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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 26 Recap

Yuyangzi told Xiao Yicai and the others, but fortunately he had left behind, so Ghost King Zong should not dare to act rashly. Zhang Xiaofan saw Yuyangzi holding Baguio’s sad flower, and realized that Baguio was in Yuyangzi’s hands, and guessed that Yuyangzi was also coveting the ghost king’s things, perhaps more important than the heavenly book. Xiao Yicai reminded them that they can’t distinguish between good and evil, and don’t be indecisive about Baguio.

Yuyangzi first reviewed his relationship with the King of Ghosts to Baguio. He told Baguio that when he finally met the King of Ghosts in the Wild Temple, he had persuaded him not to be an enemy of the blood refining hall, but the King of Ghosts. Just for his own use, he couldn’t listen to advice at all. In order to protect himself, he took the Changshengtang away after Wandumen and Hehuan Sect left. He told Baguio as an elder that he didn’t want to be an enemy of Ghost King Sect until now.

Baguio naturally knew Yuyangzi’s plan. She told Yuyangzi that in the past, in the face of the threat of the elderly, his father, the ghost king, did not come to save herself, and now naturally she will not compromise with Yuyangzi. It turned out that Yuyangzi wanted Baguio to repair a book so that the ghost king would send the blood of the beast god and the heavenly book, and at the same time withdraw his troops from Dinghai Village. Baguio naturally did not agree to compromise, and Yuyangzi started to torture Baguio.

Zhang Xiaofan was worried that the stubborn-tempered Baguio would be tortured by Yuyangzi, and he was ready to risk saving lives. Lin Jingyu told Zhang Xiaofan that even if he saves people, he must hide from Xiao Yicai’s eyes, otherwise he can’t explain to the teacher. Zhang Xiaofan was preparing to rescue Baguio when it was dark. At this time, Qinglong heard their conversation and showed up to work with them to rescue Baguio.

Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu pretended to be disciples of Dinghaizhuang, preparing to rescue Baguio in the dark. Lin Jingyu told Zhang Xiaofan that the ghost king must have other conspiracies, and he might want to kill with a knife. After discussing the countermeasures, the two actively prepared to rescue Baguio. Here, Qinglong cast a spell to set off a big fire in Dinghaizhuang, Dinghaizhuang made a mess, Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu took advantage of the chaos and entered the courtyard where Baguio was closed.

Yuyangzi sent someone to look at Baguio, so as not to get caught up in the plan to tune the tiger away from the mountain. Meng Ji rushed to the cell and found that Baguio was missing. It turned out that Baguio used the things that the maid Yunshu borrowed to give him meals to open the shackles.

Baguio took advantage of Meng Ji’s surprise and launched a surprise attack. Unexpectedly, not far away, he was sealed by Meng Ji in another place. Baguio discovered that there was another person imprisoned here, and inquired that this person was Situ Xiao, the original young owner of Haizhuang Village. He had been imprisoned here for more than seven years. It turned out that Changshengtang controlled Situ Xiao with blood worms that were raised. This blood worm can suck the blood of any living thing.

Once it sticks to it, it is difficult to get rid of it. Situ Xiao told Baguio that he could use the characteristic of blood worms to distinguish the direction of things only by vibration, and let them attack the runes of Changshengtang and trick Yuyangzi into entering. Only in this way can Baguio have the possibility of going out. Situ Xiao told Baguio that if he escaped, he would definitely help find a dumb girl named Yun Shu.

Baguio thought that the girl who brought him food was consistent with what Situ Xiao said. She told Situ Xiao that Yun Shu was still in Dinghai. village. Baguio walked to the rune lightly and knocked on the wall. As expected, the bloodworm attacked the rune and Yuyangzi was attracted. Unexpectedly, Yuyangzi was prepared for a long time, cast a spell to imprison Baguio, and summon bloodworms to suck Baguio’s blood, Baguio suddenly felt that life was worse than death, and was extremely painful.

Zhang Xiaofan discovered that the courtyard was located in Dinghaizhuang during the chaos and had not been transferred. Realizing that this place must be extraordinary, the two suddenly attacked the guards and broke into the courtyard. Surrounded by the shocking feathers, Yuyangzi accused them of colluding with the demons. Qinglong appeared to disturb, Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu took the opportunity to escape from the courtyard and met Yun Shu. Yun Shu gave them the medicine.

She told Zhang Xiaofan that Lin Jingyu might have been poisoned too deeply and hadn’t woken up yet. Only then did Zhang Xiaofan know that Yun Shu was pretending to be a mute girl. Yun Shu told Zhang Xiaofan that seven years ago, Situ Xiao loved him deeply, but his father’s fate was hard to violate. He was about to marry another woman, but Situ Xiao didn’t want to let him down and was caught in a dilemma. Naturally, Yun Shu was deeply saddened.

On the day of Situ Xiao’s wedding, he ran to the beach and wept bitterly. He didn’t even notice the tsunami. Yuyangzi, who had sneaked into Dinghaizhuang for three years, rescued Yun Shu. After the tsunami, the old village owner died of illness and Situ Xiao disappeared. Yuyangzi pretended to settle the people to buy people’s hearts and occupied Dinghai Village. After Yun Shu told Zhang Xiaofan this, he was willing to help Zhang Xiaofan find Baguio’s whereabouts, and at the same time begged Zhang Xiaofan and the others to help them drive away Yuyangzi and find Situ Xiao after they rescued Baguio.

Unable to save people, but his identity was revealed. Lin Jingyu regretted letting Zhang Xiaofan and Baguio meet, and planned to inform Xiao Yicai of Yuyangzi’s situation. Xiao Yicai pretended that Yuyangzi hadn’t noticed him and deceived Lin Jingyu. Xiao Yicai falsely asked Yuyangzi about the whereabouts of Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu. He told Yuyangzi that it was because Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu had an unusual relationship with Baguio, so he left Baguio over to Yu Yangzi lest they be bewitched by Baguio.

Yoko processing. Yuyangzi told Xiao Yicai that Baguio was already in his hands, and that there would be no storms again. The Ghost King Zong could not find Baguio’s whereabouts. Yuyangzi asked Xiao Yicai to go outside the city to inquire about the ghost King Zong’s movements.

At this time, Baguio also learned of the emotional entanglement between him and Yun Shu from Situ Xiaokou. However, Baguio became weaker and weaker because of the blood in his body sucked by blood worms. Meng Ji forced Baguio to ask if he agreed to write a letter, but Baguio pretended to agree. Yuyangzi told Meng Ji, let Yun Shu go in, and let Meng Ji wait outside the door, so that he would not be afraid of Baguio’s tricks. Yun Shu entered the cell and saw Situ Xiao. The old couple stared at each other and choked silently.

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