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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 46 Recap

Adjutant Zhang and Qi Tiezui found clues about the virus and copper meteorite. All the answers indicate that the Japanese were the initiators, and the shipwreck near Dongting Lake may be the key location where the virus and copper meteorite were made. Zhang Qishan felt that the Japanese would have major actions against Changsha. Without further ado, he decided to go with Adjutant Zhang to find out in person.

The two came to the Dongting Lake to inquire about the news. An inn learned that a sunken ship nearby was picked up by the Japanese soldiers. There were very valuable things on board, but the ship was moved and its whereabouts are unknown. The innkeeper received a lot of money from Zhang Qishan. When he was happy, he revealed more information to the two of them. He even offered to take them to an ice store for storing fish and shrimps, because many people found their treasures there.

Zhang Qishan and Adjutant Zhang came to the ice store with the innkeeper, and they came across a little girl playing in the ice store. The little girl is very affectionate and has a lively personality. She is very close to Zhang Qishan. After the little girl asked Zhang Qishan to quench her thirst, she saw that the water bottle was exquisite, so she took out a beautiful earring and wanted to exchange it. Zhang Qishan took a look and found that these earrings were definitely not a bargain, so he asked the little girl how they got it. The little girl didn’t shy away, and directly took Zhang Qishan to a market selling treasures.

The vendors in the market were so tight that Zhang Qishan couldn’t ask anything, so he had to buy the treasure first before counting. The little girl Cui Cui was surprised at Zhang Qishan’s generous action. Zhang Qishan took out a bag of silver taels and wanted to buy Cui Cui so that she could reveal the origin of these treasures. Cui Cui knew that this involved the livelihood of the villagers and was worried that it would affect the villagers, but seeing that Zhang Qishan and Adjutant Zhang were sincere, so he told him that he could go to the inn at the east end of the village to ask questions.

Zhang Qishan came to the inn at the east end of the village based on Cui Cui’s clues. Here, he saw not only the missing black stone but also the orange peel. Zhang Qishan eavesdropped on their conversation and learned that Chen Pi was coming with a group of Japanese and meeting Heishi, which seemed to be a conspiracy. Zhang Qishan learned from their conversation that Heishi, Chenpi, and the Japanese were embarrassed, so they secretly followed behind when they went out in the dark and found that they had come to a hole.

Zhang Qishan observed them secretly and discovered that they were actually refining the virus in the cave. It turns out that the root of everything is the work of the Japanese. In order to stop the Japanese’s ambition, Zhang Qishan planned to stop him, but he was discovered while lurking, so he fought with the people of Hei Qiao. Zhang Qishan’s martial arts was powerful and killed Black Stone, but he accidentally hit the trap and fainted.

Adjutant Zhang evaded Chen Pi’s pursuit on the other side, and then turned back to find Zhang Qishan, only to find him unconscious under the ice cliff. Adjutant Zhang rescued Zhang Qishan and planned to leave. When he met Cui Cui, Cui Cui said that their friends were waiting outside. It turned out that February Red was worried about their safety, so she brought people to support her.

When Er Yuehong and Adjutant Zhang talked about Japanese, Cuicui burst into tears. It turned out that Cui Cui was a child with a hard life. Her father was killed by the Japanese. After hearing this, Adjutant Zhang and Er Yuehong made up their minds to follow Buddha and save the people from the dire straits.

Zhang Qishan was rescued by the villagers’ native methods and finally recovered. Zhang Qishan, Adjutant Zhang, and Er Yuehong continued to investigate the Japanese conspiracy here, and accidentally discovered that the Hei Qiao people were worshipping the sky, and then learned from them the direction of Chen Pi and others. The three of them continued on their way, and found a tree burial place on the road. The dead bodies on the tree were strangely dead.

They seemed to have died from poisoning. People can’t help but speculate that they were used by the Japanese for experiments. The three of them continued to explore, the sky began to darken, they came to a village, and found two small coffins inside. Adjutant Zhang recognized that the shape of the two coffins should be the ones that were stolen during the burial of Shi Huaichan’s son. Now the truth is getting closer and closer, and they continue to deepen. Unexpectedly, they were attacked by the ambushed Hei Qiao, Zhang Qishan and Er Yuehong collapsed to the ground.

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