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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 43 Recap

The nine gates gathered, and Zhang Qishan promised to everyone present that he would lead everyone to defend Changsha, defend the country, and protect their nine gates.

The matter of falling to the tomb for the time being came to an end, Zhang Qishan was finally able to recuperate for a while. In order to compensate for the crescent moon, who has been at home for him, he deliberately cooks and cooks a table for the crescent moon.

Although the new moon was moved, I also felt very strange, because the Buddha was usually indifferent to him, but today he is uncharacteristically, and his enthusiasm is a little bit confusing. While the new moon was full of doubts, Zhang Qishan unexpectedly proposed to her. Yin Xinyue was both surprised and touched, and agreed to Lord Buddha, and the two finally got together and became husband and wife.

On the night of the wedding, Zhang Qishan and the other brothers had a drink, pretending to be too alcoholic, and sent back to their new house by Qi Tiezui and Adjutant Zhang. Zhang Qishan and Yin Xinyue enjoy the sweet world of the two in their new house, talk about the past, talk about each other’s affection, and spend a good spring evening together.

Er Yuehong is happy for her good brother Zhang Qishan, but she will inevitably be touched by Jing and think of her dead wife. Er Yuehong’s face flushed with drinking, her feet swaying, accompanied by the moonlight and the yearning for the girl, she unknowingly walked to the last place where she stayed before and when she was alive. Er Yuehong said a lot of her own thoughts to the picture of herself and the girl, but unfortunately they are separated from each other. I wonder if the girl can hear him.

The days returned to calm, but the good times did not last long. A year later, a strange parasite virus spread in the suburbs of Changsha. A farmer contracted a strange disease, and his body was itchy, but unfortunately, no cause could be found. The farmer sought medical treatment from a doctor in the suburbs, but the doctor did not know the cause of the disease, so he suggested that the farmer go to a large hospital in Changsha. The farmer became timid and left without saying goodbye to the doctor’s clinic.

Er Yuehong was in a hug, and she had been taking care of her unpredictably. The unpredictable mind can be seen through by others at a glance, but it is a pity that Er Yuehong has been unable to let go of the girl. His home, as well as behavior habits, are full of traces of a girl, which makes unpredictable gradually retreat. Unpredictable studying in the West for many years, mastered advanced Western technology, and has a heart to help the world.

After reading the parasite report sent by the village hospital, she conducted serious research, but the parasite virus was very unfamiliar, and she was unpredictable for any incurable diseases that would cause bad effects, so she applied to the director for additional staff to conduct research. . Unexpectedly, the director seemed to be silent about this, and wanted to prevent Unpredictable from further investigating the disease, which made Unpredictable find this disease even more strange.

Although the director persuaded her not to intervene in this matter, she was unpredictable and decided to investigate alone. She went to the outskirts and found the village doctor to ask about the situation. The village doctor was rude to her at first, but after knowing her identity, he suddenly became enthusiastic and took her to the farmer’s house. Unexpectedly, as soon as Unpredictable entered the door, he saw the farmer’s body ulcerated, unpredictably shocked and shouted, and the village doctor knocked her out behind her.

Jude Kao was still drowsy, but from time to time he was talking in dreams and saying “Meteor Copper”, which made Tanaka very concerned. After Jude Kao woke up, he asked Tanaka how things were going on with Black Joe, and Tanaka said it was going well. Jude Kao seems to be plotting something. In order to ensure that things go smoothly, he hopes to find the tangerine peel and help himself.

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