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I used to love you (2016) 我曾爱过你想起就心酸

I used to love you
Other Title: 我曾爱过你想起就心酸

Genres: drama, Idol, Love, City
China Mainland
Shen Yi
Zhejiang Satellite TV, iQiyi, Sohu, Tencent
Release Date: 
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  • Tang Yixin
  • Zhang Dongjian

College student Lixiang has a crush on his good friend monkey, but the monkey loves Yang Mo. By chance, Lixiang met Xu Zhi, who has entered the society, and Xu Zhi began to pay attention to this difference. Lixiang, who is a girl who is a girl, and silently protects her. By chance, Lixiang was caught in a street shooting magazine. She started to shoot ads and became the advertising spokesperson for Xu Zhi Company. Xu Zhi and Lixiang went to the ancient city of Phoenix to play together. The two gradually became emotional, but Xu Zhi left without saying goodbye. One year later, Xu Zhi took a better self to find Lixiang. They met in the campus playground and the two finally arrived.

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