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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 39 Recap

Nanao came to Heishidong to see Big Brother Liuwei, and gave books and Xiaohuan food. Liuwei told Nanao that he has grown up and should begin to take on the important task of taking care of his people. Shushu and Xiaohuan learned from Nanao that Xiaofan had rescued Nanao, so they got close to him, hoping that he could take the two of them out. Heishidong, but Nanao said that she couldn’t do that, and Sanwei’s wife would be angry. It turns out that Sanniang and Liuwei love each other, so Sanniang must save Liuwei desperately.

In Xiaochi Town, Sanniang was tied to a pillar by Qin Wuyan. Qin Wuyan ingested her inner alchemy, making her feel the pain of heartburn, and laughed at her for paying so much for Liuwei. Baguio couldn’t stand it and stopped Qin Wuyan.

Shishi sneaked into the room where Xiaofan and Baguio were held, and helped Xiaofan untie the rope, but Luo Ye suddenly came here with Sanniang. Shishi hurriedly hid and came out after Luo Ye left, Sanniang told He, for the present plan, is to rush back to the inn and take out the antidote, so that everyone’s cultivation level can be restored. She said that after everything calms down, she will tell him the causes and consequences of his mother. The stone is very excited, and he finally I can hear the news from my mother.

Xiaofan and Shishi separately acted, Shishi went to find books, Xiaofan returned to the inn, but met Baguio, Baguio said that the antidote is in his hands, if Xiaofan wants to get the antidote back, he will fight with himself Xiaofan told her that she took the antidote to save her friends. In fact, she knew all her friends, such as Lin Jingyu. Baguio recalled the time with Jingyu. When she arrived outside the town, Baguio handed the antidote to Xiao Fan. She told Xiao Fan that she didn’t want to take advantage of others.

Now that his cultivation base has been restored, she would fight herself well. When Baguio was about to do it, the Hehuan Bell on her waist and the bloodthirsty bead in Xiaofan’s hand had a reaction. Her face was puzzled. Xiaofan told her the story of the bloodthirsty bead and the Hehuan Bell. Baguio’s mind flashed. She has been with Xiaofan, but she still hasn’t recovered her complete memory.

She doesn’t believe what Xiaofan said, but her acacia bell rang continuously. Baguio tried hard to recall the past, but she was taken away by the ghost king and stored in the magical artifact. That part of the memory in Baguio has also been breaking free, wanting to return to Baguio’s mind. The King of Ghosts watched the sound of the artifact and knew that maybe Baguio would soon be able to recall the past years of getting along with Xiaofan.

Qin Wuyan escorted Li Xun to the room where Xueqi was detained. He fed Xueqi a poison. If he couldn’t find the antidote seven days later, Xueqi would be poisoned and die.

Baguio and Xiao Fan fought, she saw that Xiao Fan was merciful and wanted Xiao Fan to use all his strength. Xiao Fan said that she would not attack her. In order not to draw a sword against Baguio, Xiao Fan hit Baguio At acupoints, Baguio was temporarily unconscious. Xiaofan took her to the place where Qin Wuyan detained Xueqi. In front of Baguio, Qin Wuyan released Xueqi.

Qin Wuyan asked Xiaofan and the others to take the Xuanhuojian in exchange for Xueqi’s antidote. Xiaofan and Xueqi found Sanniang, hoping that she could cooperate with everyone and deal with Qin Wuyan together, but Sanniang made a condition to ensure that Xiaochi Township There is no life-threatening danger for the villagers of, and only if Xiaofan achieves this, she will tell Xiaofan the whereabouts of Xuanhuojian, and Xiaofan promised her.

Qin Wuyan proudly told Baguio his plan. He wanted Zhang Xiaofan and others to find Xuanhuojian. Then, he asked them to give Xuanhuojian to himself so that he would give Lu Xueqi the antidote. Two words were left to Qin Wuyan: shameless.

Shishi did not find Shushu and Xiaohuan. Xiaofan analyzed that Sanniang might have hidden Shushu and Xiaohuan in the cave, and this cave would not be too far from Xiaochi Town, because Sanniang did not have them one day after they came. Seeing people, she came back in the evening. It is very likely that she was going to move Xiaohuan and Xuanhuojian’s hiding place.

Xueqi stood in the old village chief’s yard, remembering what Xiaofan had done for herself, and couldn’t help being touched. Baguio also came to the old village chief’s yard at this time. Xueqi accused Baguio of taking revenge. Xiaofan had twice. Save her life, but now she is mingled with Qin Wuyan who framed her. Baguio is puzzled. She wants Xueqi to tell the truth of the matter to herself.

The two of them are at odds and fought. Xiao Fan rushes to Bi Yao. In front of Yao, he stopped the two of them, and then he tapped Baguio’s acupuncture points, causing Baguio to coma temporarily and taking Baguio back to their residence. Xueqi was puzzled, Xiaofan explained that Baguio was kind by nature, but she had lost her memory.

After Baguio woke up, Xiao Fan made her a cake. Baguio wondered why Xiao Fan caught her and served herself deliciously. Xiao Fan told her that her father wanted to take Xuanhuojian because I wanted to resurrect the beast. Once the beast was resurrected, the consequences would be disastrous. Just as the stone was called Xiaofan, Xiaofan left and asked Baguio to think carefully.

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