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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 45 Recap

The sky soon began to darken, and Zhang Qishan saw the villagers starting to come out of their homes and lit a road with incense. Zhang Qishan and Adjutant Zhang continued to see what the villagers were going to do. They only saw them open the altar to worship and put some tribute fruits on the table. At this time, a group of people suddenly emerged from the dark and rushed to the altar to eat the tribute fruit. Among these people was unpredictable.

Zhang Qishan and Adjutant Zhang got closer and were discovered by Unpredictable. Unpredictable immediately threw down Gong Guo and fled, and immediately alerted the others, and everyone immediately fled. Zhang Qishan caught up with the panic and unpredictable and calmed her emotions.

It turned out that when the unpredictable came here to investigate the strange disease, she was trapped by the villagers, and in order to control the unpredictable, the disease was transmitted to her. Unpredictable also told Zhang Qishan that when many people in the village were sick, a person named Qiao Daxian appeared, saying that the disease was caused by the immortal Hei Qiao going down the earth, bewitching the hearts of the villagers.

This coincides with Zhang Qishan’s speculation. He believes that Hei Qiao is in collusion with the Japanese, and this illness may also be caused by a conspiracy. He took the unpredictable back to Changsha, intending to ask for help from the resourceful Qi Tiezui. Qi Tiezui looked unpredictably, and after learning from Foye that the disease was related to Hei Qiao, he made a bold judgment. He believes that Wu Ye’s dog can be used to treat unpredictable diseases.

Er Ye and Yin Xinyue came to the Eighth Yeh Mansion together to see the unpredictable situation. At this time, Xinyue blamed Er Ye for his indifference to unpredictable, but Er Ye explained that he was also very concerned about unpredictable, but he only regarded Unpredictable as his sister. .

In order to cure the unpredictability, Zhang Qishan and Qi Tiezui visited Wuye together. During his stay at the Wuye Mansion, Zhang Qishan asked Wu Ye to leave the mansion with the intention of adjusting the tiger away from the mountain by choosing a military dog. Then Qi Tiezui stayed in the mansion with a stomachache and stole a thin dog when people were not paying attention.

Qi Tiezui saw that the dog was so thin, and judged that he had dog yellow in his body, and dog yellow was a good medicine for the unpredictable disease. But the unpredictable medical skills performed an operation on a thin dog, took out the dog yellow and put it in the bathtub, and then soaked in the bath. When taking a bath to detoxify, she was in unpredictable pain and kept moaning and screaming. Er Yuehong listened outside the house, feeling worried.

After unpredictably expelling the poison, he fell asleep too exhausted, and the second master took the initiative to stay and take care of her.

After the incident, Zhang Qishan asked Qi Tiezui to return the dog to Wu Ye, but Qi Tiezui had no choice but to do so. When he returned the dog, he met the fifth master, and Qi Tiezui wanted to pretend to help the fifth master find the lost dog, and he specially returned it to him, but the lie was revealed by the fifth master. Wu Ye and Qi Tiezui had a quarrel before, and the two of them had grievances in each other’s hearts.

Now that Qi Tiezui broke out, Wu Ye mistakenly thought that he was stealing revenge from a dog, and was very angry. Qi Tiezui wanted to explain, but Wu Ye refused to give him a chance and asked him to apologize to the dog. Qi Tiezui, who had never been good at defending, had to give in, while Wu Ye was watching and laughing. Wu Ye was originally a hard-talking person, this one just wanted to teach Qi Tiezui. The two have no big feud, and the little quarrels can be said to enhance the relationship between the same door.

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