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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 37 Recap

In the inn, Xiaofan and Shushu discussed how to proceed. Shushu saw Xiaofan’s frustration and encouraged him and told him that the past difficulties were due to Xiaofan’s courage and perseverance, and they had reached the last step. , This time too, they can definitely rescue Xiaohuan.

In the middle of the night, Xueqi looked at the starry sky, falling into her thoughts. Xiaofan came out, put clothes on Xueqi, and told Xueqi about the plan to rescue Xiaohuan that had been negotiated with the bookseller. Xueqi apologized to Xiaofan and said that she had misunderstood him.

For a long time, she thought he was not responsible. , Acting is unstable, but after this trip, she discovered that Xiao Fan is more responsible than Shushu and her, and even all Qingyun disciples. Xiao Fan also thanked Xueqi for helping her defeat her heart demon when she was in the Qimai martial arts. Xueqi also opened her heart and told him the story of her being abandoned when she was a child. The two understood each other better.

Xueqi went back to the room to rest, Xiao Fan sat there, his bloodthirsty beads suddenly felt, which made him realize that Baguio might be nearby. In the desert, Baguio has been staring at her Jin Ling in a daze. She has always felt that there is a story she has forgotten behind Jin Ling. Baguio told Qin Wuyan that she wanted to meet with Qingyun disciples to see if they were as sinister and cunning as Qin Wuyan said. Qin Wuyan obstructed it in every possible way. Baguio had to promise that without his permission, she would not act rashly.

The next day, Xiaofan woke up the drunk stone who was sleeping on the table. The stone told Xiaofan that the reason why he drank so much wine was because the wine was similar to what his mother brewed. The stone indicated that through the past few days, I saw that Xiao Fan and other Qingyun disciples were good people, so I told Xiao Fan the secret of his mother. His mother was not a human, but a demon. Xiaofa said that as long as he doesn’t do evil, it doesn’t matter whether it is a man or a demon, but the words of the stone also remind Xiao Fan that he thinks there may be other demon here, and it is very likely that these demon kidnapped Xiaohuan.

The conversation of the three people was heard by Sanniang who was passing by here. She stopped the three people and prevented them from entering her wine cellar. Unexpectedly, Xiao Qi greeted Xiaofan through the window, calling him benefactor, and Sanniang stopped. She insisted on blocking and told Xiaofan why Xiaoqi was locked in the wine cellar by her. A month ago, Xiaoqi lived in her inn. After eating and drinking for free for a month, she wanted to escape. He was discovered by himself and locked him in. In the wine cellar, let him work to repay his debts.

Li Xun came and accused Xiaoqi and Liuwei of colluding and stole Xuanhuojian. Xiaoqi said that he had been separated from Liuwei a long time ago. He didn’t know the whereabouts of Xuanhuojian. Li Xun didn’t believe Xiaoqi’s explanation. Xiaoqi had to To escape, Li Xun hurried after him alone.

Xiaofan and Xueqi speculated that Xuanhuojian and Xiaohuan were likely to be in Xiaochi Town, so they decided to split up and look for Xiaohuan in Xiaochi Town.

Xiaofan accompanied the stone, looking around for the small ring in the name of looking for the stone mother. By chance, the two came to a yard full of butterfly flowers. Shishi wanted to ask the old man in the yard about his mother. Unexpectedly, the old man didn’t intend to tell Shishi, so he turned around and went into the house. Knock on the door.

Baguio in the distance saw it, thinking that the stone was bullying the old man, so he secretly cast a spell and knocked the stone to the ground from a distance. Xiao Fan was in a daze when he saw Baguio’s figure. The old man walked out when he heard the movement outside, and the stone told He, his mother is called Ah Ling, and the old man’s face changed a lot when he heard Ah Ling’s name, but he still lied that he did not know this person.

Xiaofan told Shitou that the old man did not want to say that maybe there was a reason for him, so Xiaofan asked the other people in the town in another way. He was going to find someone, and that person was the Baguio he was concerned about.

Xueqi found Li Xun, persuaded him to give up the dispute, and worked with everyone to find Xuanhuojian and Xiaofan. The pedestrians had been pointing to Xueqi and Li Xun. Li Xun believed that these people were probably guilty of conscience, Xuanhuojian. It’s probably in town.

At this time, Sanniang hurriedly came to the yard where Shishi had just stayed, and found the old man. Sanniang knew Shishi was the son of Sister Jiang, but their fox family had lived in seclusion here for a hundred years and did not want these young people to find out. Sanniang said, Fortunately, he moved Xiaohuan from the wine cellar to him. The old man asked Sanniang to find a way to transfer Xiaohuan to another place before dark, and at the same time, he had to find a way to get rid of those Qingyun disciples.

Baguio asked Qin Wuyan why he, as a disciple of the Wandu Sect, had to work for the King of Ghosts. Qin Wuyan told her his own experience, and Baguio felt a little moved. Qin Wuyan said that he had something to do and would come back later.

Sanniang took Xiaohuan and walked hurriedly in the desert. He wanted to take Xiaohuan to heal her elder brother. Xiaohuan argued. After Sanniang fainted Xiaohuan, she took her away, but Xiaohuan lost her handkerchief. On the ground, Shushu and Luo Ye have been searching in the desert. When they saw Xiaohuan’s handkerchief, Shushu asked Luo Ye to go back and inform everyone.

They hurriedly went deep into the desert to search for Xiaohuan. They did not expect to encounter a group of horse thieves. Shushu was outnumbered and almost killed. Sanniang appeared and rescued Shushu. Shushu saw the small ring behind Sanniang and was very excited, but in a flash, Sanniang started to use magic power and Shushu fainted.

Xiaofan wanted to help Stone find the news of his mother, so he came to the old man’s residence again late at night, but found that the old man was assassinated and died in the yard. Then Baguio and Xiaofan came to fight, and Qin Wuyan, who was masked After taking Baguio, the stone came to tell Xiaofan that the villagers were rushing here. The villagers mistakenly thought Xiao Fan was the murderer, and surrounded Xiao Fan and the stones, not allowing them to leave.

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