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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 44 Recap

Chen Pi accidentally fell into the water after escaping under Lu Jianxun’s men, but was fortunately rescued by a village girl. Although Chen Pi’s body is not serious, he seems to have amnesia. The girl who reached out to help was named Xiao Meng. When she was a child, her nickname was a girl. Chen Pi often babbled “girl” in her dreams.

Therefore, Xiao Meng was called by Chen Pi as a girl. The two had been in love for a long time and lived a plain life in the village. But Jude Kao’s ambition disrupted Chen Pi’s peaceful days, and Tanaka was ordered to come to this village to take Chen away. Chen Pi was not aware of the reason at this time, but Tanaka held Xiao Meng and forced Chen Pi to submit. Chen Pi was helpless and had no choice but to capture it.

Zhang Qishan is busy with official duties and often has no time to care about the feelings of his wife. One day, Xinyue came to the barracks to look for Zhang Qishan in an emergency, but was turned away by Adjutant Zhang. In desperation, Yin Xinyue had to go home and wait for her husband to return. It was late at night. Zhang Qishan comforted Yin Xinyue apologetically. While Yin Xinyue acted like a baby, he also revealed what he asked Zhang Qishan to help.

It turned out that Xinyue had made an appointment with her cousin Unpredictable, but Unpredictable did not show up. New Moon came to the hospital and asked, only to realize Unpredictable had not gone to work for two days. In other words, Unpredictable was missing. After Zhang Qishan learned about the situation, he and Adjutant Zhang went to the hospital to find out.

The two inquired around the hospital, knowing that the unpredictable hadn’t appeared for a few days, and then under the guidance of the nurse, they found Director Li of the hospital. Zhang Qishan and Deputy Zhang came to Director Li’s office and found that his expression was a little weird, and he seemed to have a guilty conscience. He burned photos in the office in broad daylight. A discerning person knew that there was a ghost in Director Li’s heart. Afterwards, Adjutant Zhang found Director Li again, and Director Li told the ins and outs of the matter.

After being brought back by Tanaka, Chen Pi stayed asleep at Jude Kao. Jude Kao insisted on treating the tangerine peel himself, because he knew that the cause of the amnesia of tangerine peel was not in the body but in the heart. Through his own methods, he slowly let Chen Pi out of the shadow in his heart. Chen Pi woke up and finally recovered his memory, but the memories of him and Xiao Meng did not disappear.

Tanaka took the tangerine peel to talk in the car, seeming to persuade him to repay him and thank Jude Kao for his painstaking efforts, while Chen Pi perfunctory her. Suddenly, Xiao Meng rushed out. She thought Chen Pi was being held hostage, so she wanted to save him. Seeing that the tangerine peel had regained consciousness, Tanaka kept the girl useless, so he drew his gun, intending to kill her. Xiao Meng has a life-saving grace for tangerine peel, and some days before, he did make tangerine peel feel the warmth of home, so he rarely tried to save people. Despite being cruel, Chen Pi had to show a cold attitude and let Xiao Meng accept the fact that they had separated, because they were not fellow travelers, and the two could not get together after all.

Zhang Qishan and Adjutant Zhang came to Kangjia Village to find the village doctor. Upon asking, they learned that the unpredictable had also been here. But the village doctor concealed the unpredictable fact that he was knocked out and kidnapped by himself. He lied that unpredictable had already left. However, the expression of the village doctor’s sweaty expression and the fact that the villagers were not able to stay behind closed doors made Zhang Qishan feel that the village was very strange, and there must be an article in it. The two pretended to leave, and actually lurked, waiting for the villagers to haunt.

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