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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 44 Recap

Sad Baguio was in a daze holding the acacia bell alone, Xiao Fan stood alone in the mountains, his bloodthirsty bead reacted, and a yellow bird flew over and led Xiao Fan into the formation arranged by Li Xun and Yan Hong . Xiao Fan fainted, and when he woke up, he saw that he was trapped in the circle of Shangguance.

He denounced Shangguance as an upright sect and acted so despicable. Shangguan Ce was angry and cast a spell on Xiao Fan, making Xiao Fan painful. Li Xun knew that Xiao Fan would never give in, so he designed to use Xiao Fan as a bait to force Baguio to hand over Xuan Huo Jian.

In the middle of the night, Baguio was walking in the mountains. The wild dog knew that she had recovered her memory and tried to prevent Baguio from going to the decent base. However, Baguio insisted on going and the wild dog had to follow.

Xiaofan didn’t return all night, Xueqi was worried about going to find her. While chatting with Tianyinge Axiang, Yanhong sneakily tried to sneak away. Xueqi saw the clue and stopped her on purpose, Yan Hong did not confess, and said that Xiao Fan’s disappearance had nothing to do with her. This convinced Xueqi that Xiao Fan’s disappearance had nothing to do with Fenxiang Valley. She knew that there was a little yellow bird following Xiao Fan, and discussed with Ah Xiang as long as she found it. The little yellow bird can find Xiao Fan.

Ah Xiang met Baguio when he was looking for Xiao Fan in the mountains. Baguio speculated that Xiao Fan was locked up in Fenxiang Valley and asked the wild dog to go back and send a letter to the ghost king, saying that he was arrested by the people of Fenxiang Valley. Yao knew that the people of Fenxiang Valley were difficult to deal with, so he asked his father and others to help him.

Li Xun took Xiaofan to the mountain, with the knife rest on Xiaofan’s neck, and Baguio who had been following Baguio walked out, asking Li Xun to release Zhang Xiaofan, saying that he would give them Xuanhuojian.

Xiaofan walked towards Baguio step by step, and Baguio, holding the Xuanhuo Mirror, walked towards Li Xun and others. Suddenly, Baguio’s force untied the rope that tied Zhang Xiaofan. Fortunately, the ghost king Qinglong and You Ji arrived and defeated Shangguan Ce and others. Baguio looked at Xiao Fan, who was seriously injured and unconscious, and asked his father to save him. The ghost king took Xiao Fan away. Later, Tian Buyi, Cangsong and Shuiyue also arrived, Shuiyue based the traces on the ground. It is speculated that a fierce battle has just occurred here.

Xueqi also rushed there. She told Tian Buyi that Xiao Fan was missing, and she was worried about her life. Tian Buyi was very worried.

The ghost king damaged his own cultivation base and saved Xiao Fan, but the two sides of the devil were about to fight, he ordered Qinglong to imprison Xiao Fan.

Cangsong and Tian are not easy to water, and Lu Xueqi and a group of four came to the camp of Fenxiang Valley. The domineering Yanhong was aggressive, accusing Xiaofan of colluding with the Demon Sect. Xiang found out from the backyard of Fenxiang Valley that he was trapped in the law formation. Xiaofan’s little yellow bird, Ah Xiang came to Yan Hong and accused them of being bullied by Fenxiang Valley in Yudu, and being taught by Xiaofan. It is really against the right way to retaliate like this.

Yan Hong also confidently stated that she was right to take Zhang Xiaofan as a hostage. Shangguan Ce stepped out to stop Yan Hong and apologized to Qingmen on her behalf. Cang Song said that everyone should work together to fight against the Demon Cult at this time, and Shangguan Ce asked everyone to help Li Xun heal. Axiang and Xueqi are worried for Xiaofan, for fear that someone will be separated from them, and frame Xiaofan and be entangled with Demon Cult.

In Li Xun’s body, the poison of the camphor wood of the Wan Poison Gate, Shangguan Ce eagerly accused Xiao Fan of entanglement with the Demon Cult. Tian Buyi’s protector eagerly quarreled with Shangguan Ce, expressing the right and wrong, and Xiao Fan will know the truth when he returns.

The Ghost King once again convinced Xiao Fan to join the Ghost King Sect, but Xiao Fan still refused. Xueqi explained her old grudge with Li Xun to Shuiyue, but she didn’t expect that Shuiyue not only didn’t understand, but insisted that Xiaofan was in collusion with the demon cult. Xueqi knelt down to plead for Xiaofan, explaining that Xiaofan rescued her when she met Shakui again.

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