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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 31 Recap

Under the tree, Baguio ate the meat Xiaofan gave her and praised again and again. Xiaofan said that if Baguio thinks it is delicious, he can cook it for himself in the future. A trace of sadness flashed in Baguio’s eyes. She knew very well. There is a gap between herself and Xiao Fan that cannot be crossed, so she doesn’t know if the two of them have any future.

Xiaofan saw the loss of Baguio, so he comforted Baguio to talk about things in the future, and eat more now. Baguio said that this was the second delicious thing he had eaten in his life. Xiaofan asked what the first delicious thing was, but Baguio smiled playfully, insisting not to say it, and the two of them just laughed and made trouble. .

Baguio leaned on Xiao Fan’s shoulder and fell asleep. Xiao Fan was afraid of awakening Baguio, so he didn’t dare to move at all.

When Xiaofan fainted, Baguio used the sad flower to seal the second volume, so the second volume is now kept in the sad flower. Qin Wuyan, who designed to take away the sad flower, took the sad flower and the heavenly script that was attached to it, to express his sincerity and seek cooperation with the ghost king. In fact, he had another plan in his heart.

Qin Wuyan deliberately provoked the relationship between Qingyun and Ghost King Zong, saying that he had snatched the heavenly book from Qingyun disciples. Even though the ghost king didn’t believe Qin Wuyan’s words, he did not refuse him for the time being.

The next day, Baguio told Zhang Xiaofan that he was going back, and asked Zhang Xiaofan to find his senior brother. Xiaofan hesitated to say that he had not found the whereabouts of the heavenly book. Baguio became angry when he heard the words, thinking that Xiaofan was not there. Caring about yourself, just worrying about the whereabouts of the heavenly book. Xiaofan hurriedly explained and apologized to Baguio, because he didn’t know that Baguio had waited all night.

Baguio said that the sad flower was taken away by the design of the Wandumen, but Aunt You was already trying to find it. Xiaofan was still worried that the ghost king would be of no use to getting the book of heaven. Baguio angrily said that he would say goodbye to Xiaofan, and then walked forward on his own, Xiaofan followed closely.

Baguio came to a small pavilion in the mountains and saw his father. After his father winked at him, Baguio said nothing, and sat quietly. The ghost king claimed to be a million people and invited Xiaofan. Sit down and have a cup of tea with yourself.

The King of Ghosts chatted with Xiaofan. The King of Ghosts expressed that he was very interested in the fire stick in Xiaofan’s hand. After getting Xiaofan’s consent, the King of Ghosts took it to look closely. Then he asked Xiaofan if the stick belonged to him. Essence, Xiao Fan thought about it, and the ghost king got a positive answer from Xiao Fan’s expression.

The ghost king told Xiao Fan that the blood-devouring bead on this stick was a sacred object of the demon cult, and was the relic of the old man Black Heart, the patriarch of the demon cult. And this ugly black short stick was originally a fierce creature by nature, and was called the goddess.

Xiao Fan’s discoloration changed when he heard the words. He didn’t know why he had come into contact with such evil things. The King of Ghosts asked him why he thought these were evil things. Xiao Fan said that because these evil things were used by evil people and harmed living beings, the King of Ghosts wanted to prove to him. Treating evil things dialectically, telling him that the sword of Zhu Xian, regarded as a god by Qingyun, killed countless creatures in the battle of righteous and demons thousands of years ago. He also asked Xiaofan how he explained his use of evil things.

Anyone who said that although his magical object is an evil object, he uses it to kill demons and slayers. This is the right way and he has a clear conscience. The King of Ghosts was amazed by Xiao Fan’s remarks, indicating that he had surpassed the vast majority of people in this world. Xiaofan realized that the person in front of him was definitely not a casual person, so he asked who he was. Baguio, who was sitting on the sidelines, stood up at this time and called dad to the person, Xiaofan suddenly understood.

Baguio left with her father, and the King of Ghosts took out the Heartbroken Flower and asked Baguio to follow him back to Huqi Mountain, so that he would return the Heartbroken Flower to her. Seeing Zhang Xiaofan’s utterance in Baguio, the ghost king already understood Baguio’s thoughts.

He told Baguio that he knew that Zhang Xiaofan had rescued Baguio several times and that he would find opportunities to repay the favor of others. Baguio was overjoyed when he heard that, but The King of Ghosts said that it depends on whether Xiaofan will come to Huqishan to find Baguio. Baguio is also a little nervous, because she is not sure whether Xiaofan will come to him.

The words of the ghost king caused a certain impact on Xiao Fan. He had not come up with a clear answer after thinking about it, so he decided to help Baguio find the sad flower before returning to Qingyunmen.

At this time, Huqishan, Baguio and his father worked together to take out the heavenly book from the sad flower. Baguio was worried that his father would take the heavenly book to resurrect the beast, but his father told her that the heavenly book was an ancient god, and he would not practice rashly. Before the two had finished speaking, someone reported that Xiao Fan was here.

Baguio is very happy about Xiaofan’s arrival. The King of Ghosts has been thinking of ways to make Xiaofan be the best.

On the way back to Qingyun, Xiao Yicai and Lin Jingyu were poisoned in his body. Lin Jingyu helped him heal his injuries and his physical strength was impaired. Xiao Yi thought that he had been forced by the ghost king to drink the blood of the beast god, which greatly increased his mana. He also paid the price. When the moon was full, he would become a blood-eating monster, and the person contaminated with his blood would also be animalized. Xiao Yi only wanted to save himself, so he added his own blood to the medicine given to Lin Jingyu.

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