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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 42 Recap

Liuwei Fali sent everyone out of the cave, and chose to pass away with Sanniang. Everyone was stunned by the six-tailed mana, lying in the desert everywhere, Xiao Qi woke up, saw the black stone cave that had collapsed behind him, and knew that his elder brother and sister-in-law had left him forever, Xiao Qi knelt in the desert desperately. Xiaofan and the others were also sad, Baguio stepped forward and took Xiaofan’s hand to comfort him. Xiao Fan looked at Baguio and held her hand tightly.

Baguio sat alone in the woods, Xiao Fan made her favorite buns for Baguio. Baguio recalled every meal he made for herself since she met Xiao Fan and felt warm. Baguio asked Xiaofan why after losing his memory, Xiaofan did not tell him the truth like his father did. Xiaofan explained that when he learned that Baguio lost his memory, he felt that if he had to forget the past, he would no longer be in pain. I would rather she not think of the past. Baguio grievedly said that because of her amnesia, she almost killed Xiao Fan by mistake. Xiao Fan told her that all the beautiful and painful memories are in her heart, and only one death can be free. Baguio smiled when she heard the words.

She knew that Xiao Fan’s love for herself was equally deep. Baguio told Xiaofan that the two of them had actually met when they were young. In the cave in Caomiao Village, Xiaofan recalled that Baguio was crying while holding himself on the beach, feeling that he should have realized that he met in the cave when he was a child. The person who arrived was Baguio. Baguio leaned on Xiao Fan’s shoulder, and the two recalled everything they had experienced together, talking and smiling, and the years were peaceful.

Xueqi knew that Xuanhuojian was on Xiaofan. She told Xiaofan whether to give Xuanhuojian to Li Xun and it was for Xiaofan to decide. She hoped that Xiaofan would return to Qingyun with herself as soon as possible. Xiao Fan said that he couldn’t go back. He took out the letter from his wife to him. After Xueqi read it, she understood the reason why Xiao Fan had been delaying returning to Qingmen with excuses. Xueqi still insisted that Xiaofan go back, saying that she would explain to the boss. Xiaofan said that she still had some things to do. Xueqi asked Xiaofan Baguio if she remembered it. Xiaofan made Xueqi feel relieved. Will do things that I’m sorry for the teacher.

In the evening, Xiaofan came to Full Moon Well and saw Baguio who had been waiting for him. Xiaofan gave the Xuanhuo Mirror to Baguio, but she wanted her to keep the Xuanhuo Mirror, not to her father. Baguio wanted Xiaofan. Whenever she kept the Xuanhuo Mirror, she knew that the two would have many difficulties when they wanted to be together. Xiaofan had to take him away.

Xiaofan told Baguio that the disaster of Caomiao Village’s destruction and the kindness of teacher’s nurturing could be selfish. Put it down, but the resurrection of the beast god is related to the safety of the people in the world. Since the first book of the heavens has chosen himself, he cannot escape this responsibility. Baguio is also very entangled. She understands Xiao Fan, but she is in a dilemma between Xiao Fan and her father.

Baguio told Xiaofan that Full Moon Well can predict the future. If Full Moon Well shows that the two of them will be together eventually, then Xiao Fan can’t come to find himself after completing his mission.

After Baguio finished speaking, she turned around in fear. She was afraid to face the negative answer, but Xiao Fan saw a scene of people arguing and fighting in the full moon well. Baguio died and she was seriously injured. Xiao Fan was shocked. Stayed, Baguio stepped forward and asked him what happened, Xiao Fan hugged Baguio in fear, he was so afraid of losing her.

Li Xun found Zeng Shushu and others and asked them to hand over Xuanhuojian. Shushu and Xiaohuan didn’t know that Xuanhuojian was with Xiaofan. Xiaofan told Li Xun that he would give Xuanhuojian to him in three days, Li Xun hurriedly led the juniors and left, and then, for everyone’s safety, Xiao Fan asked Shushu to take Xiaohuan and Xiaoqi and others to leave Xiaochi Town first.

Xiao Qi was sad. He came to the house where Luo Ye was imprisoned and accused Luo Ye of killing the village chief and wanting to kill him. Luo Ye made a clever remark and promised that he would return his spiritual power to the villagers. The simple Xiao Qi believed Luo Ye put a knife against Xiao Qi’s neck and took Xiao Qi as a hostage. He took Xiao Qi to find Li Xun, and asked Li Xun to exchange Xiao Qi for the Xuanhuo Jian. This was the goal. Unscrupulous Li Xun adopted Luo Ye’s suggestion.

Xiao Fan told Xueqi her opinion on Zhengmo. Xueqi thought that Xiao Fan was reasonable, but for the teacher, it was too deviant. Xiao Fan told Xueqi that he would get rid of the relationship with Baguio. Because I knew that they had no future.

Luo Ye kidnapped Xiaoqi and came to see Xiaofan and Xueqi. Xiaofan, who had greatly increased his skill, defeated Luo Ye. Li Xun then rushed to him. Xiaofan asked him to promise that he would not harm the people in the village after receiving the Profound Fire Mirror. , He handed Xuanhuojian to Li Xun, Luo Ye intercepted midway, Baguio rushed to and took back Xuanhuojian from Luo Ye, she gave Xuanhuojian to Xiaofan, Xiaofan said that since Xuanhuojian has been The ghost kingzong’s people got it and let her take it easy, Baguio looked at Xiaofan’s indifferent attitude, very puzzled.

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