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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 36 Recap

Xiaofan, Xueqi and others rescued each other. The horse thief who robbed the merchant ran away. The rescued people invited Xiaofan to their tent and replaced the wine with tea. Thanks to them, Xiaofan felt dizzy after drinking water. , Quickly remind everyone that the water is poisonous.

When Xiao Fan Xueqi and others woke up, they found that they were all tied up. It turned out that the people they rescued were also horse thieves. The scene they saw in the desert was actually a group of horse thieves deliberately acting for them. One coveted them. The treasure inside, the second is to use Xueqi’s blood to worship Shakui. A masked horse thief came to the tent where Xiaofan and others were held, and took Xueqi and Xiaofan to worship Shakui. Along the way, Xueqi’s face was pale and could not move. Xiaofan saw Xueqi’s abnormality, but Do not know why. It turned out that Xueqi was sold to the Acrobatic Troupe by her mother when she was a child.

The acrobatic troupe’s class leader led everyone around to perform. When passing through the sand sea, she encountered a horse thief and some people were killed. The class leader abandoned Xueqi and escaped by herself. Xueqi was taken by the horse thief. To pay homage to Shakui, the young Xueqi was helpless and fearful, only shouting loudly. At a critical moment, Xueqi’s master arrived, rescued her, put her under her own sect, took her back to Qingyun, and taught her martial arts.

Shu Shu and Li Xun were still being held in the tent. A young guy came to sell things. Shu Shu took the opportunity to hit the tent with his body. He wanted the young guy to notice the abnormality. Fortunately, he saw it and sneaked into the tent. Shushu and Li Xun were untied and they were saved.

Along the way, Xiao Fan was trying to force out the poison in his body and restore his internal strength. Shakui seemed to remember Xueqi. He looked at Xueqi who was involved in the sandstorm and told her that no one would save her again this time. Xueqi fell into despair, and Xiaofan recovered his mana at this time and he overcomes The raging storm came to Xueqi’s side, rescued her, and took her out of Shakui’s control.

As soon as Xiaofan and Xueqi came out, they met the young man and Li Xun Shushu who came to look for them. The young man introduced himself to Xiaofan as Shishi, a man who catches monsters, slays demons and kills demons. According to the code of conduct, he took out the only remaining piece of pie and gave it to Xiaofan, who was sympathetic to Xueqi, and gave the pie to Xueqi. Li Xun was so hungry that he happened to have an egg that had just been taken from the horse thief on hand, and he wanted to bake it.

Xiao Fan stepped forward and wanted to stop it. During the two people’s argument, the egg fell on the ground. The book that had been found for water rushed to pick it up, but it didn’t get it. The magical thing was that the egg fell on the ground, grew wings, and flew to the ground. On Xiao Fan’s arm.

As Xiaofan and his group walked forward, they saw a man trapped in the sand dunes. Xiaofan rescued him. After learning that he was named Luo Ye, he was also looking for a source of water, so he let him go with everyone.

Qin Wuyan and Baguio also came to the desert. They came to the place where Xiaofan, Baguio and others just stopped. Seeing what they left behind, Baguio asked Qin Wuyan, since Zhang Xiaofan and others also came to take the Xuanhuojian, why not Waiting for an opportunity to get rid of them, Qin Wuyan said that Zhang Xiaofan and the others were weird, especially Zhang Xiaofan, who had held Baguio and injured Baguio. Baguio was puzzled because she had no impression of it.

Xiaofan and his team found an oasis in the desert-Xiaochi Town, which is also the hometown of Mother Stone. They came to Sanniang’s inn and stayed here.

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