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You love me so much (2016) 你这么爱我,我可要当真了

You love me so much, I must take it seriously
Other Title: 你这么爱我,我可要当真了 / You love me so much

Genres: drama, romance
Pyo Min Soo
Zhejiang Satellite TV, Anhui Satellite TV iQiyi, Sohu
Release Date: 
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  • Lu Lu
  • Jinfu Jiang
  • Caobing Kun
  • Jiang Yan
  • Panghan Chen
  • Cao

This summer, 28-year-old Yang Wujin fell into the lowest point of life. Not only did she lose her love, she became a leftover girl in the city, but she was also unemployed. Yang Wujin suffered from her boyfriend’s ruthlessness. The cheating, the betrayal of a girlfriend, the whole person became decadent. By chance, Yang Wujin mixed into a university library and ran into Ding Zhonghao, a “warm man” a few years younger than him. Yang Wujin, who originally no longer believed in love Under the care and tolerance of the “warm man” boy Ding Zhonghao, they gradually fell in love with each other, and the two began a wonderful and funny love story. .

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