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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 23 Recap

Xiao Yicai came to Yudu overnight and conveyed that the head of the city believed that the post of Yudu City Lord could only be the temporary substitute of Zeng Shushu, and he could not allow the demon to enter and leave freely. Qingyunmen would fully support Zeng Shushu. In order to make Li Xun live up to his own sake, Xiao Yicai suggested that Zeng Shushu find out whether the old city lord has any suicide notes and other things left behind.

This room Zeng Shushu asked Xiaohuan to help and searched in the study room, and suddenly found a note about the first city lord. The above records that the original heavenly book is divided into five volumes, the more you get, the greater the chance of resurrecting the beast gods. It turned out that the first city lord was the slave of the black-hearted old man. He stole the second volume of the book when he was unprepared and hid it. Fortunately, the city lord took the opportunity to escape from the battle between gods and demons. The black-hearted old man was defeated by the dead-hearted man, so he could only bring the first volume of the heavenly book to forcibly resurrect the beast god in the underground palace.

Feeling that the matter was serious, Zeng Shushu found Xiao Yicai, and Lin Jingyu and Zhang Xiaofan discussed the matter together. Xiao Yicai suggested destroying the treasure map under the pretext of fearing the wrongdoer’s income, and decided to go to the East China Sea tomorrow to explore the place marked on the map. Wanting to find out, Zhang Xiaofan and the upright Lin Jingyu voluntarily asked to accompany Xiao Yicai. Xiao Yi, who originally wanted to destroy the evidence, was astonished. However, Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu’s insistence on going there could only be regretted.

Xiaohuan was divination, indicating that she was faintly disturbed during the trip, and was very afraid of Zhang Xiaofan’s accident. Zeng Shushu wanted to go with Xiaofan and the others, but for the sake of grandpa and Yu, he could only guard this place. Although he was very worried in his heart, but to relieve Xiaohuan, he said that Xiaofan and the others had gone through more dangerous places in the past. It must be safe and sound. The two chatted for a while, and their mood improved a lot. Xiaohuan was even more playful. He had to work hard to learn spells and protect Xiaofan and Zeng Shushu.

Zhang Xiaofan listened to Ah Xiang talking about fate, and his acquaintance with Baguio suddenly appeared in his mind. When he returned to reality, he heard that fate had not arrived, and sighed slowly. At this time, Lin Jingyu on the other side seemed to sigh Then, everyone looked at each other and smiled. Drinking tea, everyone talked about the murder in Caomiao Village, and learned that A quite early was told by Master to take care of Zhang Xiaofan, who met Qingyunmen. After hearing this, Xiao Fan was quite moved.

Back in the room, the murders of that year kept spinning in Zhang Xiaofan’s mind. Reality and illusion, righteousness and devilishness were constantly entangled, and the sudden appearance of devilishness in his eyes made the whole body painful. Lin Jingyu simply got the help of Lin Jingyu who was passing through the room, but Lin Jingyu found something strange about Xiao Fan during his movement. It turned out that what was inside Xiao Fan was the magic book that entered his body when he was fighting with Mr. Ghost.

Zhang Xiaofan thinks that the second volume may record the exercises that can force the heavenly book in the body, so he is eager to find it. Lin Jingyu always believed that these were the conspiracy of the King of Ghosts, and even thought it had something to do with Baguio, and has been using them. The two differed in their opinions and thought that the other was unable to communicate, secretly annoying. How did you know that all of this was heard by Xiao Yi, who was hiding outside the door and thinking.

Here, Master Shuiyue blames the young disciples who have descended from the mountain to believe in others, which gives the magic sect a chance. Lu Xueqi was grateful for Zhang Xiaofan’s swearing to protect Zhang Xiaofan all the way, and repeatedly defended Zhang Xiaofan, which caused great dissatisfaction with Master Shuiyue and left with her sleeves. When the master left, Lu Xueqi went to Dazhufeng to inform Zhang Xiaofan that everything was well, and told Xiaofan’s mind and courage.

In the early morning of the next day, Zhang Xiaofan deliberately did not call Lin Jingyu, and even told Xiao Yicai that he would leave for the East China Sea separately. Xiao Yicai, who knowingly asked, pretended to ask the two if they were quarreling. At this time, Lin Jingyu hurried to him with his bags. Lin Jingyu was worried about Xiaofan’s injury and persuaded him to recover from his illness and don’t need to travel to the East China Sea.

Although Zhang Xiaofan knew that Jingyu was kind, he still arrogantly told Lin Jingyu to go first and ignore him. Xiao Yicai hurriedly rounded off the field and by the way, Lin Jingyu went to buy food with an excuse, and took the opportunity of being alone with Zhang Xiaofan to give him a pill that he said could cure injuries.

After Zhang Xiaofan fell asleep, Xiao Yi took out his father’s Lin to investigate whether Zhang Xiaofan really had practiced magic skills, but was interrupted by Lin Jingyu who had bought rations before finding out. Because Zhang Xiaofan was unconscious, the two decided to take a rest for a while, and then rush tomorrow. At night, Zhang Xiaofan’s fire stick emitted a faint blue light that seemed to urge the devil energy in the body. He suddenly woke up with a headache, and Lin Jingyu’s heart anxiously once again assisted him, and simply suppressed the devil energy.

Baguio couldn’t sleep late at night watching Jin Ling worry about Zhang Xiaofan, trying to sneak away and being caught by the ghost king. The ghost king said that Zhang Xiaofan, who possesses bloodthirsty beads and heavenly book skills, will definitely not be understood by Qingyunmen, and will eventually have to join their demonic sect. Although Baguio still wants to be with Xiaofan in his heart, he knows that stubborn Xiaofan will not easily agree. . In the face of the two most stubborn people, Baguio was angry and anxious.

At dawn, Lin Jingyu and Xiao Yicai were holding Zhang Xiaofan, who was unconscious, and found a farmer to take a break. Lin Jingyu looked at Zhang Xiaofan who was sleeping on the bed and expressed regret for the anger of the two before. He also felt distressed that Xiaofan didn’t cherish his life, and he would definitely bear anything for Xiaofan.

The ill-intentioned Xiao Yi said that he had inquired about a doctor who was good at spells in the western valley, and Lin Jingyu said to go immediately after hearing this. The young and weird medical immortal couldn’t help Lin Jingyu begging hard, and asked Lin Jingyu to rescue the medical immortal brother abducted by the monster in exchange for the treatment of Zhang Xiaofan.

The medical immortal brought Lin Jingyu to the outside of the cottage, saying that the abductor was a fox immortal and was very cunning. I saw a white-clothed boy in the cottage wanting to sneak away, and was instantly tied up by the rope flying out of the house. Lin Jingyu saw this and was stopped by the old man wearing a hat in the house.

After a fight, the medical immortal took the opportunity to take his younger brother away, and was overtaken by Lin Jingyu. It turned out that the man in that cottage was an expert in Tianyin Pavilion. Lin Jingyu felt deceived and was very angry. The medical immortal said that since he rescued the younger brother, he would definitely keep his promise, but he had to settle down first, and Lin Jingyu would follow them suspiciously.

At this time, Xiao Yi was using Lingzun’s Lin to prepare to suck out the heavenly book in Zhang Xiaofan…

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