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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 30 Recap

In the dead of night, Zeng Shushu was hiding in the room alone to relieve his sorrows with alcohol. Xiaohuan came forward. She knew that Zeng Shushu missed Grandpa Wei, so she comforted him that the world is impermanent. He only needs to understand what he is doing, and then look forward.

Xiaohuan’s words made Zeng Shushu feel a little relieved. Zeng Shushu told Xiaohuan that Jingyu and Xiao Yi had already returned to Qingyun. Only Xiaofan was following Baguio, hoping to get the heavenly book. It was inevitable that he was a little worried about Xiaofan’s safety, Xiaohuan Tell him that Xiaofan will not be in danger. Once on the stage, Baguio temporarily changed the ending of the drama.

At that time, Baguio told Xiaofan that although there are different ways of good and evil, as long as they love each other, they can be together. Can give up the identity of the daughter of the ghost king. Xiaohuan said that despite the impermanence of the world, people’s hearts don’t change when they change.

Yuyangzi, whose cultivation base was greatly damaged, walked embarrassedly on the road in the suburbs. He saw countless poisonous snakes and heard the familiar sound of flute. He shouted the poisonous god, and a man wearing a mask came out and threatened Yuyang. Zi told the whereabouts of the heavenly book, saying that he would seek justice from those people for Yuyangzi.

Beside the mountain stream, Baguio recalled everything that had happened between herself and Xiaofan in recent days. She was stunned. Aunt You who was watching was distressed and even wanted to kill Xiaofan. Qinglong said that this world is willing to act like Zhang Xiaofan There are not many people who save Baguio through fire and water. He hopes Aunt You can stand from Baguio’s point of view and think about what she really wants.

Xiaofan followed all the way to the mountain stream where Baguio and Qinglong were staying. Qinglong and Xiaofan fought. Then, Qinglong asked Xiaofan why he wanted to betray Baguio. It turned out that Baguio told Qinglong that he was caught in the inn that day. The person was stunned and taken away. After waking up, he found that he was trapped by Yuyangzi. Only Lin Jingyu and Xiaofan were the only ones who learned that Baguio was hiding. Xiaofan looked blank and said that Jingyu would not The betrayer of Baguio, Qinglong also murmured in his heart, suspecting that Xiao Yi did what happened that day.

Xiaofan said to Qinglong that as long as Baguio promised not to resurrect the beast from the heavenly book, it would be fine to hand the heavenly book to Baguio. Qinglong told Xiaofan Baguio that they had set off to the southwest, and Xiaofan hurriedly pursued it.

On the way back to Qingyun for Jingyu and Xiao Yicai, the blood of the beast god in Xiao Yicai’s body was poisoned. He could only fight his fate to suppress it with internal force. It has been determined that Xiao Yicai framed Baguio’s Qinglong. After some rhetoric, Qinglong decided to let him go temporarily. After all, he was a pawn arranged by the Ghost King Sect in Qingyun. He wanted him to become the most prestigious disciple after returning to Qingyun, ready to serve the Ghost King Sect at any time.

Jingyu realized that the situation was not right, so he asked Xiao Yicai why he wanted to frame Baguio. Xiao Yi lied that he was dedicated to Qingyun, and even went deep into the magic sect to understand the situation, and was poisoned for this. Lin Jingyu felt sorry for his brother.

Baguio has been daunting along all the way, and does not want to return to Huqishan. Auntie You said that she has grown up, so she is willing to give Baguio the right to choose. At this time, Baguio, I believe Xiaofan was right. His father wanted the scriptures to resurrect the beasts. By then, the heavens and the earth would be destroyed. She questioned Aunt You, and then walked back desperately.

In the small town, Baguio and Xiaofan have been missing. The sick Baguio asked the inn store Xiaoer to help him buy medicine, but the store Xiaoer obeyed the poison god Qin Wuyan and added something to Baguio’s medicine.

Zhang Xiaofan met Aunt You, and Xiaofan’s Blood Devouring Bead suddenly felt, and Xiaofan realized that Baguio was in trouble. At this time in the inn, Qin Wuyan took advantage of Baguio’s weakness and attacked Baguio, but was knocked to the ground by Baguio. Baguio hurriedly left. Qin Wuyan unmasked his mask and showed a smirk, because he got Baguio’s sad flower. I thought that the book of heaven was in the sad flower, but found out that the bamboo basket was empty.

Qin Wuyan tried his best to make Baguio faint, but Xiao Fan arrived at this time and rescued Baguio. Under the big tree, Xiao Fan set up a fire with a branch and roasted chicken for Baguio. Baguio looked at Xiao Fan with a smile on his face.

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