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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 42 Recap

Lu Jianxun has been eyeing the things under the tomb, and he has seized power for a long time, colluding with the Japanese, causing troubles inside and outside Changsha. All kinds of crimes were gathered together, and Zhang Qishan decided to cure this person who didn’t know good or bad. Zhang Qishan visited Lu Jianxun with the copper meteorite block, seeming to give him the meteorite copper block, and asked him to hand it over to Shangfeng for disposal, so he could claim credit by the way, and Zhang Qishan’s exchange condition was his military power.

Lu Jianxun has always been a rogue, and he forcibly left the meteorite copper before he agreed to trade with Zhang Qishan. Just when he thought he had gotten a stunning treasure, he unexpectedly fell into the trap of Master Zhang.

Adjutant Zhang was ordered to visit Huo’s family, seeming to persuade Huo Sanniang and Zhang Qishan to clear up their suspicions, but they were ashamed. Adjutant Zhang was walking on the road and happened to meet Qi Tiezui. Qi Tiezui saw the frowning adjutant Zhang, and besides giving him a trick, he also offered to visit Huo Sanniang in person, hoping to persuade her to cooperate with Zhang Qishan again. Qi Tiezui has always been good at observing words and colors.

He knows that Huo Sanniang will fight against Zhang Qishan. In addition to being instigated by Lu Jianxun’s instigation, it is also because the second master is fortunate to him. Qi Tiezui followed Huo Sanniang’s thoughts and persuaded her to let go of her obsession and learn to be a girl, so as to win the second master’s favor. Huo Sanniang knew the mind of the second master, and also understood that the status of the girl was irreplaceable. Under the persuasion of Qi Tiezui’s invincible tongue, she felt guilty, so she agreed to help Zhang Qishan.

With the help of Huo Sanniang, Zhang Qishan knew the way to deal with Lu Jianxun, so he secretly contacted the mysterious Zhang family to take action. Lu Jianxun took the meteorite block and played with it in his secret room. The secret room that he thought was airtight and impenetrable had long been targeted by the powerful and mysterious Zhang family.

After Lu Jianxun’s subordinates left the secret room, they left him alone. Suddenly, there was a burst of light and shadow. Lu Jianxun seemed to feel the crisis everywhere, but unfortunately it was too late. Seal the throat and take back the copper meteorite block. Lu Jianxun didn’t know which step he had taken until the moment he died.

After Lu Jianxun’s death, Qi Tiezui visited Huo’s family again to show his thanks. Huo Sanniang renewed his mind to Jiumen, and she told Qi Tiezui about Chen Pi’s detention by Lu Jianxun. Just when Qi Tiezui thought he could find the tangerine peel, he learned from the adjutant Zhang that the tangerine peel had escaped, and his whereabouts are now unknown.

Now that Lu Jianxun is dead, there is no leader among the dragons in Changsha, and seven of the nine schools have signed a letter asking for Zhang Qishan’s reinstatement. Lord Belle also assisted him and printed his seal in the joint book. Among the nine gates there is no printed name, except for the missing tangerine peel, there is also Huo Sanniang.

Although Huo Sanniang has reformed, her previous actions have been criticized by Huo’s parents. Huo’s parents severely reprimanded Huo Sanniang for what she had done, and asked her to hand over her seal and keys. Aunt Huo took her seal and printed her name on the joint book, and Zhang Qishan’s reinstatement is in sight. Zhang Qishan understood that Sanniang Huo did something wrong, but she was also thinking about the Huo family, so she pleaded with the elders for her, and finally kept Sanniang Huo as the head of the house. Although Huo Sanniang retained her position as the head of the house, she couldn’t help but wonder whether she was qualified for this position.

After Zhang Qishan was reinstated, he invited all nine students to Huixinzhai to thank everyone. The nine gates gathered together with extraordinary momentum. In addition to congratulating Zhang Qishan on his reinstatement, everyone also discussed the fate of Chenpi. But Chen Pi’s whereabouts are now unknown, and the top priority is to find him first. Huo Sanniang also took this opportunity to announce to the public that he had made a fortune.

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