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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 35 Recap

In Huqi Mountain, Baguio sat by the stream looking at Jinling in a daze. Qin Wuyan came to say goodbye to her and told her that she was going to Yudu to find Xuanhuojian. Baguio felt that Yudu was very familiar with the name, but she couldn’t remember it. Where is it? She found her father and told him that she wanted to go to Yudu with Qin Wuyan. Her father told her to have a good rest at home on the grounds that her body had not yet recovered.

Xiaohuan found Zeng Shushu and asked him to give herself a magical object to enhance spiritual power. Zeng Shushu couldn’t help Xiaohuan’s soft and hard foaming, and agreed to her plea.

When Xueqi went out, the arrogant Yan Hong stopped Xueqi and accused them of stealing Xuanhuojian. Xueqi was too lazy to argue with her. When she wanted to leave, Li Xun came to apologize to Xueqi and told Xueqi herself Not deliberately framed, the six-tailed fox demon stole Xuanhuojian when he and Yanhong chased him, Xiaofan and the ghost king rescued Liuwei, he emphasized that Xuanhuojian is very important and should not fall into the hands of the demon cult.

Xueqi defended Xiao Fan in front of Li Xun, telling him not to frame others at will when there is no evidence. However, in order to understand the situation, Xueqi asked Xiaofan about what Li Xun said. Xiaofan said that Liuwei was his friend and had saved his life. He saw Liuwei being chased by Li Xun and helped him.

I didn’t know that they were looking for Xuanhuojian, and I didn’t know what Xuanhuojian was, and then he was imprisoned by the ghost king. It was Baguio who asked You Ji, and he was released, Xue Qi He said that he knew that Baguio and Xiaofan had lived and died together several times, but they were in a different way, and asked what Xiaofan thought. Xiaofan told her that he didn’t think much, and couldn’t think much. Zeng Shushu told Xueqi that he believed Xiaofan could distinguish between selfishness and righteousness.

As soon as he finished speaking, Li Xun led the junior disciple gate through here in a violent manner. He said that someone was urging the Xuanhuojian and asked the junior disciples to find out immediately. Zeng Shushu thought of Xiaohuan’s abnormal behavior in the morning. Hurry to find the small ring.

By the lake, Xiaohuan was using books and books to urge Xuanhuojian to his magical objects. A woman in white and a mask appeared. She took the Xuanhuojian and left with Xiaohuan, and the book arrived. Fighting against the woman in white, but the mana couldn’t reach the woman. The moment she was burned, the woman in white took Xiaofan and left.

Xiaohuan’s grandfather was very worried about Xiaohuan’s safety. Shushu tried to persuade him to guard Yudu City. He and Xiaofan Xueqi would look for it. Li Xun also came to the lobby aggressively, accusing Zeng Shushu and others of deceiving himself, Xiaofan said They will find Xiaohuan and the original Xuanhuojian to return. He asked Li Xun if he could find Xuanhuojian. Li Xun said that he could find clues when the qi of sunrise and heaven meet, and he started casting the spell at dawn.

Li Xun found Xuanhuojian to the northwest, and his group immediately set off to look for it.

You Ji told the ghost king that Baguio left a letter saying that she and Qin Wuyan had gone to Yudu together. The ghost king wanted You Ji to send Qinglong to protect Baguio. After all, Qinglong and Qin Wuyan still had some friendship. Qin Wuyan took Baguio to the wild dog’s place.

Baguio said that he had an impression of this place. Wuyan lied to Baguio and told Baguio that he had taken her here when she was injured in the Bihuotian Ice Lake. The wild dog was very excited when he saw Baguio, and learned from Baguio’s reaction that she had lost her memory. Qin Wuyan threatened the wild dog and asked the wild dog to be cautious in his words and deeds.

The wild dog took what he had heard about Xuan Huo Jian from Mr. Ghost. I told Baguio about everything, Baguio muttered to himself, reading the names of Zhou Xiaohuan and Zhang Xiaofan. Qin Wuyan said that they were Qingyun children and were enemies everywhere. Wild dogs knew that Qin Wuyan was lying, but it was not good. Pricked in person, and later, the wild dog took the opportunity to tell Baguio quietly to make her be careful of Qin Wuyan, Baguio nodded.

The white-clothed woman walked forward with Xiaohuan. Xiaohuan was smart and sweet, and the white-clothed woman did not deliberately embarrass her. Xiaohuan deliberately delayed the trip, screaming hungry for a while, and clamoring tired for a while. I can’t bear to talk about it, so I am responsive to her. She let Xiaohuan stay where she was and waited for herself, and went around looking for food, because she was not relieved that she clicked on Xiaohuan’s acupuncture point, and accidentally discovered that Xiaohuan was the number of good fortune in the sky.

After opening the eyes of the sky, she wanted to use Xiaohuan to take it. For sacrifice, together with Xuan Huo Jian, heal his seriously injured brother. Xiaohuan sat on the spot, fiddled with stones with his feet, and left marks for Shushu and others.

According to the mark left by Xiaohuan, Shushu Xiaofan and the others marched northwest and came to the desert sand sea. In the evening, when the white-clothed woman took Xiaohuan to rest, she baked sweet potatoes for Xiaohuan. Xiaohuan told her story to the white-clothed woman. When the white-clothed woman listened, a smile appeared on her face.

At this time, Baguio and Qin Wuyan were also looking at the starry sky. Qin Wuyan told Baguio how Qinglong took care of him during his practice, and his experience at Wandumen, Baguio was also moved after hearing this.

Xiao Fan who was also resting in the woods suddenly woke up. He told Shu Shu that he seemed to hear Baguio’s Jin Ling sound, and Shu Shu relieved Xiao Fan.

From entering the sand sea, Xueqi’s expression began to be abnormal. Xiaofan asked her what was wrong. Before she could answer, she saw the two teams fighting in front of her. Xueqi saw this and remembered her childhood experience. He rushed forward, and together with Shu Shu and others, he rescued the person who had been robbed by the Shakou.

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