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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 33 Recap

Dao Chang Cangsong insisted on abolishing Jingyu’s cultivation base, Jingyu proved his innocence, saying that he would rather die than betray the master’s name, and also said that Xiaofan could prove his innocence. He didn’t expect Cangsong Dao. Chang Yi was even more angry when he heard Xiao Fan’s name. He thought Xiao Fan was more suspected of colluding with the Demon Cult, because Baguio had snatched the Book of Heaven from him. Jingyu heard this and understood why Master was angry. He told Master that if one person must be punished because of the loss of the heavenly book, then he would be the one who was punished.

Xueqi met the head and told him that after the seven meridians were able to martial arts, orcs appeared in Qingyun. Xiaofan and Jingyu both noticed the abnormality. Cang Song took the initiative to investigate the matter. The head never heard Cang Song tell him The mention of this is unavoidable. Xueqi promised that Jingyu would never collude with the Demon Cult, and begged the head to take his life back.

The head said that nowadays, only by abolishing his martial arts can he clear the marrow of the Book of Changes. He asked Xueqi to rest assured, because she had no intentions. Injured Jingyu’s life.

Xiao Yicai falsely passed on the name of the head and told Cangsong that after the head asked him to abolish the Jingyu cultivation base, he will send Jingyu down the mountain. Cang Song said that he would abide by the decision to abolish the cultivation base, but whether to expel Jingyu out of the division. , It was Long Shoufeng’s business, he accused Xiao Yi of exceeding his authority in this trip.

Cang Song ruthlessly abolished Jingyu’s cultivation base, Jingyu was so painful that Xueqi had been waiting outside the door worriedly.

Xiaofan was awakened by the nightmare, and he was worried about the shocking feathers. He said that he would rush back to Qingyun as soon as possible. Baguio was worried because Xiaofan, as a Qingyun disciple, was pregnant with other skills. Once discovered by the master, he might be expelled from Qingyun, Xiao Anyone who said that he was a Qingyun child, should have gone back. Baguio took Xiaofan to his mother’s grave, because today is the death day of his mother.

In front of her mother’s grave, Baguio told Xiaofan that everything he thought could be changed before, but now that he realized that he was wrong, Xiaofan said sorry to Baguio, and he told Baguio that the two of them were different from righteousness and evil. Baguio said that they don’t need to see each other again in the future. Afterwards, Baguio put the second volume of the heavenly book into Xiaofan’s body. She told Xiaofan that she sent Xiaofan away as soon as possible before her father noticed it.

When the two were about to part, Xiao Fan asked Baguio to take care of him. At this time, Liu-tailed fox demon was chased by the people of Fenxiang Valley, Baguio and Xiao Fan arrived, Liu Wei entrusted Xiao Qi to Xiao Fan. The people of Fenxiang Valley fought Liuwei in order to regain Xuanhuojian, but the ghost king arrived in time and saved Liuwei.

It turned out that it was the Ghost King who asked Liuwei to steal Xuanhuojian, but Liuwei was hit by an ice thorn. Without Xuanhuojian’s fire-cold power healed, there was only one dead end. The ghost king asked Liuwei to work hard to suppress the cold poison in his body, and after he sent someone to retrieve the Xuanhuojian, he would heal Liuwei. But Liuwei said that he knew someone with superb medical skills and could help him, so he left.

When the ghost king was saving Liuwei, he saw that Baguio was sending Xiaofan down the mountain privately. The ghost king took Xiaofan back to Huqishan and was detained. Baguio begged his father to release Xiaofan. The ghost king said that Lin Jingyu had been taken away. With the name of colluding with the Demon Cult, the whole body’s cultivation base was abolished, and now I send Xiaofan back, the result will not be any better than this, Baguio was moved.

Xiao Yicai sent Lin Jingyu down the mountain, and Jingyu asked Xiao Yicai to take care of Xiaofan after Xiaofan returned. At this time, Lin Jingyu didn’t know that it was Xiao Yicai who had trapped himself in such a field. When Jingyu turned around and wanted to leave, Tian Buyi arrived. He stated that the matter had not yet been found out. He had picked up Jingyu in the name of Master and made Jingyu temporarily stay in the ancestral temple of the back mountain to meditate on the disaster.

In the ancestral hall of the ancestor, Wan Jianyi helped Jingyu regulate his qi and blood and rebuild his foundation so that he would not be attacked by demonic energy again. Tian Buyi comforted Jingyu and told him that abolishing martial arts was a good thing. He used to practice rashly, and now he can take this opportunity to practice his martial arts again.

Wan Jianyi told Tian Buyi that he saw his shadow on Jingyu. Tian Buyi asked Wan Jianyi to forget about the past and asked Wan Jianyi to take care of Jingyu.

Xueqi wanted to help Jingyu find out the truth. Jingyu said that there was an orc following on the way back, and Xiao Yi only fought the orc. Cang Song explained to Daoxuan why he didn’t tell him the situation of the orc attack in time, because he wanted to find out the situation and then report it. Tian Buyi on the side didn’t believe Cang Song’s explanation at all. Tian Buyi thought Cang Song was surprised. Yu’s master, indiscriminately abolished his disciple’s cultivation base, Cangsong and Tian are not easy to dispute, Daoxuan said that the current plan is to recall Xiaofan, to understand the situation, he sent Xueqi down the mountain to find Xiaofan.

In Huqishan, Mr. Ghost took Xiaofan to a quiet place. Taking advantage of Xiaofan’s defense, he wanted to take out the heavenly book on his body. Baguio arrived in time and blocked Xiaofan’s body, preventing Mr. Ghost’s actions. Bi Yao fainted, and the ghost king who rushed to hugged Baguio, feeling distressed.

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