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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 40 Recap

After Shishi and Xiaofan combined, he pretended to take refuge in Luo Ye, falsely claiming that Qingyun disciples and the people of Fenxianggu had an infighting, and asked Sanniang to surrender the Profound Fire Mirror, otherwise he would kill all the monsters in the town. Can’t find a monster to suck internal power. Luo Ye listened to Shishi’s words and returned to Xiaochi Town with Shishi.

He saw Xiao Fan pretending to faint on the ground. Luo Ye was triumphant. The moment he approached Xiao Fan, Xiao Fan got up and fought Luo Ye. Xueqi also arrived, and the sword hit Luo Ye’s neck, asking Luo Ye to hand over the villagers’ antidote. In order to survive, Luo Ye handed over the antidote, and the villagers were saved.

Xiao Qi also rushed back to Xiaochi Town at this time. He told Sanniang that the situation of Big Brother Liuwei was not optimistic. Xiaofan asked if Xuanhuojian was in Liuwei. Sanniang did not deny it. Xiaofan said that he knew. Liuwei was seriously injured, and Liuwei was kind to him, so dragging him could not find a way to cure his methamphetamine.

Sanniang confessed to Xiaofan the cause and effect of the incident, and begged Xiaofan to save Liuwei, because once Liuwei died, she would not survive. Xiaofan comforted Sanniang and asked her to take her to see Liuwei first.

Sanniang took Xiaofan and Xueqi to the Heishi Cave. In order to protect Xiaoqi’s safety, she asked Xiaoqi to stay in the inn and asked Shito to take care of Xiaoqi.

In the desert, Sanniang noticed that Qin Wuyan had been following him, so she tried to make Qin Wuyan appear, Xiaofan and Xueqi appeared, Qin Wuyan fought with them, and then fled, Xiaofan chased him, he wanted Qin Wuyan After handing over the antidote, Qin Wuyan naturally refused. Baguio did not know when she appeared behind them.

She ordered Qin Wuyan to give the antidote to Xiaofan. Then, Baguio asked Xiaofan to let Qin Wuyan go. Baguio turned and told Qin Wuyan. She couldn’t bear his little tricks. She wanted Qin Wuyan to return to Huqishan, and told her father that she had driven him away. As for Xuanhuojian, she took it upright in the hall.

Xiaofan and Xueqi were walking in the desert, and Baguio followed them closely. In the middle of the night, Xiao Fan looked at Baguio, who was lonely behind them, walked over and persuaded her not to take risks anymore. Baguio refused to obey. Xiao Fan sat down and talked to her about the past. He told Baguio, When he left Huqishan, Baguio told him: I don’t want to see each other in life, and I feel like participating in business.

From that day on, I dismissed the idea of ​​meeting Baguio again. But when I met again this time, I knew very well that some Once people and things appear in life, they are unforgettable. Baguio said that he had forgotten the past. Xiaofan said that maybe it was a good thing for Baguio. Let her return to Huqishan, so that her father should not worry about it.

Li Xun thought that Xiao Fan and the monsters in the village were in the same foul, so he embarked on the path of searching for Xuan Huo Jian. He walked in the desert and met Yan Hong and other juniors who were looking for him. They returned to Sanniang aggressively Xiao Qi hid behind the counter in the inn of, Li Xun asked the stone to tell the whereabouts of Sanniang, but the stone refused to let Xiao Qi leave.

Xiaofan and Sanniang were about to enter the black stone cave, Xiaoqi came, Li Xun and others later, Li Xun seriously injured Xiaoqi, accused Xiaofan of helping the monster, Sanniang and Xueqi Xiaofan in order to protect Xiaoqi and Li Xun Yanhong, etc. The National People’s Congress fought, and Baguio also came to subdue Li Xun and others.

Sanniang took Xiaoqi into the Black Rock Cave, and Baguio followed closely. When Xiaofan and Xueqi entered, Li Xun found that Xuanhuojian was in the cave with his strength, and followed Yanhong into the cave. in.

In the cave at this time, the six-tailed methamphetamine attacked, and the pain was unbearable. As soon as Baguio and Xiaofan Xueqi entered the cave, they encountered the power that erupted when the six-tailed demonized. They resisted with force, but were knocked down and fainted. Sleeping on the ground, on the other side, Shushu exhausted his own cultivation base, trying to help Liuwei suppress methamphetamine.

After Baguio woke up, the scene of Xiao Fan giving up her life to save herself in Bihuo Bingtian Lake appeared in her mind. She woke Xiao Fan and the two went to find Xueqi who had separated from her. In the narrow aisle, the power of the demonized six-tailed eruption struck again. Xiaofan did not hesitate to protect Baguio in his arms, and he blocked himself from outside. Baguio used his magic power in Xiaofan. Establish a protective barrier around him.

Sanniang came to Liuwei and used her own cultivation base to help Liuwei suppress methamphetamine. Liuwei said that he was suffering from the heart demon and the pain was unbearable. He asked Sanniang to kill herself so as not to hurt herself. Sanniang was unwilling. She secretly vowed that she would cure Liuwei. She summoned a big leech and asked it to help herself.

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