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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 41 Recap

Xiaofan and Baguio walked in the black stone cave, the big leech appeared, Xiaofan cast a spell to resist the attack of the big leech, and Xueqi, who had separated from them, also appeared to protect Xiaofan at this time. Sanniang arrived and stopped the big leech. Xiaofan asked what happened. Sanniang explained that there were a lot of lava in this cave. Liuwei thought that these lava might help restrain the methamphetamine in his body, so he locked him here, and the big leech also grew in it. Here.

Xiao Fan was puzzled, because lava can help Six Tails drive out the cold, but he was still suffering from methamphetamine. He asked Baguio if Xuanhuojian had another mystery, Baguio recalled, on Xuanhuojian. There is a curse of the beast god, and those who take the Xuanhuo Jian will be corroded by the demons. Xiao Fan looked at Xueqi. After all, he was also corrupted by the demons, and it was Xueqi who helped him out.

Sanniang brought Xiaofan Xueqi to see Liuwei. Liuwei was so painful that he wanted Xiaofan to let him go. Baguio said that even if Liuwei died, it would not solve the problem. The heart demon would use Liuwei’s body. All people will be eroded.

Yan Hong and Li Xun also entered the Heishi Cave. Moreover, Yan Hong sent a message to Senior Uncle Shangguan Ce, and Shangguan Ce also rushed to the Heishi Cave with the juniors from Fenxiang Valley. Time is running out, Xiaohuan thinks of a way. He has a heavenly eye and can see the past. Xiaofan wants Xiaohuan to send himself to the past, so that he can find the six-tailed demon. Sanniang said that the six-tailed demon was in Fenxiang Valley because his mother had been imprisoned here.

When Xiaohuan used his mana, Baguio followed Xiaofan and came to Liuwei’s past: when he stole the Xuanhuo Jian in Fenxiang Valley. Baguio told Xiaofan that Liuwei’s mother and her mother were sisters, so she and Liuwei were cousins. Her father knew that Xuanhuojian was suppressing Liuwei’s mother, so he entered into a deal with Liuwei. Help yourself get back the Xuan Huo Jian.

Liuwei was surprised when he saw Xiaofan and Baguio. Xiaofan said that he saw the luminous jade pendant on Shangguance’s waist. Maybe it was the magic weapon that opened the barrier outside of Xuanhuojian. Liuwei was in Xiaofan and Baguio. Use the technique of invisibility on the body so that the three of them can cooperate to win the Profound Fire Mirror.

Xueqi, Xiaohuan Shushu and others were guarding Liuwei and Xuanhuojian outside. Shangguance continued to attack. Everyone resisted hard. Sanniang begged Xiaohuan to send herself to the past. Xiaofan couldn’t stand Sanniang’s suffering. I begged and agreed to her.

Sanniang went back to the past and was caught by Shangguance as soon as he arrived in Fenxiang Valley. While invisible, Xiaofan Baguio and Liuwei cast a spell to save Sanniang and took the opportunity to take the jade pendant from Shangguance’s waist. .

When he came to the room where Xuanhuojian was placed, Sanniang begged Liuwei not to go in and snatch Xuanhuojian, but Liuwei’s desire to save his mother had already been decided. Despite Sanniang and Xiaofan’s persuasion, Sanniang insisted on entering. After winning the Xuanhuo Jian, when the inner demon was about to enter Liuwei’s body, Xiaofan fought with him, and Xiaofan and Baguio worked together to prevent the inner demon from corrupting Liuwei.

In Heishidong, Shushu used agencies to deal with Shangguan policy, but it could only be delayed for a while.

After solving Liuwei’s heart demon, Baguio Xiaofan and Sanniang returned to Heishidong. Sanniang transferred his 300-year cultivation base to Liuwei, hoping to cure his methamphetamine. Shangguan Ce broke through the enchantment cast by Xueqi and the others, and fought with Xueqi Xiaofan and others.

The fire monster’s offensive continued. Xiao Fan pulled Baguio to hide on the side. Baguio looked at Xiao Fan’s figure. At that moment, all her memories were restored. She and Xiao Fan fought against difficult times together. , When we laughed together, the magical artifacts containing Baguio’s memories were also broken. Those sealed memories returned to Baguio’s mind. Baguio called to Xiaofan, and Xiaofan looked at Bijou with joy, as before. Yao, he knew, Baguio remembered everything.

Liuwei’s methamphetamine was cured, and Sanniang, who had lost her cultivation base, lay weakly in Liuwei’s arms. She told Liuwei that she had never regretted meeting him. Liuwei watched Sanniang closed her eyes, and she didn’t want to live. Xiaoqi also cried heartbreakingly.

Liuwei was so ashamed of thoughts, he sent Xiaofan and others out of the Black Rock Cave with his force, gave the Profound Fire Mirror to Xiaofan, and chose to leave the world with Sanniang.

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