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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 45 Recap

Jin Ping’er also came to Liubo Mountain and joined Qinglong and others. She tried to persuade Zhang Xiaofan to follow the persuasion of the ghost king and convert to the ghost king sect. Zhang Xiaofan was unwilling to tell her that Lin Jingyu was framed by the ghost king sect, indicating that she would return to Qingyun. , Help Jingyu find out what happened, and return him innocence.

The King of Ghosts listened to Qin Wuyan’s suggestion and planned to hit all the Qingyun factions in one go. Baguio couldn’t bear it, and tried to ask Qin Wuyan about the details of his plan. Qinglong persuaded her not to be soft-hearted, and Baguio left angrily.

Baguio stood alone, and Jin Ping’er went to persuade him and told him that Zhang Xiaofan was in good shape. Baguio said that he was worried about something else. If his father’s plan was successful during this battle, they killed Zhang Xiaofan. Master, Xiao Fan would hate her forever, so she begged Jin Ping’er to do herself a favor.

Ling’er and the brothers were busy looking for Zhang Xiaofan. The brother was worried that Xiao Fan was with Baguio, and the sixth brother accidentally told the fact that Xiao Fan liked Tian Linger. Ling’er recalled all the things she used to get along with Xiao Fan, and realized that Senior Brother Six was right, but she still denied it and repeatedly said that it was impossible, because when she wanted to be with Qi Hao, Xiao Fan would do it for him. Help my father to intercede.

As soon as the voice fell, Tian Buyi walked over, took away Ling’er’s two seniors, and quietly told Ling’er that he had put down his feelings for her as early as when Xiao Fan went down the mountain, so Ling’er should not be stubborn in the past. Ling’er said that she was too stupid before, and will treat Xiaofan well in the future.

Xueqi didn’t want Xiaofan to stay in the Demon Cult. After all, if she stayed for a day longer, she would be more dangerous and vulnerable to being framed by her peers. She sneaked into the back of the Demon Cult. Song Daren and Xueqi’s senior sister came to support her. People came to the camp where Xiaofan was detained according to the news they found, but they couldn’t find Xiaofan. In fact, Zhang Xiaofan had been sent out by Jin Ping’er.

After Xiao Fan and Jin Ping’er bid farewell, within a few miles, he met Qinglong and Qin Wuyan who were waiting to be intercepted halfway. Xiao Fan was too lazy to talk nonsense with the two of them, and fought with them. In a critical moment, Tian Buyi took Tian Ling’er to arrive. Tian Buyi fights with one enemy and two. Baguio rushes to rescue Xiaofan. Xiaofan’s senior wants to do something against Baguio. The badly injured Xiaofan shouts, telling him not to hurt Baguio, and the ghost king also arrived at this time.

Tian Buyi greets the King of Ghosts. The King of Ghosts tells Tian that he has chosen Zhang Xiaofan to be his son-in-law. Zhang Xiaofan has promised to come back later. Now I ask Tian Buyi to take care of him first. This put Zhang Xiaofan in danger, and Qin Wuyan also treated Xiaofan. Where hate goes to the bone.

Tian Buyi took Xiao Fan back for interrogation. Ling’er and the seniors all interceded for Xiao Fan. Tian Buyi said that he had to deal with Dinghaizhuang. He could understand Xiao Fan’s flexibility, but why he was protecting Baguio just now. Xiaofan said that Baguio had saved herself from danger several times, and now she has been persuading her father to let go of the dispute between righteousness and evil.

Baguio has never hurt anyone in his life. As a disciple of Orthodox Church, he has to kill him without asking why. Tian Buyi was stunned, because Xiao Fan’s words were exactly the same as what Wan Jianyi said when he explained his reasons for defending You Ji.

Shangguance brought his disciples to question Xiaofan. Tian Buyi and Ling’er both defended Zhang Xiaofan, leaving Shangguance and others speechless.

Baguio asked his father where he had just said this. The meaning of the ghost king’s words made Baguio understand that his father was doing provocative schemes. Qin Wuyan took the opportunity to express his intentions to Baguio and propose marriage to the ghost king. Baguio was suddenly caught by Qin Wuyan. Ju Zou was very angry, and the ghost king told Qin Wuyan that as long as Baguio was willing, he would not object to it, and asked Qin Wuyan to work harder.

Shangguan Ce spoke badly about Zhang Xiaofan in front of Cang Song, and Cang Song and the pavilion owner of Tianyin Pavilion persuaded Shangguan Ce to take the overall situation as the most important thing and deal with Ghost King Sect together. Tian Buyi and Shuiyue arrived, and several people discussed how to deal with Ghost King Sect, and decided to send many apprentices to guard the important gate.

Linger described Qingyun’s situation to Xiao Fan, telling him that Jingyu had learned the true teachings of Uncle Master, and his skill was slowly recovering, and Xiaofa was finally relieved. Linger told Xiao Fan that he had forgotten the past and went home with them. Xiao Fan nodded solemnly.

In the middle of the night, Qinglong saw Xiao Yicai secretly and asked him to act as planned, but not to hurt Zhang Xiaofan’s life. Zhang Xiaofan was lying on the bed, recalling all the things in Qingyun. Outside his camp, Tian couldn’t care about greetings. Xiaofan secretly made up his mind that he would not hurt Master again. Suddenly, Xiaofan saw Baguio’s figure and ran out.

The man turned around. It was You Ji. She asked Zhang Xiaofan to take care of herself. Zhang Xiaofan said that he would stay away from Baguio. In order to protect her life, Xiaofan turned around. left. In fact, it was Baguio who was worried about Xiaofan’s comfort and came to remind Xiaofan under the pretense of You Ji.

After Xiao Fan left, Qin Wuyan, who had been following Baguio, appeared. He said that he did not want to marry Baguio, but marrying Baguio was the most advantageous choice for him. I wonder where Baguio and Zhang Xiaofan can go.

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