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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 25 Recap

Zhang Xiaofan, Lin Jingyu and Xiao Yi just came to Dinghaizhuang in the East China Sea to find that the place was heavily guarded. At the same time, they found that the wild dog was about to get into the village and hurriedly caught him. Unexpectedly, the wild dog lied to meet Baguio and took the opportunity to escape.

Entering Dinghai Village, Lin Jingyu found that even ordinary Ding had martial arts, and even Meng Ji’s conversation had the style of a quack. At this time, a housekeeper came after the maid Yunshu. Zhang Xiaofan and others couldn’t stop it. Fortunately, Meng Ji stopped and Yun Shu was able to get away. She looked at Zhang Xiaofan and others gratefully. Zhang Xiaofan and Xiao Yicai followed Meng Ji to meet the owner of the villa. Xiao Yicai asked the owner why the King of Ghosts attacked the villa. The owner told them that he was the master of the Changshengtang, Yuyangzi. In the East China Sea, the magic sect is still harassed here.

Xiao Yicai told Zhang Xiaofan that Changshengtang is between good and evil, and has always been wise to protect himself and act low-key. Only then did Xiao Yi know that the Ghost King Sect’s sphere of influence had always been in the Central Plains region. He didn’t know why he would notice the small mountain village by the sea now. Zhang Xiaofan guessed that it must be related to the book of heaven. Xiao Yicai decided to check when Yuyangzi built the estate here, and asked Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu to look around to see if there were any spies from the Ghost King Sect.

Lin Jingyu accused Zhang Xiaofan of releasing wild dogs because he heard Baguio’s name and reminded him not to be soft-hearted to Baguio anymore and avoid repeating the mistakes of Yuducheng. Zhang Xiaofan told Lin Jingyu that he was living and dying with Baguio in Stargazing Cliff and Wanbat Caves. Although he is the same as the devil, he has become a life and death friend with Baguio.

He didn’t intend to release Baguio’s name. Wild dogs are gone. Zhang Xiaofan deeply realized that once Baguio becomes an enemy of Qingyunmen, he must regard Baguio as an enemy, but Baguio has never harmed himself and Qingyunmen. Lin Jingyu didn’t know how to face Baguio for a while.

At night, Zhang Xiaofan had trouble falling asleep, thinking of the little things he had had since meeting Baguio. At this time, the acacia bell on Baguio’s body seemed to sense Zhang Xiaofan’s blood-devouring bead’s abnormal movement, and hurriedly wanted to find Zhang Xiaofan, but was stopped by Aunt You.

Aunt You told Baguio that Yuyangzi seemed gentle and elegant, but it was hard to come into contact with him. She advised Baguio not to go to the village alone to see Zhang Xiaofan. If you really want to see Zhang Xiaofan, you’d better wait for Qinglong and Ghost King Zongli Yingwai to conquer Dinghaizhuang.

In Dinghai Village, Zhang Xiaofan and Yuyangzi found a servant who looked like a green dragon while drinking, and hurriedly reminded Yuyangzi to be careful. Seeing that the incident was revealed, Qinglong suddenly launched an attack on Yuyangzi. Seeing Yuyangzi lying on the ground, Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu rushed forward to protect Yuyangzi, Xiao Yi pretended to help and took the opportunity to let Qinglong go. Lin Jingyu told Yuyangzi that the purpose of Ghost King Zong’s trip was not only to annex Changshengtang, but also for the heavenly book.

In fact, Yuyangzi had received news ten years ago and came to Dinghaizhuang to search for the heavenly books, but found nothing. He told Zhang Xiaofan and others that there might be no heavenly books in the world. At this time, Jiading told Yuyangzi that Ghost King Zong had come over, and Yuyangzi asked Meng Ji to take out the map of the village and protect the villa.

Only when Xiao Yi got out of the room, he rebuked Lin Jingyu for mentioning the heavenly book to Yuyangzi, and then walked away. Zhang Xiaofan suggested that Lin Jingyu go to the ghost king’s camp with him, perhaps this would disturb the ghost king’s rear and ease the siege of the city gate.

Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu went to the Camp of the King of Ghosts and found that two disciples of the Demon Cult came towards them, cast spells, stunned them to the ground, put on their clothes and mixed into the residence of the King of Ghosts. In the end, it was discovered by Ghost King Zong that the two and You Ji started a fierce battle. At this time, Baguio suddenly appeared to stop Zhang Xiaofan from doing it. Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu wanted to escape, but they were taken by You Ji.

Baguio pretended to force Zhang Xiaofan, suggesting that Zhang Xiaofan was taking him hostage and let them take the opportunity to escape. Baguio followed Zhang Xiaofan and the others back to Dinghaizhuang and found that Lin Jingyu, who regarded himself as a gentleman, could not cook to meet his hungry needs. Instead, Zhang Xiaofan brought him delicious buns. On the one hand, Lin Jingyu accused the King of Ghosts of wanting to seize the heavenly book to cause the chaos, and on the other hand reminded Zhang Xiaofan not to let Xiao Yi know the news of the capture of Baguio.

Zhang Xiaofan originally wanted to take Baguio away in the dark. Unexpectedly, Yuyangzi and Xiao Yi joined forces to impose a curfew in Dinghaizhuang, and no one can fly with swords. Lin Jingyu told Zhang Xiaofan that he had to let Baguio stay in Xiaofan’s room temporarily, and wait until dawn to let her go out of the city. Xiao Yi didn’t expect all this to be seen in his eyes.

Baguio was bored on the bed and asked Zhang Xiaofan whether he hated herself for causing the heavenly book to invade her body. Zhang Xiaofan told Baguio that all this had nothing to do with her, and it was Mr. Ghost who forced the heavenly book into her body. Baguio persuaded Zhang Xiaofan to follow him back to Huqi Mountain, and asked his father to force the heavenly book out of Zhang Xiaofan’s body. Zhang Xiaofan refused by agreeing to return to Qingyun with Lin Jingyu.

The next day, Baguio was about to leave Dinghaizhuang while Zhang Xiaofan was still asleep, but was caught by Xiao Yicai with a drug addiction. After Zhang Xiaofan woke up, he disappeared from Baguio and hurriedly looked around. Lin Jingyu, who had been worried about Baguio, had to comfort Zhang Xiaofan. Zhang Xiaofan worried that Baguio would be caught by the disciples of Changshengtang in the heavily guarded Dinghaizhuang. Lin Jingyu told him that Yuyangzi’s runes had failed.

Besides, Baguio was so smart that the people of Changshengtang couldn’t help Baguio. . Zhang Xiaofan learned that the rune had failed, and worried that the ghost king would take the opportunity to attack Dinghaizhuang. At this time, Xiao Yi deliberately told the ghost kingzong that the reason why he did not come to attack Dinghaizhuang was because Qinglong was still in Dinghaizhuang and wanted to deal with Yuyangzi. He told Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu to find Qinglong first.

Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu guessed that if Baguio did not go out, they should be with Qinglong. They found that the Empress Qinglong was chasing after him. Qinglong got rid of Lin Jingyu, but was stopped by Zhang Xiaofan. Zhang Xiaofan knocked Qinglong down to the ground. Qinglong took advantage of Zhang Xiaofan’s astonishing time and prepared to escape, but was bound by Lin Jingyu who had caught up. Qinglong was notified by You Ji’s voice transmission and learned that Baguio was arrested. He simply pretended that he could not escape and asked about Baguio.

Lin Jingyu and Zhang Xiaofan were also surprised that Baguio had not returned yet. At this time, Xiao Yi hurried over and escorted Qinglong to Yuyangzi. Yuyangzi took out the sad flower from Baguio to negotiate terms with the ghost king Zong, Qinglong broke the rope by negotiating with Yuyangzi, and fought with Yuyangzi. Xiao Yicai pretended to help Yuyangzi and took the opportunity to release Qinglong away.

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