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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 47 Recap

Xiao Fan was stunned when he heard this. He opened his unbelievable eyes and looked at Master. Tian Buyi knew that he couldn’t bear it, so he left with a cold snort. Xiao Fan asked the seniors to eat first and went to find him. Master apologized.

Tian Buyi stood alone on the cliff. He noticed the footsteps behind him and knew that Xiaofan was here. Tian Buyi sighed that Xiaofan had grown up. He said that he knew Xiaofan’s character a long time ago, and he would not say anything that he didn’t want to say, but this time the situation was extremely severe, so he asked Xiaofan to tell himself that he was a god. How exactly is the Yin Gong method learned? Xiao Fan remembered his promise to Puzhi and told Master that he had promised that person.

I can’t say that this made Tian Buyi very angry, because Xiao Fan’s refusal to mention it put both Dazhufeng and Qingyun in a dilemma, Xiao Fan. I ask Master to forgive him. Although Tian is not irritable, he is still reluctant to punish Xiao Fan and uses his magic power to leave.

In the evening, Tian Linger found Xiao Fan and hesitated to ask him if he liked Baguio. Xiao Fan was silent. Tian Linger told Zhang Xiaofan that it was a betrayal of Shimen to like Baguio. The ghost kings were all sinister and cunning. Zhang Xiaofan said that he had made up his mind that he would never have anything to do with Baguio, but he knew better than anyone whether Baguio was sincere about him. Tian Ling’er was very angry when she heard that, Xiao Fan told her that she had only one life, and anyone could come and take it as long as she could return the teacher’s innocence.

Xiao Yi sneaked into the ancestral hall secretly, cast a spell to open the Magic Moon Cave, intending to take away the Zhuxian Sword, Wan Jianyi suddenly noticed the abnormality and suddenly appeared before Xiao Yi fled.

The head of the ancestor heard what happened in the ancestral hall and lamented that the people of the demon sect were becoming more reckless. Cang Matsumoto was dissatisfied with Tian’s actions to protect Xiaofan. At this time, he was even more stubborn, thinking that the person who had sneaked into the ancestral hall was Zhang Xiaofan, Xiao Hui’s.

Evidence is evidence. Tian Buyi said that Zhang Xiaofan did not take a step beyond the big bamboo peak last night, accusing Cang Song of being extremely harsh on Zhang Xiaofan and pressing harder every step. Cang Song insisted on taking Xiaofan to the precepts hall. In order to protect Xiaofan, Tian Buyi begged the head to imprison Zhang Xiaofan in the ancestor shrine and put him in the same place with Lin Jingyu. The head agreed.

Lin Jingyu was very happy to see Xiaofan. The two brothers finally had a chance to understand each other’s current situation. On the other hand, Tian Buyi and Wan Jian had a close conversation. Both believed that the person who stole the Zhuxian Sword could never be Zhang Xiaofan. Tian Buyi told Wan Jianyi that he sent Xiao Fan here to protect him. Wan Jianyi said that the culprit would definitely do something again, and Zhang Xiaofan could also protect himself from Zhu Xianjian.

Xiao Yi passed the news to the ghost king, and the ghost king decided to send Qin Wuyan to Qingyun to steal the Zhuxian sword. Qin Wuyan said farewell to Baguio and told her that he was going to Qingyun. Jin Ping’er, who was with Baguio, immediately said that he was going to ask the ghost king for orders and accompany Qin Wuyan to Qingyun. In fact, Jin Ping’er was worried about Lin Jingyu’s safety.

Qin Wuyan invited Baguio and Qinglong to drink together. Qinglong said that Baguio could only avoid Zhang Xiaofan’s hostility by persuading Zhang Xiaofan to convert to the King of Ghosts. Baguio knew clearly that it would be better to kill Zhang Xiaofan to betray Qingyun. Baguio was in a dilemma, so he had to drink alcohol.

Qin Wuyan woke up, confirmed that Qinglong and Baguio were drunk and asleep, and secretly took the Albizia Bell from Baguio’s waist, just passing by the golden bottle here to see this scene from a distance.

In the ancestral hall, Wan Jian has always told Lin Jingyu and Zhang Xiaofan the story of Zhuxianjian. Hundreds of years ago, after the first war between good and evil, the relationship between the demon sect and Qingyun was very tense. Qingyun’s head was also his brother Dao. The master of Xuan, Tianchengzi, deliberately passed the Zhuxian Sword and the position of the head to himself. You Ji of the Ghost King Sect came to steal the Zhuxian Sword and fought with herself. She was injured by You Ji.

It was at a critical juncture, thanks to Master’s hand. Holding the sword of Zhu Xian appeared to stop You Ji’s actions. You Ji took herself back to the care of the ghost king Zong Haosheng. The two had a secret relationship. Because of the use of the sword of Zhu Xian, Tian Chengzi was damaged and lost his life, so he drove west. Daoxuan took over as the head, and he was sent to the ancestor’s shrine to guard Zhu Xianjian. Wan Jianyi told Lin Jingyu and Zhang Xiaofan to let them stay here, not to punish them, but to guard the sword of Zhu Xian.

Tian Buyi came to visit Zhang Xiaofan with the herbal medicine, and asked Zhang Xiaofan not to act recklessly and follow his own arrangements. Xiaofan decocted the medicine to let Jingyu drink, and the two brothers talked about their thoughts. Jingyu said that he now understands Xiaofan’s intentions. They learn the exercises in order to let the people of the world no longer experience the pain they experienced. Xueqi was worried about Xiaofan’s safety and came to Dazhufeng. She told Tian Buyi that she could be sure that the thief was definitely not Xiaofan. Xiaofan could always stick to his heart, which was rare.

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