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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 29 Recap

Xiaofan learned that Baguio was in danger, so he rushed to the rescue alone, but was trapped with Baguio, and the two fell into the space of the heavenly book. On the other side, Qinglong and Jingyu also put aside their disputes, and brought Situ Xiao, who volunteered, to work together to fight Yuyangzi and rescue Baguio and Xiaofan.

Baguio, who woke up, realized that she and Xiao Fan were actually in the space of the heavenly book, and hurriedly woke Xiao Fan. After Xiao Fan woke up, he found that his injuries had healed on his own.

Situ Xiao saw a familiar figure. He chased him and went to the beach. This talent took off his veil. Situ Xiao was shocked. This person was the Yun Shu he was thinking of. Yun Shu told him that he was originally from the Sea Clan. Female, when the tribe was migrating, she was greedy for fun and was alone before she ended up here. In the past, she could use his Ding Haizhu power to barely maintain. In this meeting, I was able to come to see him by relying on his parents to give him half of his life lost.

Situ Xiao didn’t want to live when he heard that, and begged Yunshu to stay by his side. Yun Shu said frankly that the disaster at the villa was also related to him, because on the day Situ Xiao got married, he broke into tears and accidentally caused a tsunami, and Yuyangzi took the opportunity to seize the villa, so he came this time to help Situ Xiao defeat For Yuyangzi, Situ Xiao didn’t care about Yunshu’s unintentional failure, saying that after defeating Yuyangzi, he would follow Yunshu, regardless of the ends of the world.

Baguio and Xiaofan met the memory of the first Dinghaizhuang staying here in the space of the book of heaven. He thanked Xiaofan and Baguio for protecting Dinghaizhuang, but reminded Xiaofan that he already had a book of heaven in his body. Then give him this book of heaven, and he will gain the power to fight Yuyangzi, but the body of a mortal may be unbearable, and there is a danger of death. Xiaofan does not want the book to fall into Yuyangzi’s hands. In order to defeat Yuyangzi, he was willing to give it a try.

Yuyangzi’s men could not find the whereabouts of Baguio and Xiaofan, and the impatient Yuyangzi decided to launch the Taiyin Blood Array in an attempt to drain everyone’s blood. Yun Shu, Jingyu and others fought hard to resist, but they couldn’t turn things around.

Xiaofan used the power of the heavenly book in his body to contend with Yuyangzi. He defeated Yuyangzi, and he was also injured. Fortunately, Baguio used the mana of his heart to help Xiaofan seal the power of the heavenly book in his body, and Xiaofan was fine for the time being. And this battle exhausted all Yun Shu’s mana, and Yun Shu could only return to the sea. She told Situ Xiao that Dinghaizhuang was his responsibility.

Zhou Yixian, who is accustomed to the life of idle clouds and wild cranes, can’t stay in Yuducheng anymore, and wants to leave, Xiaohuan acted like a baby to his grandfather, saying that Zeng Shushu has been busy revitalizing Yuducheng recently, so if he didn’t take good care of him, Zhouyixian could not stand his beloved granddaughter. Acting like a baby, agreed to leave Zeng Shushu to help.

Baguio was decoction for Xiaofan, but Aunt You arrived and ordered Baguio to return to Huqishan with herself tomorrow. Baguio had no choice but to obey.

Xiao Yi asked Zhang Xiaofan to go to Baguio to get the heavenly book. Xiaofan didn’t want it. He believed that Baguio was kind and he would convince her not to hand over the heavenly book casually. Facing Xiao Yicai’s aggressiveness, Lin Jingyu had to say that he would retrieve the heavenly book from the Ghost King Sect.

Qinglong took the medicine made by Baguio and gave it to Xiao Fan, and invited him to meet Baguio. On the way, he met Lin Jingyu. Jingyu gave the medicine to Xiao Fan, but did not tell him that Baguio would meet him. Thing.

In the middle of the night, Baguio saw things and thought about people, waiting until the next morning, but waited until Lin Jingyu. Baguio said that he wanted the book of heaven only to heal Xiao Fan. Lin Jingyu asked Baguio to take out the book of heaven. Baguio said that if Xiao Fan came to ask for it, he would give it to him without hesitation. Jingyu told Xiaofan what happened, Xiaofan decided to meet Baguio, and Xiao Yi had been watching all this with cold eyes.

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