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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 32 Recap

Xiaofan came to Huqi Mountain and chatted with Baguio Yuexia. He learned that the ghost king had taken out the second volume of the book from the sad flower. Baguio told Xiaofan that the ghost king had promised to help Xiaofan get the book from his body. Baguio had a good intention. He didn’t want Xiaofan to be discovered by the master after returning to Qingyun, because that would be in danger of being expelled from the teacher’s door, but Xiaofan said that he needed to interview the ghost king.

Xiao Yicai met his master alone and framed Lin Jingyu and Xiaofan for colluding with the ghost king. Daoxuan thought it was impossible. After all, Lin Jingyu and Zhang Xiaofan had a bloody feud with the ghost king, but Xiao Yi only claimed that Xiaofan was bewitched by Baguio, which started Daoxuan. I believed Xiao Yicai’s nonsense.

Xiaofan met the ghost king and drank it fearlessly in front of the ghost king’s wine, which made the ghost king admire very much, because it showed that Xiaofan did not doubt his character. Xiaofan opened the door and asked the ghost king if he remembered Caomiao Village. He asked if the massacre of the people in Caomiao Village of the ghost king was related to him. The ghost king categorically denied it. He said that it was not his own work, and he acted magnanimously. I will recognize what I do. The ghost king asked Xiaofan that he had been in Qingyun for so many years, and Caomiao Village was at Qingyun’s feet. Didn’t Qingyun people thoroughly investigate the matter?

Xiaofan nodded and said that he had checked it, but the ghost king pointed out the key to the problem. There was no careful investigation at all, and it is more likely that someone was deliberately blocking the truth from coming out. Immediately afterwards, the ghost king tried to persuade Xiaofan to convert to his own sect, but Xiaofan refused without hesitation. The ghost king told Xiaofan that Baguio was worried that the heavenly book in his body would make him a demented person, and begged to help Xiaofan get the heavenly book out of his body, and told him that once he worked for himself, he would take the second book.

It was also injected into his body to help him cultivate and greatly increase his skill. Xiao Fan asked if the ghost king would definitely die if he refused to join the ghost king sect. The ghost king replied with two words: yes. However, Xiaofan believed that he was dead, he could avoid the suffering of the common people in the world, and he died well. He clearly rejected the ghost king and told him that he would never obey him.

The ghost king became angry and wanted to kill Xiao Fan. Baguio stood in front of Xiao Fan, and the ghost king had to give up.

Lin Jingyu told his master Cangsong and Daoxuan the truth about his experience along the way, but Daoxuan was very dissatisfied with the result of Baguio’s obtaining a book from the heavens. He also doubted what Jingyu had said. Dao Master Cangsong persuaded Daoxuan from it. Wait for Xiaofan to come back and confront him again, and make a decision after understanding the whole story.

Xiao Yi just couldn’t make a plan. He had another plan. He walked out with Jingyu and cast spells on Jingyu behind his back. It made Jingyu lose his senses, because of the actions of the orcs, he also alarmed the spirit beasts. Daoxuan and Cangsong rushed over. , Casting suppressed Jingyu.

When Tian Buyi and Su Ru learned of this, Su Ru immediately rushed to find Cangsong Theory, but Tian Buyi felt that there must be something wrong with this matter. The top priority was to save Lin Jingyu’s life, and then they went to Daoxuan for an interview. .

Tian Buyi knows that he is moved by emotion and reason, and persuades Daoxuan to act cautiously. This matter is likely to be deliberately instigated by the people of the demon sect, just like when he was the head of the demon sect, he was designed to be separated by the people of the demon sect, causing himself There was a gap with him, reminding him not to repeat the same mistakes again.

You Ji used her own experience to persuade Baguio and Xiao Fan to make a decision, but Baguio was unwilling. Aunt You asked if you would like him to die. Baguio understood Aunt You’s implication and was very confused.

Xiao Fan was walking on the mountain and met Qin Wuyan. The two fought, and the ghost king rushed to stop him. He said that the boundary of Huqi Mountain is not allowed to seek personal revenge.

Xiao Fan made a hearty meal for Baguio, said goodbye to Baguio, and asked Baguio to take care of herself. Baguio understood his difficulties, but still felt unhappy.

Facing Dao Master Cangsong’s questioning, Lin Jingyu said that he had never colluded with the Demon Cult. Cang Song thought to himself that he was worried that Lin Jingyu would draw his sword and face him after learning the truth of the incident. Lu Xueqi heard of Jingyu’s experience, and immediately hurried back to Qingyun.

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