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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 43 Recap

For the safety of the villagers, Xiaofan suggested that the villagers of Xiaochi Town choose another paradise to live in seclusion, and bid farewell to Xiaoqi and the villagers. Shushu worried about Xiaofan’s safety and asked Xiaofan to return to Yudu City with him, but Xiaofan solemnly stated I want to go back to Qingyun, because I have to ask Master for something.

Shu Shu was shocked, and quietly asked Xiao Fan what happened to him, why he had become abnormal when he returned from Full Moon Well. Xiao Fan told him that if he had the opportunity, he would confess to him. Shu Shu told Xiao Fan to take care of Xue well. Qi, I want to go back to manage Yudu City, which is waiting to be flourished.

Qingmen, Daoxuan and Cang Songtian are not easy to discuss the matter in the door. Recently, many demon cults gathered in Liubo Mountain in the East China Sea to find the beast Kui Niu to resurrect the beast god. Daoxuan also received news from Xueqi and learned that Xueqi was right. Bringing Xiaofan back, Daoxuan agreed to let Xueqi and Xiaofan rush to Liubo Mountain to join them with the group under Tian Buyi’s suggestion.

Dazhufeng, Su Ru heard about Daoxuan’s arrangement and told Tian not easy to tell his worries about his worries, and it was not easy to comfort his wife, because Xueqi came back last time and praised Xiaofan’s improvement in martial arts. Before the words were over, Song Daren came up with his two juniors and begged Master to take them to Liubo Mountain. Tian Buyi agreed, because he felt that bringing these apprentices could divert Cangsong’s attention and ask him not to Staring at Xiao Fan.

Tian Linger learned that his father and the juniors were going to Liubo Mountain, and begged Qi Hao to intercede with the teacher. He also wanted to go to Liubo Mountain. Because he was worried about Xiaofan’s safety, Qi Hao couldn’t help Linger’s pleading and agreed to her.

Tian Buyi quietly came to the ancestral hall late at night and said goodbye to Wan Jian. Wan Jianyi told him to be careful about everything. Jingyu overheard the conversation between the two and asked Wan Jian for his life. He wanted to go to Liubo Mountain and worried about Xiaofan. Framed by the orcs, secondly, I want to take the opportunity to find out the truth about the orcs. Wan Jianyi told him that it was not easy to take care of Xiao Fan, so that he could practice with peace of mind and wait for the opportunity.

Xueqi saw that Xiaofan had been sullen all the way. While resting by the mountain stream, Xueqi asked her doubts. Xiaofan said that if the two of them had to be separated sooner or later, it would be better to stop thinking sooner. He told Xueqi , This time I want to go back because there are too many things that I can’t figure out. Xueqi said that in her opinion, Xiao Fan is like a whirlpool, and everyone close to him will be trapped in it. Xiao Fan agrees with Xueqi’s view.

It means that maybe Baguio is far away from herself and can live carefree in the Ghost King Sect. Xiaofan asked Jingyu about what happened to him, and was shocked when he learned of the situation. Xiaofan said that when he was separated from Jingyu in Dinghaizhuang, Jingyu was not unusual and he was worried that the orcs had already sneaked into the blue gate. Xiao Fan told Xueqi that after the Seven Meridians of Martial Arts, he and Jingyu met the orcs.

On the way to Dinghaizhuang, they met the orcs again. This time, Jingyu was framed by the orcs on the way back, Xueqi Understand the orc’s conspiracy, is to get rid of Jingyu with the hand of the master. When the two were still in a state of shock, Xueqi’s master Qianli told them to rush to Liubo Mountain to join them.

Baguio sat in a daze in the inn alone. She remembered Xiao Fan’s abnormal behavior after seeing the sign in the Full Moon Well. Since then, she had a cold attitude towards herself, but Baguio knew Xiao Fan’s thoughts about her. Xiao Fan may have had to suffer, and she shed tears.

Li Xun brought his younger brother to Baguio and asked Baguio to hand over the Xuanhuo Jian. Qin Wuyan, who had been following Baguio silently, appeared at this time and drove away Li Xun and others.

Baguio took a knife against Qin Wuyan’s neck. She asked him why he tricked herself into killing Zhang Xiaofan. Qin Wuyan said that he knew that Baguio might kill herself when he remembered the truth, just like Zhang Xiaofan and her knew that the devil should not love each other, or To be together.

Baguio said that she didn’t rely on gambling for her life, but on her own. Qin Wuyan told her that there was a message from her father asking them to rush to Liubo Mountain immediately.

Xiaofan and Xueqi stayed at the inn and met Li Xun and Shangguance. The arrogant Shangguance had a word-of-mouth dispute with Xueqi. Yan Hong came, indicating that Baguio and Qin Wuyan had rushed to Liubo Mountain with Xuanhuojian. , Shangguance led the apprentices to catch up.

Shushu received the news from the teacher and planned to rush to Liubo Mountain. Xiaohuan and grandpa persuaded him. The clever Shushu realized from his grandpa’s words that his grandfather and the magic teaching were very familiar, so he wanted to ask the truth about it, but grandpa refused. disclose.

Jin Ping’er returned to Jinxiufang with a girl named Ah Cheng. Ding Ling was very happy to see Jin Ping’er, but Jin Ping’er told Ding Ling to take good care of Ah Cheng and left.

Qinglong saw Qin Wuyan’s intentions for Baguio, but Qin Wuyan said that he knew how to measure. Baguio asked his father why he wanted to extract his own memory. The King of Ghosts explained that he was for her good. Baguio asked his father if he could forget his mother. The King of Ghosts said that if he could bring her mother back to life, he would do anything. Baguio thought Xiao Fan, she suddenly realized that maybe Xiao Fan’s unusual reaction was because he saw himself in the Full Moon Well for so little time.

Baguio told her father that her mother had told herself that her mother had never regretted it, so she did not regret it either. The ghost king was touched by Baguio’s words. He felt that since Baguio could not be stopped, he might as well recruit Zhang Xiaofan to the ghost king’s sect.

Xueqi brought Xiaofan to Liubo Mountain and told him that the battle between the righteous and demons might be about to happen. He had to be prepared and Xiaofan asked Xueqi to go back first. He thought that the people of Fenxiang Valley would do something, and he waited here. Xue Qi knew Xiaofan’s mind, so she didn’t force it.

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