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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 22 Recap

When Zhang Xiaofan fell to the ground, it happened to be near the bones of the black-hearted old man. After the black-hearted old man’s bones stuck to the bloodthirsty bead, his obsession was paused. In order to make up for the mistakes made in the previous life, he fought fiercely with the beast god and crushed the beast god. blood.

Even so, the Beast God still broke through the seal to gain freedom, and the Lord of the Guardian at the entrance of the cave saw this and tried his best to cast a spell to seal the Beast God again. Everyone escaped from the dripping hole in chaos, and Zeng Shushu watched his grandfather turn into a sculpture to protect the people of Yudu City.

As soon as Qin Wuyan escaped from the Ten Thousand Bats Cave, he met his senior brother who wanted to take him back to the Venomous Snake Valley, otherwise he would die because of the poisonous corpse in his body. Qin Wuyan had to follow his brother back to the Venomous Snake Valley.

The ghost king learned that the black heart old man’s obsession had actually shattered the blood of the beast god, and he was very fortunate to have left a portion of the blood of the beast god on Xiao Yicai, hoping that the beast god could reincarnate in him.

Mr. Ghost told the King of Ghosts that instead of using Xiao Yicai as the body of the beast god reincarnation, Zhang Xiaofan should be used, because in addition to possessing bloodthirsty beads, Zhang Xiaofan had inadvertently gained the power of the heavenly book in the bleeding hole. Mr. Ghost persuaded the King of Ghosts to take advantage of Zhang Xiaofan’s relationship with Baguio.

The King of Ghosts took into account the incompatibility of the King of Ghosts and Qingyunmen, and temporarily left the first volume of the book on Zhang Xiaofan, and asked Mr. Ghost to find the whereabouts of other books. Mr. Gui told the King of Ghosts that, in fact, the old man with a black heart had already found two other volumes of heavenly books, one of which was obtained by the city lord of Yudu City, and the other was in the Refining Hall.

Baguio shook the acacia bell, couldn’t help but think of Zhang Xiaofan, and Qinglong could see through his mind. Qinglong asked Baguio to take a pill, and Baguio learned that it was a secretly made tonic pill based on the prescription provided by Qin Wuyan, and hurriedly asked Qin Wuyan to settle the account.

Qinglong told Baguio that the reason why he was chased by the Wandumen in front of him was because Baguio had repeatedly damaged the Wandumen. The clever Baguio guessed from Qinglong’s words that Mr. Gui complained to the King of Gui, and complained to Qinglong that his father did not believe him.

Then he couldn’t help asking Qinglong about his Zhang Xiaofan and their situation. Qinglong told Baguio whether Aunt You had told her about Qingyunmen Wanjianyi and reminded Baguio that some people are destined to be unrelated. Baguio doesn’t understand. What does this have to do with Aunt You and Wan Jianyi.

After escaping from the dripping hole, Zhang Xiaofan remembered what Pu Zhi told him to throw away the bloodthirsty bead, and then he understood that all disasters were caused by the bloodthirsty bead. At this time, Lu Xueqi came over to apologize to him for not having time to rescue him and questioned his relationship with the Demon Cult. Zhang Xiaofan told Lu Xueqi that Mr. Gui had been using himself and Baguio to resurrect the beast god. Lu Xueqi did not believe what Zhang Xiaofan said, thinking that he was still obsessed with it until this time.

Baguio was in the same group as Mr. Gui, and all the people of the demon were Unpredictable and unpredictable. Zhang Xiaofan believes that there is no righteous demon in the world, and it all cares about the good and evil of people’s hearts. He will not be because Baguio and the King of Ghosts are collaborating, but he will not be an enemy of those who do not do evil. When Lu Xueqi saw Zhang Xiaofan’s advice, she insisted on returning to Qingyunmen.

After the death of the old city lord, for more than one month, Zeng Shushu knelt in front of the statue and washed his face with tears. Xiaohuan urged him to take the people of Yudu City as the most important thing and pay attention to people’s livelihood, so that the people can recuperate.

Jin Ping’er wanted to worship the old city lord but Li Xun refused, and as the lord of Yudu City, he wanted to drive Jin Ping’er out of the city. This is, after Xiaohuan persuaded Zeng Shushu to wake up, he accused Li Xun of not fulfilling his filial piety and asked him to leave the seat of the city lord.

After that, Zeng Shushu agreed to all Jin Ping’er’s requirements and warned Li Xun not to have trouble with Jin Ping’er, so Li Xun had to leave. After Li Xun left, Zeng Shushu asked Jin Ping’er some capable people to help him manage Yudu City. Jin Ping’er told Zeng Shushu that he could go to the hero’s pavilion in the south of the city to recruit talents.

After Jin Ping’er paid homage to the old city lord, he decided to leave Yudu. Lin Jingyu was worried that the Hehuan Sect would form an alliance with the Ghost King Sect. Jin Ping’er told Lin Jingyu that he would find a place in the world to avoid the wind.

Lu Xueqi returned to Qingyunmen to inform you of the changes in the first Yudu City. The first people were worried that the heavenly book would fall into the hands of the Demon Cult. They prepared to send Xiao Yicai to Yudu City to help Zeng Shushu, monitor the movement of the Demon Cult, and report to Qingyunmen at any time. Daoxuan and the others didn’t know that Xiao Yi was troubled by the blood of the beast god at this time and had to agree to cooperate with the ghost king.

The city of Yudu was thriving, and Zeng Shushu led the people to rescue and loose food, dig channels, and was busy all day long. Gouye, who was going back to Huqishan, found Xiaohuan and said goodbye to her. He found that Xiao Yicai, who had just arrived, hurried to find him to avenge the elderly, but Xiao Yi was knocked to the ground. Xiaohuan hurriedly stopped Xiao Yicai, and the dog master took the opportunity to escape. Zhang Xiaofan told Xiao Yicai that there was nothing wrong with the dog, and there was no need to go after him. Xiao Yi only accused Zhang Xiaofan of forgetting the crimes committed by the Blood Refining Hall.

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