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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 28 Recap

Zhang Xiaofan and Baguio learned from Situ Xiao that only by finding Dinghaizhu can they get the heavenly book, so the three of them returned to the villa, hoping to find Dinghaizhu fortunately.

The three of them sneaked in through a small hole behind the villa, and unexpectedly discovered that Qinglong was also here, and Xiao Yi was placed under house arrest by Yuyangzi. Now the entire villa is under the control of Yuyangzi and tied to the door by Wuhuada. Lin Jingyu, who was in front of him, complained about Yuyangzi’s evil deeds to the people in the village who gathered at the door, but everyone was deceived by Yuyangzi’s hypocrisy, and no one believed Lin Jingyu’s statement.

Baguio, Zhang Xiaofan and others worked together to rescue Lin Jingyu. Xiaofan was injured. Situ Xiaozhuang, the owner of Situ Xiaozhuang, told the truth in public and regained the villa. Yuyangzi swallowed bloodworms as he fled awkwardly. Internal force.

After Qinglong diagnosed the pulse, he concluded that Zhang Xiaofan was only poisoned by the poisonous smoke, which was not a major problem. Lin Jingyu arrived at this time. He coldly ordered Baguio and Qinglong to dismiss him, saying that he would take care of Xiaofan. Baguio was worried about Xiaofan. Fan was in danger, but under the insistence of Lin Jingyu and Qinglong, she could only leave with one step and three turns.

Situ Xiao expressed his sincere gratitude to the people for helping him regain the owner. Qinglong took the opportunity to offer to use Ding Haizhu. Lin Jingyu and Qinglong were arguing about the ownership of Ding Haizhu. Situ Xiao said that he would do his best to find Ding Haizhu, but for After quelling the dispute between the two factions, Situ Xiao decided to hand over Ding Haizhu to Baguio and Zhang Xiaofan, thinking that they would definitely discuss a way to get the best of both worlds.

Lin Jingyu and Zhang Xiaofan discussed the search for Ding Haizhu. In fact, Zhang Xiaofan did not want to find Ding Haizhu, he did not want to be an enemy of Baguio. In fact, Baguio didn’t want the ghost king to get the heavenly book to resurrect the beast gods.

Qinglong saw that Baguio’s absent-mindedness, he pointed Baguio’s elbows outwards, for Zhang Xiaofan’s repeated tolerance, and asked her if she liked Zhang Xiaofan, Bi Yao tried to deny it. Qinglong once again emphasized to her that the right way and the magic way would never go together, and advised her not to be naive.

Ding Haizhu was in the accessories Situ Xiao gave Yun Shu. Yun Shu hid the accessories. Situ Xiao did not know where the accessories were hidden. Zhang Xiaofan reminded Situ Xiao that the most dangerous place may be the safest place. They are in Yuyang. The coveted Ding Haizhu was found in the lamp stove in the sub-room. Situ Xiao said that since Xiao Fan found this thing, Xiao Fan has the right to decide where it belongs. Xiao Fan held Ding Haizhu with mixed feelings in his heart.

Qinglong’s words still caused some conflict with Baguio. As soon as Baguio saw Zhang Xiaofan, he told him that he was right and wrong, and he was straightforward. Baguio learned from Xiaofan’s reaction that Xiaofan had already obtained Ding Haizhu. Baguio was very wronged because he wanted the heavenly book, only to help Xiaofan take out the heavenly book in his body, but Xiaofan said that he could not give in.

Because once her father gets the heavenly book, he will resurrect the beast, causing irreparable consequences. Excited, Baguio aimed the dagger at Xiao Fan’s neck, Lin Jingyu and Qinglong rushed forward and backwards, witnessing this scene, Baguio was sad, moved the dagger, turned and left.

Xiaofan returned the Dinghaizhu to Situ Xiao. Situ Xiao thought that it would only attract thieves to worry about it, so he discarded it by the lake and wanted to destroy it, but found that the beads echoed the seven stars in the sky, forming a seven-star chain of beads. scene. The Qinglong who rushed there wanted to get it, so he started to snatch it. Lin Jingyu fought with him.

Unexpectedly, he was taken advantage of by the Yuyangzi fisherman who came later. Everyone found that the heavenly book was in Dinghaizhuang, but because the heavenly book was buried back then People set a taboo, and no one can cast spells.

In fact, only the descendant of Dinghaizhuang—that is, Situ Xiao—can use Dinghaizhu to open the Meteor Lake. Xiao Fan’s big brother Xiao Yi has long been reduced to the ghost king’s internal support. He pretended to follow Baguio to find Xiao Fan, and actually took the opportunity to take Baguio’s The news told Yuyangzi’s men that Baguio was under siege. Xiaofan’s bloodthirsty bead reacted with her acacia bell. Xiaofan knew that Baguio was in danger and went to rescue Baguio alone, but was trapped together.

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