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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 24 Recap

When Xiao Yicai used the scales of the Beast Venerable to force the heavenly book exercises in Zhang Xiaofan’s body, the blood of the beast god met the heavenly book exercises and suddenly exploded. Xiao Yicai’s hideous face, half man and half beast, slammed straight into the bookshelf. When Orion heard the movement, he rushed in. Xiao Yi was afraid that things would be revealed, and killed Orion and took Zhang Xiaofan away.

Lin Jingyu followed the medical immortal back to the medical hall and learned that although they were all fox monsters, they lived by practicing medicine and exchanging rice. They were basically vegetarian and never harmed human lives. Lin Jingyu learned that the medical immortal was originally Six-tailed divine fox, his younger brother’s name is Xiaoqi.

According to the agreement, the doctor agreed to treat Zhang Xiaofan. They rushed to the farmer’s house and found Orion’s corpse on the spot. Zhang Xiaofan and Xiao Yi disappeared. Lin Jingyu recalled Xiao Yicai’s experience of undercover in the blood refining hall and suspected Zhang Xiaofan’s sorcery. Affected the mind, and hurriedly separated from the doctor brothers to find Zhang Xiaofan and Xiao Yicai.

After tracking, Fox Fairy Xiaoqi saw that the half-human and half-demon Xiao Yi was forcing Zhang Xiaofan’s exercises on his body, she was stunned and screamed again and again. Xiao Yi only heard the movement and chased him out. Then Lin Jingyu who rushed to took the opportunity to rescue Zhang Xiaofan.

The six-tailed sacred fox diagnosed the pulse and concluded that it was because a domineering technique was imported into Zhang Xiaofan’s body, which caused him to conflict with internal forces and was on the verge of becoming in danger. The six-tailed divine fox suggested not to rush out of this overbearing technique.

Only by investigating the characteristics of this technique, guiding it in an orderly manner, and being compatible with the inner force of Zhang Xiaofan’s body, can it be resolved. The Liuwei Shenhu calmed Zhang Xiaofan’s internal strength with Requiem, and told him not to take other pills in the near future.

After Zhang Xiaofan woke up, he thanked Xiaoqi, and only then knew that the Xiaoqi brothers were all vegetarian foxes who lived in Xiaochi Town. At this time, Lin Jingyu and Yixian came in to interrupt the conversation between the two, Zhang Xiaofan hurriedly asked Xiao Yicai’s whereabouts. Lin Jingyu asked Zhang Xiaofan if he knew who had taken him. Based on Zhang Xiaofan’s statement, Lin Jingyu speculated that the other party was a monster with fangs, just like Xiaoqi encountered.

Qinglong saw the beastly Xiao Yicai, and he didn’t understand why he was beastly at this moment and hurriedly subdued the crazy Xiao Yicai. Qinglong questioned what Xiao Yicai had done, which inspired the power of the blood of the beast god to take place earlier. Qinglong learned that this matter had something to do with Zhang Xiaofan, and with an idea, Xiao Yicai could closely monitor Zhang Xiaofan’s movements, but he couldn’t attack Zhang Xiaofan.

Zhang Xiaofan couldn’t sleep while lying on the bed. He guessed that it was a monster raised by the demon based on the heavenly book exercises that the orc had sucked on himself. Zhang Xiaofan blamed himself because the exercises on his body caused everyone, Lin Jingyu hurriedly asked Zhang Xiaofan what other exercises he had practiced. Zhang Xiaofan had already agreed to Master Puzhi, so naturally he would not tell Lin Jingyu, even if he was his best friend.

Qinglong found the medical immortal and asked him to be a guest at Huqishan. Six-tailed sacred fox insisted not to return to Huqishan, and even ignored Qinglong’s request to rescue his mother Nine-tailed sacred fox at the Fenxiang Valley Profound Fire Altar. Qinglong medicine forcibly took away the six-tailed sacred fox.

The fighting of the two stunned the brothers Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu, the master of Tianyin Pavilion who was practicing here, Pukong, and Xiaoqi. Qinglong took advantage of the chaos and robbed Xiao Qi. Zhang Xiaofan in a hurry wanted to cast a spell to save Xiao Qi, but Lin Jingyu hurriedly stopped Xiao Fan.

Pukong learned that this young man was Zhang Xiaofan, and thought of Puzhi’s advice to him, Yun Gong helped Zhang Xiaofan heal his injuries. Pu Kong discovered that Zhang Xiaofan had three conflicting internal forces, so that he could not get rid of the overbearing skills in him after fifty years of skills, and finally used Tianyin Pavilion’s forbidden curse to temporarily seal this skills. Master Pukong told Lin Jingyu that after finishing the matter in his hand, let Zhang Xiaofan go to Tianyin Pavilion. Master Pu Hong, the head of Tianyin Pavilion, may have a way to crack it. When the time comes, the head will have to tell them something thing.

Temporarily sealing the technique in his body, Zhang Xiaofan was already able to cast the spell, but in order to cure it fundamentally, he and Lin Jingyu were ready to seize the time to find the second heavenly book. The two went to the Orion’s house to find Xiao Yicai, who made up a lie to fool Zhang Xiaofan and the others.

After Xiao Qi was brought back to Ghost King Zong by Qinglong, Baguio asked him about Zhang Xiaofan. At the same time, the ghost king knew that the six-tailed fox had entered the Fenxiang Valley three times, and it was not easy to retreat under the tight protection of the two masters of Shangguance and Yun Yilan. The ghost king took out the ancient treasure Bishuihansuo he had found and encouraged him The six-tailed divine fox then entered the Fenxiang Valley and rescued the nine-tailed divine fox, and by the way helped him regain the Xuanhuo Jian on the Xuanhuo Altar. In order to rescue his mother, the six-tailed divine fox had to agree to come down.

When Qinglong came out with the six-tailed fox, he met Baguio, and the six-tailed fox told Baguio about Zhang Xiaofan’s situation at this time. Baguio believes that Zhang Xiaofan was invaded by the Book of Heaven because he saved himself, and he left a letter preparing to go down the mountain to visit Zhang Xiaofan, but was stopped by the ghost king who had already taken precautions. The ghost king told Baguio that the blue cloud mana of Zhang Xiaofan could not control the power of the heavenly book, and it was best for him to come to the ghost king’s sect to help him complete the revival of the demon sect.

Baguio told his father that Zhang Xiaofan was his savior after all, and he could not avenge his revenge. He was going to go down the mountain to see Zhang Xiaofan. Perhaps he could help his father persuade him to return to the Ghost King Sect. The ghost king naturally hoped that Baguio could retrieve the first book from Zhang Xiaofan. He reminded Baguio to pay attention to his status as the young master of the ghost king, and finally agreed to Baguio going down the mountain.

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