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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 48 End Recap

Zhang Qishan took Qi Tiezui to the Bai Qiao Sacred Tree and told him the secret of the Sacred Tree. It turns out that the sacred tree can keep the body from decay all year round because of the meteorite copper buried under the tree. Qingwuzi’s dossier is written in Guqiao language, which may also be related to this. The dossier records that there is meteorite copper buried under the holy tree.

Jude Kao also learned that the third copper meteorite was buried under the Bai Qiao sacred tree, so he came to dig the tree and retrieve it. When Jude Kao was digging with his bare hands, he dug a piece of copper with a map painted on it and said “Dart Hill”, and then Jude Kao’s whereabouts were unknown. Tanaka was also eradicated by Chenpi, and Changsha temporarily calmed down for a while. But the good times did not last long. After a few years, the Japanese began to attack all over the country, and Changsha was about to become a battlefield.

Zhang Qishan, who cares about the country and the people, naturally wants to stand on the front line with his brothers, but for the safety of the new moon, he reluctantly says goodbye to his wife. Xinyue looked at Zhang Qishan’s back, and she decided to stay in Changsha and wait for him instead of returning to Beiping for refuge.

Erye, Sanniang, Baye, and Jiuye enjoyed a moment of joy before the war and gathered to play mahjong. The sound of Japanese planes kept coming, but the people in Jiu Men who were used to seeing big scenes were very calm, and seemed to enjoy the tranquility before the storm with peace of mind.

Now that there is no more peace in Changsha, the people of Changsha have fled to avoid the war, and the people in the Nine Gates can only leave temporarily, and get together again when they are destined in the future. There is a banquet in the world, Zhang Qishan did not hinder everyone from leaving, but he hoped that everyone could help take care of his wife in the future. As soon as Buddha’s words came out, he seemed to be ready to fight to death.

Zhang Qishan walked alone in the depressed city of Changsha, recalling many past events. He remembered himself who had fled southward, his dead father, and the encounter with the Nine Gates. Looking back now, everything is vividly visible, but unfortunately because of the Japanese attack, the city of Changsha, which was full of laughter and laughter, is a stray.

The Japanese finally attacked the city. The enemy was few and the enemy was strong and the enemy was weak. Zhang Qishan and his brothers fought a bloody battle, still unable to resist the devil’s pace. Although Zhang Qishan detonated an ambush bomb and killed many Japanese invaders, the opponent’s forces were strong, and new Japanese troops continued to flood into Changsha City. However, there were only a few soldiers left by Zhang Qishan. He decided not to back down and stayed at Changsha with everyone. At this moment, everyone from Jiu Men helped. It turned out that everyone did not leave Changsha, but stayed there to help Zhang Qishan resist the Japanese army.

The legend of the Nine Gates has been extolled in Changsha City. Many years later, everyone will remember that in the autumn of 1939, a man named Zhang Qishan led everyone to defend their homeland.

The end

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