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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 47 Recap

After Zhang Qishan and Er Yuehong were in an ambush, they were imprisoned by the Heiqiao people, and the same were imprisoned by the Heiqiao people as well as villagers from nearby fishing villages. After finally regaining consciousness, he saw Chenpi appearing here and ridiculed them. After Chenpi left, Zhang Qishan and Er Yuehong fled the prison and rescued the villagers together.

Chen Pi caught up with them from behind, intending to kill them. Seeing that the apprentice she had taught was so cruel and heartbroken, February Hong felt heartbroken, so she didn’t show any mercy, and teamed up with Zhang Qishan to beat Chen Pi and the others.

When Er Yuehong passed by a deserted hut before, she saw some treasures salvaged from the sunken ship. She planned to take them back and study them slowly. These treasures were accidentally scattered on the ground when Er Yuehong fought with tangerine peels. Chen Pi found from the treasure pile that there was a hairpin inside, exactly the same as the one she had given to the teacher. Chen Cortex asked why the hairpin Er Yuehong appeared here, but Zhang Qishan rebuked it. It turned out that the hairpin was poisonous, and it must have been caused by the poisonous hairpin because the girl was seriously ill.

Chen Pi also had doubts about himself, but stubbornly he insisted on blaming Zhang Qishan’s death for the girl’s death, and then continued to attack Zhang and Hong. Just at the moment, the villagers of the fishing village reached out to the two of them, and they worked together to drive away the tangerine peel.

Chen Pi took the poisonous hairpin back to his foothold, and then asked the Hei Qiao accomplice where the poisonous hairpin came from. Hei Qiao was very surprised after seeing the poisonous hairpins, saying that the poisonous hairpins belonged to the first batch of treasures salvaged from the shipwreck. They were very poisonous and had flown into the black market. Chen Pi couldn’t help but remember that the hairpin was bought from the black market and given to his wife.

At that time, she was blamed by February Hong for patronizing the black market. When she was punished, she was so angry that she smashed the hairpin. I accidentally cut my hand when I took the hairpin, so I got the virus. Chen Pi thought about it, only to find that the girl’s death was actually his own work, which made him unacceptable for a while.

The tangerine peel is also infected with the virus due to the poisonous hairpin, and the body is gradually overwhelmed. After Zhang Qishan learned about it, he planned to ask Adjutant Zhang to take him back for treatment, but Chen Pi didn’t appreciate it and jumped into a car and escaped. Zhang Qishan was worried that he would infect people with the virus, so he decided to implement martial law in the city and caught tangerine peels as soon as possible.

On the advice of Yin Xinyue and Er Yuehong, Zhang Qishan asked Wu Ye to borrow a dog to track the tangerine peel, but the tangerine peel escaped. Chen Pi came to the residence of his subordinates to temporarily evade hunting. After a few days of rest, he continued to deploy the plot to kill Zhang Qishan.

The cunning tangerine peel is very difficult to catch, Zhang Qishan and Xinyue decide to play a play to attract the tangerine peel. Zhang Qishan first let people spread the false news that “the real deer grass was hidden by Crescent Moon Hotel”, and then Xinyue deliberately quarreled with Zhang Qishan about not giving deer grass to the girl at the time, and even more so. Going back to Peiping’s natal home, and then deliberately let the gossip followers hear the content of the quarrel, so that the news spread throughout Changsha.

Chen Pi listened to the rumors and believed that the crescent moon was the instigator, so according to the rumors, he intercepted the crescent moon that was going to “return to Peiping” and planned to avenge his wife. Chen Pi hit the trap set by Zhang Qishan and Er Yuehong in advance, and came to a barren tomb, and was locked up by the tomb authorities. Er Yuehong put the antidote into the secret room. As for whether the tangerine peel is alive or dead, it depends on his own good fortune.

Chen Pi was half dead in the secret room, but he still yelled to Er Yuehong, saying that it was okay if he died, but Er Yuehong must find the meteorite bronze to save her teacher, which made Er Yuehong feel compassionate. Zhang Qishan worried that February Hong would be trapped by the illusion made by meteorite again, so he inquired what he was thinking, and February Hong said that he had accepted the fact that the girl was dead. Chen Pi’s fate should not be extinct, but he has no relationship with Er Yuehong from now on.

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