions to interrogate Zhang Xiaofan. As a result, Qingyun did not interfere. In fact, Cangsong knew very well that the Shangguan policy of Fenxianggu deliberately eliminated By dropping Zhang Xiaofan, he was borrowing the hands of others to get rid of Zhang Xiaofan.

Xiao Fan knelt in the bamboo forest, and there was a sudden heavy rain. Lu Xueqi came to see Xiao Fan, but she had no choice but to turn around and leave.

Qin Wuyan and Jin Ping’er reported the situation to the ghost king, saying that they saw a gray-haired and white-robed man in the ancestral hall. Tian Buyi called that man a senior, and the ghost king thoughtfully, he seemed to guess that this person was Wan Jianyi. Wan Jianyi knew that this catastrophe could not be avoided, and he asked Tolin Jingyu that if one day he died at the hands of the Demon Cult, Lin Jingyu would be responsible for guarding the ancestral hall and Zhuxian sword.

Qin Wuyan handed the Albizia Bell to Baguio. Baguio accepted it calmly. Qin Wuyan was surprised. He thought Baguio would slap himself. Baguio told Qin Wuyan that even if Zhang Xiaofan didn’t want to change for himself, it’s okay. In other words, Zhang Xiaofan is his life.

Baguio was walking on the mountain holding an umbrella. She found Zhang Xiaofan who was kneeling in the rain. Zhang Xiaofan told Baguio that she shouldn’t come, it was too dangerous. Baguio said that she knew she shouldn’t come, but he was here and she couldn’t help but come. Afterwards, Baguio put away the umbrella and knelt in the rain with Zhang Xiaofan. Zhang Xiaofan held Baguio’s hand and knelt like this all night.

Until dawn and the rain stopped, Zhang Xiaofan told Baguio that since he entered Qingyun, he had acted upright and had no shame in his heart, but everyone suspected that he had colluded with the Demon Cult and rescued the fox demon. After Baguio heard this, he said that he would leave the Ghost King Zong and asked Zhang Xiaofan to take him away.

Zhang Xiaofan again rejected Baguio’s proposal, because Qingyun and Shimen raised him and gave him everything. He told Baguio if he left With all this, he also wanted to take Baguio away. Baguio couldn’t bear Xiaofan’s grievances and insisted on taking Xiaofan away. Xueqi arrived at this time and told Baguio that she would only misunderstand Xiaofan by Qingyun people.

Pukong from Tianyin Pavilion came to Qingyun and met Daoxuan and Cangsong. He told them that Xiaofan’s Tianyin technique was taught by his senior brother Pu Zhi before his death, but Xiaofan must keep his promise, so Xiaofan Without mentioning a word, he firmly believed that Xiao Fan did not collude with the Demon Cult. Cang Song saw that Pukong excused Xiaofan, and he said that Xiaofan and Xuanhuojian’s disappearance could not be separated from each other. Pukong told the two that he believed Xiaofan and The theft of Xuan Huojian does not matter.

Xiao Yicai suddenly came to see Daoxuan, saying that Baguio intends to take Zhang Xiaofan away. Xueqi told Baguio that at the time of the Demon Cult’s invasion, Xiaofan would stay in Qingyun and face the difficulties with them. Baguio didn’t want to have a meaningless argument with Xueqi, so he would take Xiaofan away immediately, Xueqi Qi stopped, and the two fought to see. Cang Song arrived, a golden light suddenly appeared, and Zhang Xiaofan disappeared.

In fact, Zhang Xiaofan was taken away by Puhong’s spell. After Zhang Xiaofan woke up, he couldn’t help but say that he would return to Qingyun. Tianyin Pavilion’s head Pukong asked Ah Xiang to take Zhang Xiaofan to see him. Ah Xiang had to cast a spell to make Xiao Fan fall into a coma. Take Xiaofan away.

Qingyun and Cang Song once again advocated severe punishment of Zhang Xiaofan. Xueqi said that Zhang Xiaofan was not taken away by the demon cult, because that golden light was not a magic method of the demon cult. Tian Buyi knew that Xiaofan was going to be tried by the three halls, and immediately said that he would definitely be tried by then. Appear on time, because he is Zhang Xiaofan’s master.

Tian Buyi and Su Ru are worried about Xiao Fan. Su Ru suggested that it is better to bring Xiao Fan back to prove his innocence. Tian Buyi knows that Cang Song is pressing every step and wants to put Xiao Fan to death. He tells Su Ru that he wants Xiao Fan Fan will never return to Qingyun again, so that he can save his life.

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